Mon.May 27, 2019

Oculus Quest vs HTC Vive Focus Plus

The Ghost Howls

This year we had the launch of two amazing 6 DOF all-in-one Virtual Reality headsets : the Oculus Quest and the HTC Vive Focus Plus. These are probably the two best standalone VR devices that are available on the market , and I have the pleasure of having both of them here on my desk.

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This Modder Brought Custom Tracks to ‘Beat Saber’ on Oculus Quest

Road to VR

Oculus Quest—and one of its main launch titles Beat Saber (2018) —has only been out for a week now. A big question until recently was whether users would be able to bring the much beloved mods once only available on PC to the Quest version.

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Blood & Truth Review: Another Roaring Exclusive For PSVR


I could tell Blood & Truth was special when I realized I had been playing for a solid half hour and hadn’t shot a gun or killed a thug that entire time but remained entirely invested.

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PSVR 2 Unlikely to Launch at the Same Time as PS5

Road to VR

Last week Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Vice President of Research and Development, Dominic Mallinson, opened up about this thoughts on the future of VR at the Collisson 2019 conference in Toronto.

Lone Echo II Interview — What Ready At Dawn Has Learned From Its Third VR Game


In Lone Echo II , Captain Olivia Rhodes and the android Jack are stranded on a strange spaceship near the rings of Saturn. They have to explore the environment and find a way to safety amid mysterious biomass. I checked out a demo of the narrative adventure game from Ready At Dawn Studios.

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‘Blood & Truth’ PSVR Hardware Bundle Now Available for Pre-order, Launching Tomorrow

Road to VR

Blood & Truth is set to launch tomorrow, May 28th. As Sony’s next big title after the hit platformer Astro Bot Rescue Mission (2018) , the company is putting its best foot forward by featuring the action game in its own PSVR hardware bundle.

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Massive XR Environments and Transforming Education with Alvin Wang Graylin

XR for Business Podcast

Bonus content from our recent episode with Alvin Wang Graylin on the latest generation of XR technologies and what they mean for education. VR Improves Student Concentration. Amazing new #research from #SagaUniversity shared at #VEC2019 showing the efficacy of #VR in #Education.

Reclaim! Brings Four-Player Arena Shooting To Location-Based VR


Location-based gaming experiences remove the larger price of admission for more intense and immersive experiences and VR developers have found a lot of success in this market.

Sony ‘Very Happy’ With PSVR Sales ‘But We Know We Can Do Better’


Sony’s PSVR headset is thought to be the most successful of the three major VR devices from 2016. We don’t know that for sure, but the headset has sold 4.2 million units. That might be a lot for the nascent VR industry, but it’s just a fraction of the near-100 million PS4s sold out there. Sony, then, wants to do better. Dominic Mallinson, senior vice president of R&D at Sony, said as much at Collision 2019 last week.

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Oculus Rift S June Update To Bring Higher Quality Passthrough+ & ASW On RTX GPUs


Next month’s Oculus Rift S software update should bring higher quality ASW 2.0 and Passthrough+ on the latest NVIDIA Turing GPUs. In addition to the RTX cards, this should also work on the GeForce GTX 1660 and 1660 Ti since they have the Turing video encoder hardware.

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Garden Of The Sea Is The New Game From Budget Cuts Dev Neat Corp


Neat Corporation, the developer of 2018 VR stealth extravaganza, Budget Cuts , is back. Its next game, however, is something very different. The team’s second VR title is called Garden of the Sea. It’s like a VR version of Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon, mixed with a dash of Pokemon.

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