Mon.Feb 22, 2021

The XR Week Peek (2021.02.22): Samsung AR glasses leaked, Kura price revealed, and much more!

The Ghost Howls

This week in XR hasn’t had any explosive news, but it was interesting nonetheless: in particular we had cool info on AR glasses, with some news from Kura, Lynx, and Samsung. Among the top 5 news I have chosen, only 1 is about VR.

‘Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures’ Brings Comedic Space Combat To SteamVR


Manage your ship’s systems via a room-scale cockpit in this fast-paced arcade shooter.


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Samsung’s Leaked AR Concept Videos Reveal Its Augmented Ambitions

Road to VR

Leaked concept video featuring two Samsung AR devices has come to light. Although just concepts and not functioning products as such, it’s clear the Korean tech giant is gearing up to compete with companies like Facebook and Apple as they inch ever closer to releasing consumer AR headsets.

Leaked Concept Videos Show Samsung’s Take On AR Glasses


Project virtual screens, fly drones, and dim the lights with ‘Samsung Glasses Lite.’

Veteran Indie VR Dev Revives ‘CRASHLAND’ for Quest, Launching Thursday

Road to VR

If you know your VR history you might recall CRASHLAND , an early VR prototype where players would defend themselves after crash landing on a hostile planet with little more than a radar scanner and a weapon.

Razer 226

How to Film Your Own AR Music Videos with Vidiyo, Lego's TikTok Competitor

Next Reality AR

For its latest take on augmented reality-infused playsets, Lego is giving the young, and the simply young at heart, its twist on the viral lipsync format made popular by TikTok with Lego Vidiyo.

More Trending

Nreal (Finally) Expanding to the US This Spring


The headline is unfair. Nreal has just dropped a huge announcement and there is so much to be excited about. This article will cover the nuts and the cherry, but the US expansion this spring might be the sundae. Nreal’s Long Road to the US.

China 118

Data Dive: Are Commercial Spaces Primed for AR?

AR Insider

O ne of the attributes that defines AR’s potential is its breadth of applicability. Though use cases like product visualization and social lenses are the early leaders today, we’ll see several others develop in the coming years. That includes both consumer and enterprise applications.

Data 117

Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures Is A Slapstick Space Sim With VR-First Design

Upload VR

Stardust Collective’s Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures is coming later this year, and it’s one to keep an eye on. The trailer for the new PC VR game went live this weekend alongside a new Steam page.

HTC Vive General Manager Graham Wheeler Discusses The State Of VR

VR Fitness

With 2021 well underway HTC general manager Graham Wheeler has reflected back upon the state of VR in 2020 and predicts important VR trends for 2021. He covers a variety of topics, including consumer and business VR, as well as the growing importance of emerging technologies such as 5G.

Trends 101

Spatial Beats: Perseverance XR, Rebecca Minkoff & 3D Maps

AR Insider

W elcome back to Spatial Beats. This week, we look at XR treatments of the Perseverence Mars landing, Rebecca Minkoff’s new AR collection and other happenings from the spatial universe. Let’s dive in… The Perseverance Mars landing was broadcast in 360 in AltspaceVR.

FinchRing Is A New Gesture Controller Shown With Nreal

Upload VR

Finch Technologies revealed a new ring-like wearable for gesture recognition. The FinchRing was announced in connection with Mobile World Congress in Shanghai alongside a partnership with AR glasses maker Nreal.

AMD To Probe Potential USB Connectivity Issue on Ryzen Systems

Anand Tech

Some AMD users have been posting on social media, including Reddit, about experiencing intermittent connectivity problems when using USB ports on their 500-series motherboards.

Terje Haakonsen’s Powder VR Early Access Review: A Fine Winter Sports VR Game

Upload VR

Terje Haakonsen’s Powder VR ( THPVR) on Steam Early Access may be a mostly enjoyable VR winter sports outing, but it’s rather lacking right now. Read on for our full Powder VR review in progress! Powder VR is quite a departure for developers RainSoft.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra & S21 Review: The Near Perfect and The Different

Anand Tech

Today we’re reviewing the Galaxy S21 Ultra in both Exynos and Snapdragon SoC flavours, as well the baseline Galaxy S21 – contrasting two very different devices in Samsung’s new series, coming in at two very different price points. Smartphones

The Shore Is A Gorgeous Looking Lovecraftian Horror Game Getting VR Support With ‘Extra Stuff’

Upload VR

The developer for recently released Lovecraftian horror game, The Shore , confirmed VR support is on the way with “extra stuff” not in the flat version.

