Thu.Aug 16, 2018

MLB Holds First ‘Home Run Derby VR Little League Challenge’


ESPN3 broadcasted New England’s victory against Japan live in Little League International’s first ever virtual home run derby tournament.

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HTC R&D department shows that VR can already benefit various sectors of our lives

The Ghost Howls

During my Chinese adventure, in the period that I was leaving Shanghai to go to Chengdu to watch pandas, I had the opportunity to interview via WeChat Qiyong Chen, one of the people leading the Virtual Reality R&D experiments at HTC.

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Oculus Rift Now Compatible With Viveport & Viveport Subscription


Starting today, developers can display their Viveport titles as Rift-compatible, with full consumer support starting September 4th.

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Hands-On: Mario Kart VR Is Entirely Worth The Wait


Take my advice: savor the opening minute of Mario Kart VR before your race actually starts because it’s the only time you’ll get to properly soak in the Mushroom Kingdom in all of its virtual glory.

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Kickstarter Game System Uses iOS & Android Devices to Merge Tabletop Gaming with Augmented Reality

Next Reality AR

The fortunes of ARKit and ARCore are still in the hands of developers, who have been increasing the number of mobile augmented reality apps on the market, but perhaps not as fast as companies like Apple might have expected.

Firewall: Zero Hour – Final Hands-On Preview With The Release Build


Firewall: Zero Hour is less than two weeks away and yesterday Sony hosted a final pre-launch press preview session at their San Mateo headquarters.

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Insomniac And Oculus To Host Public Demo Session For Stormland At PAX


If you’re attending PAX West later this month or happen to live in and around Seattle, WA then consider yourself one of the lucky few that will have the first-ever hands-on opportunity with Insomniac’s upcoming fourth Oculus Rift exclusive, Stormland.

PlayStation VR Passes 3 Million Units Sold

Road to VR

Sony today announced that PlayStation has sold more than three million units, showing consistent sales over the course of the headset’s nearly two years on the market.

Evasion’s Full Version Launches In October On PSVR, Rift And Vive


One last big piece of PSVR news today; Archiact’s Evasion is very close to release. The first-person shooter, which is also coming to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, will arrive on October 9th.

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Vantage Point Secures Seed Funding Round of $1.3M to Bring VR-Based Anti-Sexual Harassment Training to Enterprises

Cats and VR

Vantage Point , the world’s first Virtual Reality-based enterprise training platform has announced a Seed funding round of $1.3M to bring immersive Anti-Sexual Harassment Training to corporations. Vantage Point is founded by solo female minority founder, Morgan Mercer.

PSVR Passes Three Million Headsets Sold Worldwide


Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset has sold over three million units worldwide. The company announced the news on the PlayStation Blog today, also confirming that it had sold 21.9 million games and experiences for the platform. The console launched back in October 2016 and, last December, Sony confirmed that PSVR had passed the two million mark, so it’s taken another 8 months to sell another million units. Since then, the headset has seen a few price drops and a revised model.

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Viveport VR Subscription Platform Opening To Rift Users

Charlie Fink

Viveport subscriptions will be available to Rift users September 4th


Creed: Rise To Glory Boxes Onto PSVR Next Month


Electronauts has barely been out a week but developer Survios is already nearing the release of its next big title in Creed: Rise to Glory. The VR boxing game which is based on the recent spin-offs of the Rocky films, is launching on PlayStation VR (PSVR) on September 25th for $29.99. A press release sent to UploadVR didn’t mention the previously-confirmed Oculus Rift and HTC Vive versions, so we’ve reached out to Survios to ask if they’re releasing on the same date.

HTC Launches Viveport Subscriptions For Oculus Rift


Starting in September HTC is formally supporting Oculus Rift headsets with its Viveport subscription plan. The plan includes a free trial, so there’s little risk for Rift owners to try out the service. The entry level $9 per month Viveport subscription plan lets players pick five titles to play that month. According to HTC, there are more than 1200 titles on Viveport with 500 of them available in the subscription plan.

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These Are PSVR’s Most-Played Games (In the US)


Off the back of announcing PSVR has sold three million units worldwide , Sony just revealed the top 10 most-played VR titles in North America. It’s Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR that comes out on top. The 2017 port of the open-world epic role-playing game (RPG) remains one of our favorite VR experiences to date, so we’re not surprised to see it top the list even if it did come out a year later than many of the other titles.

Why You Won’t See Our Firewall: Zero Hour Review At Launch


Firewall: Zero Hour, easily one of the most anticipated VR games of this year, is just a few weeks away now. The game launches in the US on August 28th, but you won’t see our review before then. Why’s that? While it may usually be the case that a game’s developer or publisher has set a review embargo maybe a day ahead of launch, in this instance we know that developer First Contact Entertainment won’t actually be sending out review code until the big day.

Rec Room Livestream: Laser Tag, Rec Royale, And More


For today’s livestream we’re jumping into Rec Room — it’s been a while since we visited this free social VR application. Among its recent updates, including a battle royale game mode, there has been a new laser tag map, new Quests, and lots of custom rooms that community members have made. There is even a non-VR version in beta currently!

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