Wed.Feb 19, 2020

Sony Patents Valve Index-Like VR Controller With Finger Tracking


A recently-published patent from Sony Interactive Entertainment suggests that the company is working on a new VR motion controller, similar to those for the Valve Index. Could this be a new PSVR 2 controller?

Sandbox is Building an SDK so Anyone Can Create for Its VR Attraction Platform

Road to VR

Sandbox VR, the location-based VR attraction, will be opening up to third-party developers soon, as the company will be releasing an SDK for its Sandbox ‘holodeck’ VR attraction platform.

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No Man’s Sky VR Gets Gross Living Ships In Fresh Update


No Man’s Sky’s range of galaxy-trekking space ships are about to feel a bit more, well, alive. Developer Hello Games today introduced the Living Ship update , which adds a race of biological space ships to the massive VR-compatible sci-fi adventure.

Quick Fix: how to use ONLY the trigger to interact with the UI of the Oculus Go/Quest in Unity

The Ghost Howls

Today I want to talk about a quick fix that may interest all the Oculus Go and Oculus Quest Unity developers that employ the plain Oculus Unity Plugin from the asset store to develop their VR experiences.

Unity 208

Microsoft To Host US And International Mixed Reality Dev Days


Microsoft announced that it will be hosting two Mixed Reality Dev Days in Redmond, Washington May 16 and 17, in addition to some international dev days held in Japan and Germany at some point during the year.

LYNX Has Raised $2 Million for Its R-1 Headset, and Other Background on the XR Newcomer

Road to VR

LYNX is a startup building a standalone MR headset that’s primarily focused on passthrough AR scenarios for enterprise applications. The France-based company revealed its R-1 headset earlier this month and expects to deliver the first units this Summer for $1,500.

France 168

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Cas & Chary Present: Why Working Out in VR is Game-changing

Road to VR

Thanks to its motion-tracked input, VR can be a surprisingly physical activity, and even a great workout if you’re playing the right games. This article explains why working out in VR is game-changing for those of us who have a hard time staying motivated with a typical gym routine.

Super Fan Remaking Original Witcher Game In VR Using Unreal Engine


“Bear! Run you stupid piece of s*#^!” – Geralt of Rivia. There’s never been a better time to be a Witcher fan.

Unreal 160

Ironlights Livestream: Epic VR Multiplayer Melee Dueling


For today’s livestream we’re trying out the upcoming 1v1 multiplayer VR melee dueling game from E McNeill, Ironlights! If you’re curious about how we livestream the way we do then look no further than this handy guide for general tips and this guide specific to our Oculus Quest setup.

Tips 151

Latest Boneworks Update Adds Save Spots, Brawl Mode & More

Peter Graham

Stress Level Zero launched Boneworks a couple of months ago to resounding acclaim thanks to its accurate approach to physics in a virtual reality (VR) title.

OhShape Review: Beat Saber For Your Body


I’ll let you in on a bit of a secret; I actually really don’t like VR rhythm games.

Who’s Waging the Wearables Wars? Part I: Amazon

AR Insider

“Wearable Wars” is AR Insider’s mini-series that examines how today’s wearables will pave the way and prime consumer markets for AR glasses. Each installment will profile a different tech leader and their respective moves and motivations in wearables. .

Review: Ghost Giant

Peter Graham

When VRFocus first came across Zoink Games’ Ghost Giant back in 2018 at the PlayStation booth during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the title instantly impressed thanks to a combination of elements.

WebAR Experience by Coca-Cola First in South Africa


Coca-Cola is one of the most internationally recognized brands ever. Their marketing strategy often focuses on the brand’s history and its maintenance of the traditional recipe.

VNTANA’s Automatic Cloud Software Solution Streamlines 3D Assets for Web & AR/VR

Peter Graham

Having previously created holographic experiences for retail, sports and hospitality use cases, today VNTANA has officially announced its latest development, a 3D cloud software solution designed around asset optimization for augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) as well as the web.

XR Immersive Enterprise Tackles Industrial Transformation in May

AR Insider

This is the latest in AR Insider’s Event Spotlight series. To have your event featured through our event partnership program, see more here. As spatial computing (AR & VR) continues to develop ways to accelerate enterprise adoption, it’s all about gaining knowledge and network.

Undead Valley Update for Arizona Sunshine Shuffles Onto Oculus Quest Today

Peter Graham

Ever since the Oculus Quest arrived last year virtual reality (VR) developers have been incredibly resourceful in managing to squeeze their PC videogames onto the standalone device.

Brave the Himalayas in ‘Everest VR: Journey to the Top of the World’


Part of the magic of VR is its ability to transport us to new places and open the door on experiences we might not otherwise


Free ‘Arizona Sunshine’ Undead Valley Update Hits Oculus Quest Today


Have you recovered from the Old Mine update yet? Get ready for the next challenge in Arizona Sunshine’s horde mode because the free Undead Valley