December, 2020

The New York Times Reinvents the Crossword Puzzle for Augmented Reality via Instagram

Next Reality AR

At first glance, it may not sound like there's much value in doing a crossword puzzle in augmented reality, but The New York Times has managed to revamp the pastime as an immersive game.

Google Poly Is Shutting Down


Google has instructed users to download their personal libraries before June 30, 2021. VR content creators woke up today with a shocking email from Google stating that the company would be shutting down their 3D model sharing platform Google Poly.

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2021 Predictions: Mobile AR Exceeds 800 Million Users

AR Insider

A s we approach a new year, it’s time for our annual ritual of synthesizing the lessons from the past twelve months and formulating the outlook for the next twelve. Notably, when kicking off this thought exercise, we realized that several of the topics look similar to last year.

CrowsNest’s Anna is the future of hospitality

The Ghost Howls

Some days ago I had a chat with my friend Eloi Gerard , the CEO of CrowsNest XR , about Anna, the virtual concierge assistant he is launching. I found it a very interesting project, so let me tell to you about it!

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Exclusive: Tundra Tracker Aims for Smaller, Cheaper Alternative to Vive Tracker for SteamVR Tracking

Road to VR

Tundra Labs , which makes chips and development kits for devices which use SteamVR Tracking, is building its own tracking accessory for the tracking ecosystem. The company is positioning its Tundra Tracker as a smaller, cheaper, and better alternative to HTC’s Vive Tracker.

Vertigo Games Announces Publishing Agreement for VR Air Guitar Music Game

Cats and VR

Vertigo Games, the multi-platform VR publisher and developer best known for the platinum selling VR shooter Arizona Sunshine, announced today they have entered into a publishing partnership with Anotherway, a newly formed VR studio led by developers with roots at Microsoft Hololens and Activision, for the upcoming VR Air Guitar music game Unplugged.

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VR Coworking Platform ‘Spatial’ Launches Mobile AR Workspace


Interact with 3D holograms of coworkers directly from your living room. Social VR coworking platform Spatial has seen a massive spike in usage this year as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020 alone the platform has hosted over half a million virtual meetings.

2021 Predictions: AR Glasses Evolutionary, Not Revolutionary

AR Insider

A s we approach a new year, it’s time for our annual ritual of synthesizing the lessons from the past twelve months and formulating the outlook for the next twelve. Notably, when kicking off this thought exercise, we realized that several of the topics look similar to last year.

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Celebrate the new year in VRChat with Jean-Michel Jarre!

The Ghost Howls

Virtual events have had a blast this year, with some performances that have become very successful, like the concert in Fortnite by Travis Scott, The Burning Man Festival in Altspace VR, or the Tomorrowland concert.

‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ VR Support Coming to SteamVR Headsets Next Week

Road to VR

Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) VR support was scheduled to arrive sometime this month, but the wait is nearly over. ASOBO announced that PC VR headset support is coming to the game next week.

Infinity Festival’s ART+TECH Exhibition Features Art in XR


Infinity Festival brings Hollywood and Silicon Valley together in a free online art exhibition, ART+TECH. It showcases the works of local and internationally-known artists.

Welcome Baby Yoda into Your Personal Space with Google Search AR

Next Reality AR

Google, you have something that I want. You may think you have some idea of what you are in possession of, but you do not. In a few moments, it will be mine.and it can be yours, too, dear readers. That something, of course, is Baby, Grogu.from the Disney+ Star Wars series The Mandalorian.

Open-World Survival Sim ‘Green Hell’ Heading To PC VR & Oculus Quest


Struggle to survive the many perils of the Amazonian rainforest Q3 2021.

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Deloitte: Augmented and virtual reality set to grow in 2021

Hypergrid Business

(Image courtesy Gerd Altmann via Pixabay.). The global pandemic has affected the tech world — but not all in a bad way. Zoom has been getting all the attention, but demand is also growing for virtual and augmented reality, among other technologies.

Cybershoes for Quest review: a new way of walking in VR

The Ghost Howls

I have been able to try the Cybershoes, the special shoes that let you walk in VR while you are seated! There is now an ongoing Kickstarter campaign that proposes a special version of them that works with the Oculus Quest (1 and 2) and I’m sure many of you are wondering if they are good or not.

