Fri.Dec 04, 2020

Wacom Unveils VR Pen Built for “the next creative future”

Road to VR

Wacom , a leader in stylus pens and tablets for creative professionals, unveiled a new device late last month which was built specifically for creators looking to leverage the power of VR. Called Wacom VR Pen, the device is a pressure sensitive stylus controller.

‘Frostpoint VR: Proving Grounds’: Tactical VR Combat With An Awesome Sci-Fi Twist


Enemy players are the least of your worries in this one-of-a-kind multiplayer VR shooter. Panicked, I sprint through the doorway of a nearby building in desperate search of shelter.


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‘Metro: Exodus’ & ‘Arktika.1’ Developer 4A Games Seeking Hires with VR Experience

Road to VR

After briefly dipping its toes into VR back in 2017 with the release of the sleek futuristic shooter Arkitka.1 , the studio behind the lauded Metro: Exodus and broader Metro franchise, 4A Games, is seeking new hires with VR experience. Some three years after the release of Akrtika.1 —an

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VR Training Platform, Mursion, Raises $10M in Series B Funding

Cats and VR

Mursion , the industry leader in immersive virtual reality training for emotional intelligence in the workplace, announced it has closed a $20 million Series B financing, led by Leeds Illuminate.

Team Shooter ‘Contractors’ Releases on Oculus Quest, Trailer Here

Road to VR

Contractors (2018) , the team-based competitive multiplayer shooter, is finally available on the Oculus Store for Quest.

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VRtuoso Brings Remote Learning and Collaboration to Accessible Devices


Remote learning, and immersive learning in particular, are now in higher demand than ever. For many would-be implementers, the use cases are obvious but hangups involving hardware requirements, security concerns, and issues with authoring content get in the way.

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QLC Goes To 8TB: Samsung 870 QVO and Sabrent Rocket Q 8TB SSDs Reviewed

Anand Tech

Flash memory prices have been on a downward trajectory for years. A decade ago, this trend was helping SSDs establish a foothold in the consumer market—largely for enthusiasts.

How To Use HP Reverb G2 With Valve Index Controllers

Upload VR

The HP Reverb G2 is a great VR headset that’s held back by a few issues, the most prominent of which being controller tracking. If you’re really keen to use G2’s incredibly clear display, though, there is one thing you can do; sync them up with the Valve Index Controllers.

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XR Talks: How Will LiDAR Unlock AR’s Next Era?

AR Insider

T he biggest advancement in AR in 2020 was arguably Apple’s iPhone LiDAR camera. Though it’s only available on the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, LiDAR will trickle down to the rest of the iPhone lineup in the coming years, which has big implications for AR’s future.

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HP Reverb G2 With Index Controllers Is Absurd, Expensive & The Best

Upload VR

As we laid out in our review last month , the new HP Reverb G2 is an incredible VR headset. But its controllers? Not so much.

Wacom VR Pen revealed for cross-reality stylus action


The Wacom VR Pen was revealed here at the tail end of 2020 with creative intent. This piece of equipment was created to work in a virtual reality environment, but also works on 2D surfaces, as it’s made with much of the same tech as an otherwise non-VR Wacom stylus.

Intense Military Shooter Contractors VR Out Now On Quest For $20

Upload VR

Modern military-focused VR shooter, Contractors VR from Caveman Studios, is out now on Oculus Quest at a price point of $20. It’s also cross-buy and cross-play with the Rift version.

Tools 101

Amazon Asks Its Advertisers to Consider Being a Bit More Invasive

GizModo VR

In case you needed yet another reason to shop anywhere but Amazon this holiday season, here’s a good one: The company dropped a whitepaper earlier this week boasting about the stockpile of personal data it collects from every person browsing through its platform. Read more.

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VRChat Plus, Paid Subscription Option, Now Available On Steam

Upload VR

VRChat is introducing a new way to support the service titled VRChat Plus – a paid subscription option that will give you some extra features as thanks for your ongoing support of the platform.

Monkeys See Things That Aren't There With Artificial Vision Brain Implant

GizModo VR

Using brain implants, scientists have triggered the perception of shapes in the visual field of monkeys. Sounds spooky, but the technology could enable artificial eyesight in people with severe visual impairments. Read more. neuroscience blindness brain implants vision artificial vision science

Rec Room Gets Halo Inspired Costume To Celebrate Xbox Launch

Upload VR

Think Kratos coming to Fortnite is big? You haven’t seen anything yet.

