Sat.Jan 26, 2019

Scientists Use Yawning To Study Social Presence In VR


New research by UBC highlights the similarities and differences in the way people interact in VR versus the real world. Contagious yawning is a well-documented phenomenon in which people – and even some non-human animals – yawn reflexively when they detect a nearby yawn.

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Unreal P.T. review: anxiety and frustration in VR (+ how to download it)

The Ghost Howls

Do you remember the game P.T. for PlayStation 4 ? Well, I have played it in VR and I really got scared… If you don’t remember what P.T. is, don’t worry, Tony is here to help you. was the playable teaser (P.T.

Unreal 218

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Blippar To Continue As A New AR Company After Selling IP Assets To Investment Fund


London-based augmented reality (AR) “unicorn” Blippar has found a buyer for its intellectual property (IP) assets, nearly one month after the company revealed it had started insolvency procedures. An investment fund called Candy Ventures, which is an existing Blippar investor based in London, has revealed that it bought numerous assets relating to Blippar, including its name and the platform’s underlying technologies, in addition to the assets of Layar — an AR startup Blippar bought in 2014.

Best VR Flight Sims and Experiences

VR Game Critic

The recent release of Ace Combat 7 has shown us how immersive and breathtaking it can be to pilot your own aircraft in VR – if done well.

Aussie VR Documentary ‘Carriberrie’ Online World Premiere on VeeR VR this Australia Day


Transcend cultural boundaries by bringing the immersive experience of thriving Australian Indigenous culture to the world. San Jose, California, January 26, 2019 - VeeR VR , the global VR content platform is bringing ‘Carriberrie’, the Aussie VR documentary celebrating Indigenous Australian song and dance, online to the world on January 26, 2019, Australia Day. Carriberrie’ will be available to stream via VeeR VR app on Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, Gear VR, MiVR outside of Australia.