Sun.Feb 16, 2020

How A Small Handful Of Adorable Dragons Are Leading The Way For VR Pets


Beast Pets demonstrates how virtual companions can have a genuine emotional impact on users. “Go Go fetch, Tux!” I knew he couldn’t fully understand me, but nevertheless Tux made his way over to the red and white ball I had just thrown across the small park.

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Hello Puppets! Review: VR Horror Meets Anthropomorphic Puppets


Despite being an immersive horror game with a dark tone, adult humor and multiple jump scares, there’s something charming about walking around with a swearing, highly-strung anthropomorphic puppet on your hand in Hello Puppets!

The VR Job Hub: Holovis, Google, Qualcomm & More

Peter Graham

When it comes to jobs in the virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) industries there’s one position you’ll see repeated over and over again, Engineer.