HBO Max Owner Reportedly Plans to Launch Two More Streaming Services—With Ads

GizModo VR

Higher-ups at WarnerMedia are purportedly considering adding two new streaming services: one a free offering for its entertainment cable channel programs and the other a subscription-based CNN spin-off of sorts, the Information reported Friday. Read more. hbo max hbo warner media cnn

World’s most advanced robotic hand is approaching human-level dexterity

Digital Trends

Remember when the idea of a robotic hand was a clunky mitt that could do little more than crush things in its iron grip? No more! News machine learning Robots


Let's Ruin the Moon

GizModo VR

The Moon taunts us. It is very far away, which has historically protected it from the human species’ innate desire to desecrate it.

AR/VR Will Account for a Boost in GDP of $1.5 Trillion


AR/VR Will Account for a Boost in GDP of $1.5 Trillion This is a heady claim to make, and before going further it is important to […]. The post AR/VR Will Account for a Boost in GDP of $1.5 Trillion appeared first on Veative Labs. Veative Professional Services


Alaska May Be Hiding a Huge Volcanic System

GizModo VR

As if we needed more upsetting right news right now, geologists have reason to suspect that a cluster of Alaskan islands is actually part of an interconnected volcanic system of the same kind seen at Yellowstone National Park. Read more. volcanoes geology alaska calderas science

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How the iPad Pro’s amazing versatility fueled my lockdown creativity

Digital Trends

Ordered to stay at home during the early part of 2020, I embarked on a creative mission to make YouTube videos, but would the Apple iPad Pro be up to the task? Apple Mobile iPad iPad Pro lumafusion YouTube

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These Are the Ages When Alcohol Is Most Dangerous to the Brain, Researchers Say

GizModo VR

Alcohol has many well-known negative effects on our health, but a new paper this week highlights what are likely the most harmful periods during a lifetime to have alcohol in your system, at least when it comes to our brains. Read more. alcohol alcoholism drugs brains science


The best video chat apps for Android and iOS

Digital Trends

Can't see family and friends in person? You can still connect face-to-face with video chat apps. We've picked some of the best to help you stay in touch. Android Apple Mobile Best of FaceTime Socializing at a distance Tier 4 video chat WFH

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Finally, Big Cats Are Closer to Getting the Protections They Need

GizModo VR

Currently, across the U.S., an estimated 20,000 big cats are privately kept as pets or as roadside zoo attractions, with many living in squalor cages and malnourished misery. They are beaten to succumb to performance.


The best HDMI cables for 2020

Digital Trends

Not all HDMI cables are created equal, but you don't need to break the bank to get one with the latest specs. Read on to see what HDMI cables we would buy. Buying Guides Home Theater 4K 8K TV Atomos Best of HDMI cables Tier 4


Singapore Greenlights World's First Sales of Lab-Grown Chicken

GizModo VR

In what is slated to be a world-first approval, this week Singapore gave the greenlight to Eat Just to begin selling its lab-grown chicken meat in restaurants, with sales to regular consumers slated to follow later. Read more. lab grown meat eat just lab meat food tech consumer tech

How to uninstall apps in Android

Digital Trends

It's not unusual to have unused apps fill up your device. Whether they're games or lifestyle apps, here's a simple guide on how to uninstall apps in Android. Android How-To Mobile Samsung stock android Tier 4 uninstall

Philips Hue's Play Gradient Ain't Cheap, But It's the Lightstrip Your TV Deserves

GizModo VR

With the idea of going to a good ‘ole movie theater seeming like a bigger and bigger pipe dream every day, I’ve spent a lot of time this year thinking about how to upgrade my TV and movie-watching experience.

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The best radar detectors for 2020

Digital Trends

Investing in a reliable radar detector can save you money if you like driving fast. Here are the best ones. Buying Guides Cars Automotive Cobra Escort radar detectors Tier 4

RIP Free Streaming Trials

GizModo VR

HBO Max is ending its free trial offer weeks before Wonder Woman 1984 is set to debut on its service. Read more. hbo max streaming streaming wars movie theaters netflix disney