Mon.Nov 26, 2018

Robert Rodriguez’s The Limit review: a crazy VR action movie

The Ghost Howls

I love Robert Rodriguez. I like his style in directing movies and I like the emotions that he’s able to foster in me thanks to his movies.

New York Times Lets You Visit Statue of Liberty's Torch Without Trip to NYC via Augmented Reality

Next Reality AR

While a new museum to house the original torch of the Statue of Liberty is under construction on Liberty Island and scheduled to open in May 2019, New York Times readers can now view the sculpture in their own space through augmented reality.

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‘Virtual Desktop’ is Finally Coming to Oculus Go & Gear VR This Week, Oculus Quest Next Year

Road to VR

Virtual Desktop (2016) , the app that lets you view and use your desktop computer in VR, is finally making its way to Oculus Go and Gear VR this week. Once Oculus Quest, the company’s upcoming 6DOF headset, launches next year, a version of the app will be available then too.

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The Future Of The Royal Navy’s Combat Systems Is AR


The Royal Navy is using AR for a futuristic UI that will promote more efficient ship wide communications. One of the most important roles on a warship – or any ship for that matter – is the role of the bridge watch officer.

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Horror Classic Affected: The Manor Finally Hits PSVR This Week


As far as horror classics go in VR, Affected: The Manor is as original as they get right now, and it’s finally arriving on one of the most popular platforms this week.

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Amazon Sumerian & 8th Wall Weave Web AR Experience for 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' Movie

Next Reality AR

Sony Pictures has tapped the powers of augmented reality as provided by startup 8th Wall & the Amazon Sumerian development platform to help it promote the latest motion picture manifestation of Spider-Man.

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HTC Files Trademark For ‘Vive Cosmos’


Details include a ‘head mounted display for computer simulated reality.’.

HTC 249

Virtual Desktop Is Coming To Oculus Go & Gear VR This Thursday


Virtual Desktop , the app which lets you view your PC’s monitor inside VR, is launching for Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR this Thursday. The app will be priced at $9.99 and will also be an Oculus Quest launch title when that headset launches next year. Virtual Desktop was released for PC VR in 2016. It was created by a single developer, Guy Godin. The new mobile VR version of Virtual Desktop is a little more complex than the original.

Spatial Computing: Bigger Than Magic Leap

Robert Scoble

I blame this all on Magic Leap’s founder, Rony Abovitz.

A New Alien VR Game Could Be Announced Next Week


It’s very possible that we see a new Alien game announced next week, and we might finally hear if it’s got VR support too. The Game Awards host Geoff Keighley has begun teasing next week’s show, which takes place on December 6th. The Game Awards always mix in new announcements with the prize-giving and earlier in the month Keighley tweeted the message ‘Worlds Will Change’ along with a teaser image.

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The Limit VR – movie review: Move fast and break everything

RealVision VR

I haven’t paid for a VR movie before; I felt no need to as most experiences were free. But when a big name Hollywood pioneer like Robert Rodriguez jumps in with a VR film, a $5 ‘ticket’ would be worth the price… or so I thought. A 4gb download later, I have an opinion. TL;DR, this won’t be a flattering review. Those who can’t… criticize. If I had a dollar for every time I heard the line, I’d be rich enough to well… fund a big budget VR film.

This Amazing Sonic the Hedgehog AR App Uses An Tattoo As A Controller


Get ready for the best thing you’ll see in AR this week and maybe even this year. Developer Olo Sabandija recently took to Twitter to share this absolutely amazing AR rendition of Sonic the Hedgehog. The app projects the blue bombshell and his iconic Green Hill Zone environment into the real world as if they were there to be reached out and played with. Here’s a direct from the screen version of my AR tat — Olo Sabandija (@olomerol) November 19, 2018.

QuiVr Releases “Vanguard” in Time for Global Location-Based VR Tournament


From November 21st through November 28th In partnership with SpringboardVR , HTC eSports , HP Inc. , and LIV , the Virtual Athletics League (VAL) presents the QuiVr Vanguard Global Tournament! The QuiVr Vanguard tournament will be held for the course of an entire week!

Spider-Man Gets The Web AR Treatment With Into The Spider-Verse AR


Today, Sony Pictures is bringing the wall-crawling heroics of Spider-Man to modern mobile devices around the world in a free web AR experience. In collaboration with 8th Wall, Trigger, and Amazon Web Services, the Spider-Verse Web AR Experience lets users interact with Spider-Man in AR, take pictures, and share them to social media. Since it’s all web-based (multiple puns intended throughout this article) no downloads are needed.

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PSVR MOBA Dark Eclipse Adds In Ranked Mode And More


Sunsoft is ready to build on the solid foundations it laid out earlier this year with free-to-play PSVR multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), Dark Eclipse. The developer this month announced a 2.0 update for the game that’s set to introduce some major new elements such as a Ranked Mode, a global leaderboard and more. The former will mean that players of a similar skill level will now be matched up online rather than you taking your chances with a hardened vet.

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Beat Saber PSVR Livestream – Expert Only Block Slashing


Beat Saber recently launched on PSVR! The viral sensation VR rhythm game that tasks you with slicing neon blocks to the beat of the music with electrified sabers is now out on Sony’s flagship VR device. This version of the game includes five all-new tracks, a new campaign mode, practice mode, new modifiers, and more that aren’t on the PC version yet. You can read our full review right here or watch footage of all the new songs played on Expert difficulty right here.

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