Thu.Oct 04, 2018

Macy’s Brings VR Ad Campaign To 69 Stores In Conjunction With Facebook & Marxent


Macy’s further embraces immersive technology as the massive department store chain expands its in-store VR program. . Clothing giant Macy’s is teaming up with Facebook and 3D streaming company Marxent to collaborate on bringing in new brands and marketing opportunities using VR.

Pre-Register Now For Location-Based Mobile AR Ghostbusters World


Location-based mobile AR game, Ghostbusters World, was originally announced about eight months ago. Now, the app is up for pre-registration on Android and iOS for all prospective Ghostbusters.

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Snapchat & Facebook AR Experiences Let You Unleash Your Inner Anti-Hero & Become Marvel's Venom

Next Reality AR

Venom, the latest in a long list of comic book characters to headline its own movie, is known by comic book fans by his catchphrase, "We are Venom." Now, via augmented reality, we, too, can be Venom.

Twin Peaks VR Is Coming To A Headset Near You


Just the thought of David Lynch-level weirdness in VR is already enough to make my head spin, but I’m sure lots of people will be pretty excited for this official Twin Peaks VR experience. The cult classic series is indeed getting its very own experiential piece for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, Collider reports (in fact, it appears Collider’s Games Team is actually working on the project).

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New 'Ghostbusters World' Gameplay Footage Revealed, Haunts Your Neighborhood in the Spirit of Pokémon GO

Next Reality AR

Location-based AR game Ghostbusters World is creeping closer to launch, and developer FourThirtyThree has released some new gameplay footage and a trailer to capture the interest of the living.

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Dreams PSVR Support Is Still Coming Day 1, Media Molecule Confirms


I know I might be sounding like a bit of a broken record at this point but I’ve been anxious to confirm that Media Molecule’s Dreams really is coming to PSVR when it launches on PS4. Thankfully the developer just reassured that that is indeed the case. Media Molecule’s Alex Evans confirmed as much in this pretty brilliant 229 rapid-fire questions video from Game Informer as part of its month-long coverage for the game.

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PSVR Mascots Astro And Quill Meet Up In Adorable Bundle Video


The heroes of two of the best PSVR games of the year just collided in this adorable new video for the headset. Quill, the tiny protagonist from Polyarc’s brilliant VR adventure, Moss , and Astro from this week’s equally-excellent Astro Bot Rescue Mission meet face-to-face in the below video. It’s promoting a new bundle for the headset that includes copies of both games (a physical version of Astro Bot and a digital download for Moss).

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Oculus ‘Venues’ to Host NBA Games, Horror Films & More This Fall

Road to VR

Oculus Venues , the social VR app for large-scale live event viewing, is continuing its screenings this fall with more NBA games, scary movies, and stand-up comedy nights. Check out the schedule below.

Oculus Quest Tracking Is ‘Indoor Only’ But ‘Exceeds’ Current Room Scale Sizes


The first thing I thought about when the Oculus Quest was officially announced at Oculus Connect 5 last week is using the standalone wireless VR headset in a wide, open field outside. The idea of playing a free-roaming game by actually running around in a massive space sounds amazing. We did some light tests with the Lenovo Mirage Solo , but with “Rift quality experiences” and games like Superhot VR coming to Oculus Quest, in its a whole other category.

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Virtual Athletics League Launches New Arcade-focused Esports League with HTC & HP

Road to VR

With help from corporate sponsors including HP and HTC’s eSports team, a new VR arcade-focused eSports initiative has kicked off its pilot season.

Valve Improves SteamVR Spectator Mode, Adds New Home Environment


Valve’s SteamVR Home platform is rolling out another environment for you to make yourself cozy in. Meet the Gulping Goat space farm. That may be the most Valve sentence anyone has ever written. Anyway, this colorful new environment is now yours to explore. It features robot farmers lazily tending to alien crops, which we’re pretty sure we wouldn’t eat.

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Vive Pro Data Revealed in Steam Survey, Thins Gap Between Rift and Vive

Road to VR

In the latest set of data from Vale’s monthly Steam Hardware & Software survey, the Vive Pro has finally made an official entrance and shows that the gap between Rift and Vive isn’t as wide as it appeared.

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The Walking Dead: Our World Will Get New Missions After Each Season 9 Episode


The Walking Dead: Our World , the location-based AR game that puts zombies into the world around you using your phone’s GPS and camera, is getting weekly mission content themed around Season 9 of AMC’s The Walking Dead TV show. New missions will release after each new episode.

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Valve Releases Impressive ‘Gulping Goat’ Environment for SteamVR Home

Road to VR

Steam Workshop is Valve’s open marketplace for environmental additions and asset packs to SteamVR Home, the VR landing spot for users who play games through SteamVR.

GIVEAWAY: Win A Physical Copy Of Bow Shooter Apex Construct On PSVR


Apex Construct is one of our favorite story-focused shooters and it does a great job of replicating the feeling of shooting a bow and arrow in VR. It’s a lengthy adventure by VR standards and delivers a great sense of freedom and action.

STRIVR Secures $16M Series A Financing to Expand Enterprise VR Training

Road to VR

STRIVR, the immersive VR training company, announced a $16 million round of financing led by GreatPoint Ventures (GPV) that is said to advance the company’s further expansion into the enterprise market. With this investment, GPV Managing Partner Ray Lane also joined the company’s Board of Directors.

Ryan Gosling’s First Man Is Getting A VR Experience


Get ready to take a giant leap for mankind in VR. First Man, the new Neil Armstrong biopic from La La Land director Damien Chazelle, is getting the expected VR tie-in treatment. Rolling out to AMC Theatres across, LA, San Francisco, New York and Washington, the piece is set to give viewers a first-hand account of the events of the film.

VR is not "Dead and Buried" if the Oculus team has anything to say about it. Oh also they not only care about VR but the people that make VR a reality like you and me.

Cats and VR

So this is my OC5 recap, there are many like it, but this one is mine. If you know the history of CatsAndVR you know it is closely tied to Oculus. The site was started prior to the launch of the Oculus CV1 and was inspired by my time spent with the DK1 years prior.

Invest in Virtual Care Now to Ensure Relevance in Tomorrow’s Healthcare Ecosystem

Forrester VR

Virtual care is about to radically change the way that healthcare organizations deliver care. The US population is changing quickly, and within the next decade, the number of adults age 65 and older will increase by 41% compared with 5% for the population under age 18[i].

Vive Focus App Turns Your Living Room Into A Dance Floor


Beat Reality transforms any environment into a music-reactive art installation. Available on the Vive Focus — HTC’s China-only replacement for its discontinued Daydream headset — Beat Reality generates a colorful filter that allows you to experience any locale with literal rose-tinted glasses.