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3 Ways To Visit Notre-Dame Cathedral In VR


The beautiful medieval Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris suffered a devastating fire yesterday during renovations. The spire and most of the roof were unfortunately lost- but luckily the rest of the building remains intact. President Macron has vowed to rebuild and restore the beloved cathedral.

Preserving Historical Landmarks In VR Should Be A Priority


Ensuring history survives using modern day technology. Yesterday, the historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France suffered a devastating fire that caused significant, lasting damage to the 12 Century building.

Check Out The First Trailer For Doctor Who’s Animated VR Episode


Just ahead of next week’s Tribeca Film Festival the first trailer for Doctor Who’s animated VR episode is here. Announced earlier this year, Doctor Who: The Runaway is an interactive short set to debut at Tribeca. It stars current Doctor Jodie Whittaker.

The Surprising Brilliance of ‘Vacation Simulator’s’ VR Paintbrush Tech

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Having released the ever popular Job Simulator as a launch title for the HTC Vive back in 2016, Owlchemy Labs is one of the most veteran VR game studios that exists today.

Oculus Quest Preorders Accidentally Went Live On Amazon UK, 128GB Model Is £499


UPDATE: Facebook told us that Amazon launched preorders accidentally. Preorders for Oculus Quest have not begun. The Amazon listing has now been taken down. However, Facebook told us the £499 (US $499) pricing for the 128GB model is correct. ORIGINAL ARTICLE BEFORE UPDATE: Live in the United Kingdom and wanting to get an Oculus Quest? Preorders for the 128GB model just went live on Amazon UK.

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Sony Confirms PSVR Support For The ‘PlayStation 5’


PSVR will be compatible with Sony’s next PlayStation console.

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Next-gen PlayStation Will Support Current PSVR, Sony Confirms

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In an interview with Wired , the lead system architect on the next PlayStation console, Mark Cerny, confirmed that PS5 (naming still unconfirmed) will retain support for the current PSVR headset. Sony revealed the first details of its upcoming console today in an exclusive interview with Wired.

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The Next PlayStation Supports PSVR, Sony Confirms


Sony has just confirmed that its current PSVR headset will be compatible with the next PlayStation console. The company revealed as much in a new article in Wired. Mark Cerny, the system architect behind the PS4, confirmed that the company is working on a next-generation PlayStation. It’s not called PS5 yet, but it could well be in the future. The article notes that the console will come with a more powerful GPU and CPU with an AMD chip. The latter is based on AMD’s Ryzen line.

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‘Star Wars Vader Immortal – Episode 2’ Will Focus on Force Powers, Episode 1 on Lightsabers

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Star Wars Vader Immortal is a three part VR “narrative adventure” exclusively coming to Oculus Quest and Rift. A recent trailer has given us a glimpse of what to expect from Episode 1 , but very little is known about Episodes 2 (or 3 , for that matter).

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Our Official UploadVR Discord Is Now Live


As much as we love reading your comments on articles and across social media, we decided we want to keep the conversation going. Our official UploadVR Discord channel is now live! If you already have Discord, you can click here and join up! Please note you must be a member for ten minutes before you’re given access to all of the text channels, and the ability to type. Make sure to read all of the rules in the community guidelines channel! New to Discord? No problem!

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Introducing New Features for 3D Photos on Facebook


Since the launch of 3D photos last fall, we’ve seen people embrace this new way of sharing memories with a fun, lifelike dimension in News


Hands-On: Robo Recall Hits Quest Like A Robot Arm To The Face


There’s a considerable gap in the VR market that the new Oculus Quest – set for a Spring release at $399 – is looking to fill. Designed for people who want a headset geared towards a gaming experience but lacking the high-end PC and are unwilling to part with a hefty chunk of change, the Quest is an all-in-one wireless solution that features room-size VR and motion controls but without these restrictive costs.

The Man Behind Notre-Dame: 360 Video Documentary by Targo

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On April 15, 2019, the Notre-Dame Cathedral suffered a devastating fire. I recently had a chance to see a 360-degree VR documentary by Targo called. Podcast Archive