Tue.Mar 26, 2019

VEC 2019 – All the most important news from the Vive Ecosystem Conference

The Ghost Howls

Yesterday for the first time I have attended the Vive Ecosystem Conference in Shenzhen, China! I have been there as a speaker, content maker and as a blogger , so it has really been a crazy and interesting experience for me.

Enhance Your 360-Degree Video With Rich360


Content-optimized 360° video rendering technology could take immersive filmmaking to the next level. South Korean computer graphics and visual technology company KAI Inc.

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GDC 2019: Trover Saves The Universe Kept Me Laughing Through The Whole Demo


It’s not every day that you get a press release that starts with the phrase, “Hold on to your butts,” but when there’s a new Squanch Games release from Justin Roiland and company on the horizon you expect as much.

No Man’s Sky Crashes On To VR Headsets Later This Summer


Hello Games’ latest update adds support for PSVR & SteamVR headsets. Just three years after its troubled launch, Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky is a robust, content-rich sci-fi gaming experience bolstered by continuous free updates and an extremely dedicated fanbase.

VR League Season 3 Begins With New Games And $250,000 Prize Pool


Gameplay officially began this past weekend in Season 3 of the VR League, sponsored by Oculus and ESL. The four featured titles will give players and spectators an opportunity to witness the next level of esports and see who takes home some of the $250,000 total prize pool.

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8th Wall Spins Up New 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' Augmented Reality Experience for Blu-Ray, DVD Release

Next Reality AR

Hollywood loves sequels so much that studios and their marketing teams are not too proud to release a sequel of an augmented reality promotion.

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Vive Focus Plus Costs $800 & Will Ship Worldwide Next Month

Road to VR

In February, HTC unveiled its full 6DOF version of the company’s standalone VR headset targeted at enterprise users, Vive Focus Plus. Now, the company has officially announced pricing and availability for the headset and controller bundle.

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Obduction Dev Cyan Launches Kickstarter For Next VR Game, Firmament


Cyan Worlds, the developer behind VR adventure game Obduction and, of course, Myst is back. But the developer’s new VR game, Firmament, needs your help to become a reality. Today, Cyan launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for its latest project.

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Magic Leap NBA app puts up multiple virtual screens in your room


Virtual and augmented reality are most often associated with games but that dismisses too easily the non-gaming applications of the technology. One of the most common is the ability to put up more screens than you can have room or budget for actual physical monitors.

Valve Psychologist Explores Controlling Games Directly With Your Brain


Mike Ambinder , a psychologist and researcher at Valve, packed a room at the Game Developers Conference with a talk on whether you can control games directly with a brain-computer interface (BCI). Increasingly, game developers are asking whether a 17-button controller or a mouse/keyboard are the best possible interfaces for interacting with games — or if there is something more “naturalistic” that could improve the connection between what we want to do in a game and what actually happens.

‘Space Junkies’ Review – Reviving a Bygone Era of Arena Shooters with VR

Road to VR

It’s been a while since I really dove into a multiplayer shooter without any of the new hotness in game mechanics slathered on top; I’m talking about the hero-centric games like Overwatch, or the rash of battle royales like Apex Legends, PUBG or Fortnite.

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Beyond Medusa’s Gate Is Ubisoft’s Next Assassin’s Creed VR Arcade Game


Ubisoft is pressing on with its location-based VR business. The company today announced its second game for the initiative, which again ties into the world of Assassin’s Creed. Beyond Medusa’s Gate will be arriving at locations across the US and Europe on May 7th. It’s again developed by Blue Byte, the studio that made last year’s excellent Escape the Lost Pyramid.

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Interpreting Body Language With XR

Tech Trends VR

Biometric algorithms powered by AI are enabling your body to communicate with machines through immersive technology. “It’s

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SXSW 2019: The Time Machine Takes Attendees To 1964 Tokyo


Have you ever wondered what Tokyo’s popular Shibuya district looked like in 1964 ? Thanks to NHK Enterprises, many SXSW (South by Southwest) attendees were able to experience a short demo showing them what Shibuya was like the last time the Olympics were in town. Although the demo itself was less than ten minutes long, seeing what is possible from stitching old photos together to create an immersive experience is quite remarkable.

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This VR tool lets users see through the eyes of real-life ‘gremlins’


Researchers have developed a new virtual reality experience that enables users to see the world the way it may look to a tiny gremlin-like critter called a tarsier.

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Iron Man VR Will Tell A ‘Deeply Personal’ And ‘Appropriately Funny’ Story


Yesterday saw jaws hit the floor as Marvel’s Iron Man VR was announced exclusively for PSVR. A high-flying trailer introduced us to the game’s action, but developer Camouflaj is promising much more than that. Taking to the PlayStation Blog following the game’s reveal, Director Ryan Payton also promised a “deeply personal” story for the game.

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HTC's Vive Focus Plus standalone VR headset will take on the Oculus Quest


Facebook's impressive Oculus Quest standalone VR headset will is getting a serious rival when it launches this spring. To compete with the Quest, HTC's releasing the Vive Focus Plus, its own standalone VR headset with built-in head and hand-tracking on April 15.

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Blade And Sorcery Gets Even Bloodier In Decapitation Update


If there was any doubt as to if Blade and Sorcery was VR’s bloodiest game yet it’s surely done away with this update. Set to debut next week, Update 5 will add in decapitation for the first time. Blade and Sorcery already featured gruesomely realistic stabbing.

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Lenovo Mirage Solo Update Adds Camera Passthrough To The Daydream Standalone


The latest update to the Lenovo Mirage Solo adds a passthrough mode. The Mirage Solo is the first standalone Daydream headset, launched in May last year for $399. Daydream is Google’s Android-based VR platform. Passthrough refers to seeing the real world while inside a VR headset via cameras built into or mounted on it. The feature was first announced back in September , and has now finally shipped to users. GIF from Google.