Fri.Mar 22, 2019

Manus VR Launches VR Training Development Studio


‘Studio’ offers immersive, easy-to-learn VR training with Manus VR Gloves.

Valve Psychologist: Brain-computer Interfaces Are Coming & Could Be Built into VR Headsets

Road to VR

Valve’s resident experimental psychologist Dr. Mike Ambinder took the stage at GDC 2019 today for his talk on the state of brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) and how they’ll inform the future of game design.

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Nintendo Switch Labo VR Features Over 64 Games, First Trailer Revealed


Missed the news? Nintendo’s getting into VR. At least, it sort of is. Later this year the beloved gaming company will launch a Nintendo Switch Labo VR Kit. It’s a set of cardboard peripherals that you make yourself. One forms a Google Cardboard-style headset to plug the Switch into.

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7-Eleven Delivers an Assist to BodyArmor Drink with Augmented Reality Promotion for NCAA Basketball Tournament

Next Reality AR

Now that the NCAA Basketball Tournament is underway, 7-Eleven has decided to launch an augmented reality experience to remind basketball fans where they can quench their thirst throughout March Madness.

Space Junkies Works Surprisingly Well On PSVR


Like a lot of you, I wondered how Space Junkies could possibly work on PSVR. Ubisoft’s frantic zero-gravity shooter was first and foremost designed for PC VR and the 360 degree tracking it affords.

Snapchat Gives Movie Fans Augmented Reality Superpowers with Voice-Activated 'Shazam!' Lens

Next Reality AR

When the titular hero of your superhero movie activates his powers with a catchphrase, it would be pretty neat if your augmented reality promotion for that film could react to the user's voice. Luckily for Warner Bros.,

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ODG Filing Points to Magic Leap Acquisition of Auctioned Patent Assets

Next Reality AR

In case you thought the long and unfortunate story of ODG was over, hold on, there's one last chapter to tell. As we reported in January, ODG's remaining patent assets were put up for auction, but the buyer was never revealed.

Nintendo’s Switch VR Labo Kit Includes a Genius Makeshift 6DOF Controller

Road to VR

Nintendo’s upcoming Labo VR Kit for Switch includes a trove of creative VR content along with six ‘build it yourself’ cardboard accessories which are paired with VR experiences that work together with them.

Oculus Rift S Passes FCC Ahead Of Spring Launch, Original Rift Now ‘Unavailable’ In US


Facebook’s upcoming Oculus Rift S PC VR headset has received FCC approval. The FCC is a US regulatory agency with responsibility over wireless frequency use. The headset has no specific date for release, but Facebook says it will launch in Spring. Compared to the original, the Rift S features higher resolution better lenses, five-camera inside-out tracking and a halo strap. However, it no longer features IPD adjustment and doesn’t come with headphones.

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Exclusive: ODG Filing Points to Magic Leap Acquisition of Auctioned Patent Assets

Next Reality AR

In case you thought the long and unfortunate story of ODG was over, hold on, there's one last chapter to tell. As we reported in January, ODG's remaining patent assets were put up for auction, but the buyer was never revealed.

Sony To Make PSVR Announcements In New Nintendo Direct-Style Series


Here’s why Sony is backing out of E3 this year; it has its own Nintendo Direct-style series to replace it. The PlayStation maker will host the first ‘State of Play’ event on March 25th at 2pm PT/9pm GMT. The show promises to showcase new PS4 and PSVR games. That includes “new trailers, new game announcements and new gameplay footage.” ” It’ll be aired on Twitch, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook, with a video on demand version following on.

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Long-delayed PSVR Game ‘Golem’ to Reemerge at PAX East Next Week

Road to VR

We weren’t certain the PSVR title Golem would ever see the light of day after its lengthy delay. It wasn’t until the studio assured us late last year that yes, the game was still in production well after its prospective March 16th, 2018 launch date had come and gone.

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PSVR’s Golem Makes Surprise Return At PAX East 2019


It’s been over a year now since the long-anticipated PSVR exclusive, Golem, was delayed at the last minute. Questions about cancellation have spiraled the project since but developer Highware Games has occasionally spoken up to deny them. Well, we’ve got some good news for you; Golem is stepping back into the spotlight at PAX East next weekend. Golem will be one of seven games Sony is showcasing on PSVR at the Boston show.

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This Week in XR: Games Developer Conference Wrap Up

Charlie Fink

They come to celebrate an industry that is more than twice the size of music and movies put together

Oculus: Rift S, Quest Price Cuts Won’t Be As ‘Aggressive’ As Rift


Oculus has two VR headsets launching at $399 this spring. Unlike the original Oculus Rift, though, you shouldn’t hold your breath for price cuts on either any time soon. Speaking to Tested at GDC this week, Oculus VP of Product Nate Mitchell said that the Oculus Quest and newly-announced Oculus Rift S headsets likely won’t see the same aggressive price cuts as the first Rift.

Tackle any use case with our New Headjack Essential Templates


In this Update, the Template Marketplace takes center stage, as the all-new Essentials templates have been engineered from the ground up to tackle any use case you throw at them. All of the Essentials are easily brandable, have a scalable UI design, and can hold an unlimited number of projects.


9 of the best flower delivery services for every occasion

Mashable VR

Birthdays, anniversaries , and other special events provide a helpful little push to shower your special someone with the love they deserve. There is a certain element of stress surrounding every event though, as you need to come up with some sort of present.

Here’s How Dead And Buried 2 Looks On Rift S And Quest


Looking to see how Oculus Quest games stack up to Rift S? These assets for Oculus’ Dead and Buried 2 should give you some idea. We’ve uploaded a bunch of videos of the upcoming VR shooter, which is appearing on both platforms. Oculus provided them to us at GDC this week.

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