TikTok Users Are Burning Snowballs in Viral Videos to 'Prove' the Snow is Fake

GizModo VR

Have you seen those viral videos on TikTok and Twitter where users are burning snow to “prove” that it’s actually fake ? Needless to say, the snow is real. The viral videos actually show a perfectly normal reaction to placing the flame of a lighter or match against a snowball.

Video 114

Stargaze Is Coming To Quest Later This Year, Rift In March

Upload VR

Played With Fire’s fantastical VR adventure, Stargaze, is coming to Oculus Quest later this year, but first it’s stopping by Rift. The title lands on the official Oculus Rift store on March 3rd and will follow on Quest later in 2021.

They strapped a paintball gun onto a Spot robot. Now the internet has the reins

Digital Trends

Boston Dynamics doesn't want people to strap guns of any kind on its robots -- but that's exactly what NYC-based idea factory MSCHF has done. Features boston dynamics Robots Spot robot

Boston 114

An Extinct Cave Bear's DNA Was Still Readable After 360,000 Years

GizModo VR

A tiny ear bone belonging to a cave bear that died some 360,000 years ago has yielded the oldest genome not sourced from permafrost. The newly sequenced genome is offering new insights into the evolution of cave bears and how climate change can precipitate the emergence of entirely new species.

Asia 114

Elon Musk reveals upcoming internet speeds for Starlink service

Digital Trends

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has been tweeting some interesting details on expected improvements to Starlink, the company's space-based internet service. Computing Mobile News Web Elon Musk Internet SpaceX Starlink


Hackers Slipped Mysterious Malware Into Thousands of Macs But Researchers Can't Figure Out Why

GizModo VR

A new malware strain has infected Mac devices all over the world—most prominently in the U.S. and parts of Europe—though experts can’t decide where it came from or what it does. Read more.

Europe 114

NASA just released this awe-inspiring video of Perseverance’s landing on Mars

Digital Trends

Stop what you're doing and watch this awe-inspiring video of the Perseverance rover landing on Mars. News life on mars Mars NASA Perseverance space

Video 90

Texas Officials Temporarily Halt Private Energy Companies From Sending Customers Absurd Bills

GizModo VR

Folks across Texas are receiving outrageous energy bills in the wake of widespread utility shutoffs during last week’s cold snap. Thankfully, state officials issued some stopgap measures on Sunday to protect them from those ridiculous financial burdens. Read more.

Texas 114

The Keychron K8 is the mechanical keyboard for Mac that (almost) has it all

Digital Trends

A cross-platform mechanical keyboard at an affordable price? Sign me up. Computing Apple bluetooth K8 Keyboards Keychron Mac mechanical keyboards Review Windows

Apple 87

Software 'Bug' Keeps Arizona Prisoners Behind Bars Past Release Dates

GizModo VR

An Arizona law helping people with drug possession convictions earn early release from prison is being effectively ignored in many cases due to flaws in state’s inmate management software, according to a Phoenix-area public radio station citing multiple government sources. Read more.

How to use Nova Launcher to customize your Android phone

Digital Trends

Tired of staring at the same boring screen all day? Mix it up with our guide on how to set up Nova Launcher to give your Android phone a brand-new layout. Android How-To Mobile Android Apps Android launcher launcher nova launcher Tier 4

Chinese Hackers Reportedly Wielded a Stolen NSA Cyber Weapon for Years

GizModo VR

New research suggests a hacking tool previously developed by the National Security Agency was stolen years ago by a prolific Chinese cyber group and was subsequently used against a variety of U.S. targets. Read more.

Tools 113

The best wallpaper apps for Android and iOS

Digital Trends

Want to change the imagery on your smartphone? You'll find plenty of help with the best wallpaper apps. We've rounded up the top apps for both iOS and Android. Android Apple Mobile Best of iOS Tier 4 wallpaper apps

Apple 87

Did Neanderthals Have the Capacity for Verbal Language?

GizModo VR

The Neanderthal of popular imagination is a hideous, ape-like being, lumbering around with his or her crude spear. Rarely do we picture this person, or pre-person, engaged in any kind of conversation, beyond the occasional grunt-off over a spoiled piece of meat.

Watch: Live Discussion Quest 2 Multi-User, 120Hz Mode And StrikerVR Gun

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