Wacom Unveils VR Pen Built for “the next creative future”

Road to VR

Wacom , a leader in stylus pens and tablets for creative professionals, unveiled a new device late last month which was built specifically for creators looking to leverage the power of VR. Called Wacom VR Pen, the device is a pressure sensitive stylus controller.

How Will Spatial Computing Fare in a Post-Covid World?

AR Insider

S patial computing is like any other area of the economy that’s been disrupted in the Covid age. Everything from consumer demand to investor theses has shifted. The impact has been positive and negative, depending on sector alignment with Covid-era demand signals.

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Google & Red Bull TV Premier 'The Last Ascent' with Synced AR Experience That Puts Nature in Your Home

Next Reality AR

In recent weeks, Google managed to capitalize on the hype surrounding the Star Wars streaming series The Mandalorian with an AR app that was not only exclusive to Android but also available only for 5G-equipped devices.

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‘Quantaar’ Brings Fast-Paced Third-Person Melee To VR In 2021


The PvP VR melee game Quantaar is preparing to land on Kickstarter in March 2021.

The Best Upcoming VR Games in 2021


It’s that time of the year again – when we look ahead to the coming year and its promises. For us, one of the most exciting parts is sharing with you the best upcoming VR games in 2021.

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Merry… WhateVR

The Ghost Howls

This has been a tough year. On the professional side, the COVID has created many opportunities for us all , increasing the attention towards digital technologies and virtual reality.

Germany Opens Legal Action Against Facebook Account Requirement for Oculus Headsets

Road to VR

Today, Germany’s Federal Cartel Office (Bundeskartellamt) announced it was initiating formal abuse proceedings against Facebook for its controversial policy of requiring new Oculus device owners to use a Facebook account.

Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap is now shipping again


Oculus’s latest standalone VR system should be no-brainer upgrade to the Quest line but its existence has sadly been marred by some controversies. Some of it isn’t the Oculus Quest 2’s fault, to be fair, as Facebook’s takeover has been anything but smooth.

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Magic Leap Made Me Cry, Probably for the Last Time. Here's Why That's the Good News

Next Reality AR

A lot of digital ink has been spilled heaping scorn on Magic Leap. Much of that media schadenfreude was due to what some believed were unmet promises versus some of the early hype around the product.

Zylia’s 3D Audio Technology Could Be The Start Of Virtual Concert Halls


A collaboration with the Pozna? Philharmonic Orchestra signals a new era in live-recorded audio for virtual reality creators.

How Augmented Reality in Retail Shopping Boosts Business Growth


Augmented reality in retail shopping is redefining the shopping experience. As consumers become increasingly mobile, the demand for better services through digital platforms also increases.

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The XR Week Peek (2020.12.14): Facebook gets sued for alleged monopolization, Medal Of Honor is a mediocre game, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Yesterday I got this amazing news that my Youtube channel has now 1000+ subscribers. I know that it is not a big number per se, but I’m not a Youtuber, I’ve no professional camera, and I’m a bit awkward in front of the camera, so for me, this is an incredible result!

Leaked Photos Reveal Possible Lenovo AR Glasses Ahead of CES 2021

Road to VR

A handful of unverified photos have revealed what appears to be a never before seen pair of AR glasses from Lenovo. Images published by known leaker ‘WalkingCat’ have revealed the new AR headset , sporting the Lenovo’s ThinkReality badge, its enterprise-focused AR/VR product line.

Oculus Quest 2 Facebook account demand sparks an antitrust investigation


The fact that the Oculus Quest 2 requires a Facebook account to use has been a point of contention for a lot of VR fans out there, and now it seems that governments are beginning to take notice.

Snapchat Delivers Augmented Reality Gifts with New Holiday AR Lenses

Next Reality AR

You won't have to ask Santa for holiday-themed augmented reality experiences, because practically any social and shopping app that offers AR effects has them available now.

Innova’s Virtual Patients Offer Cost-Effective VR Medical Training


Cost-effective VR healthcare education in a post-coronavirus world. As medical professionals around the globe continue to focus their undivided attention on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, well-trained healthcare professionals are in higher demand than ever before.