Thu.Dec 03, 2020

‘Medal Of Honor: Above & Beyond’ VR Multiplayer Looks Absolutely Massive


12 maps, five game modes, zero places to hide.

How You Can Put Street Art Legend KAWS & Even That Mysterious Alien Utah Monolith in Your Own Home via AR

Next Reality AR

Sure, you could leave a random monolith in Utah and get some notoriety for your street art. Or, you can let others put your art anywhere they'd like with augmented reality so they can appreciate it where they are.

Utah 212

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Play Your Friends In This Mario Party Inspired AR Multiplayer Game


AR PARTY brings the traditional board game into AR for up to 4 players. One of the best parts about playing a board game is the comradery that comes with it.

Gaming 301

‘Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond’ Multiplayer Details – Cross-play, Team-size, Servers, & More

Road to VR

With Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond nearly just a week away from release, we still know surprisingly little about the game’s multiplayer component. Luckily we’ve got some details to share.

Oculus 156

Razer's First Modular PC, The Tomahawk: A Fully Custom NUC 9 Extreme

Anand Tech

Razer, a company that styles itself as 'by gamers, for gamers', has today unveiled its latest product, a modular NUC dubbed the Tomahawk.

Razer 108

AR Party: An Augmented Reality Game for Mario Party Fans


If you are a Nintendo fan and miss the Mario Party team player game, you will probably love AR Party. This is an augmented reality game , currently a project on Kickstarter, which aims to recreate the fun and adventures in Mario Party.

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Investigating Performance of Multi-Threading on Zen 3 and AMD Ryzen 5000

Anand Tech

One of the stories around AMD’s initial generations of Zen processors was the effect of Simultaneous Multi-Threading (SMT) on performance. By running with this mode enabled, as is default in most situations, users saw significant performance rises in situations that could take advantage.

Reality Bytes: Amazon Healthcare, Snapchat Spotlight & Shopify

AR Insider

W hat are the biggest insights and observations in AR and adjacent sectors this week? Welcome to Reality Bytes , featuring lightning-round commentary from AR Insider partner M7 Innovations. Founder Matt Maher lends his insights from the trenches of AR experience creation.

VR in 2021: What is the future?

Virtual Perceptions

2020 is best summarised as a continuation of the trends from 2019 – mostly. Cheaper and high-quality virtual reality (VR) headsets rolled out in 2020 , advertising specifications that either improves the quality of experiences, increases the quality of virtual worlds, or both.

How Much Do Consumers Spend on Mobile AR?

AR Insider

L ike many analyst firms, one of the ongoing practices of AR Insider’s research arm ARtillery Intelligence is market sizing. A few times per year, it goes into isolation and buries itself deep in financial modeling. The latest such exercise zeroes in on mobile AR revenues.

Frostpoint VR: Proving Grounds Review – Inxile Shooter Feels Dead On Arrival

Upload VR

Is the new multiplayer VR shooter from Inxile Entertainment worth your time? Find out in our Frostpoint review! There’s a mystery at the heart of Frostpoint VR: Proving Grounds.

Feds Claim the Patriot Act Allowed Them to Log Visitors to Websites

GizModo VR

Letters produced by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and obtained by the New York Times show that the U.S. government has interpreted Section 215 of the Patriot Act as giving it the power to monitor who visits certain websites and when, with minimal oversight. Read more.

VR Cover Facial Interface & Foam Replacement for Oculus Quest 2 Review

VR Fitness

VR Cover is back with a brand new Facial Interface & Foam Replacement kit for the Oculus Quest 2. Here's what it brings to the table. Continue reading on VR Fitness Insider.

Every 2021 Warner Bros Film Will Stream on HBO Max for Free

GizModo VR

The ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic has radically changed the movie industry as we know it, and its ramifications are going to continue into the foreseeable future. Warner Bros., attempting to deal with that uncertain future, has just announced a shocking, unprecedented step. Read more.

Rhythm Of The Universe: Ionia Delayed, Coming Q2 2021 To PC VR, Quest, PSVR

Upload VR

Rhythm of the Universe: IONIA has been delayed until Q2 2021, but will now release simultaneously across PC VR, Oculus Quest and PSVR.

Voyager Probes Spot Previously Unknown Phenomenon in Deep Space

GizModo VR

NASA’s Voyager spacecraft may be billions of miles away and over 40 years old, but they’re still making significant discoveries, as new research reveals. Read more. interstellar solar science voyager probes voyager 1 voyager 2 nasa electrons electron bursts science


Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus vs. S20 Ultra: What’s the difference?

Digital Trends

Can't decide between the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus and the S20 Ultra? From cameras to performance and battery life, we look at what sets these two handsets apart. Android Buying Guides Mobile galaxy s20 plus galaxy s20 ultra galaxy unpacked 2020 Samsung Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultr

Around 1:26 Rudy Giuliani Farts

GizModo VR

If it pleases the court, I submit evidence that on December 2nd, while giving testimony at a Michigan House Oversight Committee hearing, Rudolph William Louis Giuliani farted multiple times. Read more. election 2020 rudy giuliani michigan fart farts house oversight committee

The VR Download: Frostpoint, Marvel VR Dead, Medal of Honor Multiplayer, AAA When?

Upload VR

The VR Download


These Scammy 5G Router Cages Have Michael Faraday Rolling in His Grave

GizModo VR

While products that promise to protect you from radiation are far from new, now so-called Faraday router cages that claim to block harmful electromagnetic field radiation (and also 5G signal) are proliferating on Amazon. Read more.

Amazon 109

How to switch from iPhone to Android: The ultimate guide

Digital Trends

If you've decided to bridge the great tech divide and leave Apple's garden, here are all the tips you need. Android Apple How-To Mobile iOS iPhone Tier 4

Tips 91

Bigot Livestreamers Tore Down the California Monolith in Christ's Name

GizModo VR

A young racist foursome, apparently threatened by our lord and savior Zotar, tore down the California monolith and replaced it with a wooden cross last night. As Motherboard first reported , CultureWarCriminal broadcast the triumph on the gamer streaming platform DLive.

How to run a free background check

Digital Trends

Need to find out what potential employers can find about you online? Here are several methods that allow you to run a free background check on anyone online. How-To Social Media Web background checks online Tier 4 web

Drone Video Shows Dramatic Moment of Arecibo Observatory Collapse

GizModo VR

Video of the recent collapse at the Arecibo Observatory, taken from two different perspectives, show the dramatic moment when a main cable failed, causing the 900-ton instrument platform to fall onto the large radio dish below. Read more.

Video 103

Laptop buying guide: What to look for in 2020, and what to avoid

Digital Trends

If you're unsure about what you need in a laptop, this laptop buying guide can help. In our breakdown, we'll explain specs, pricing, model types, and more. Buying Guides Computing Chromebook Laptops MacBook Other Tier 4


AMC Is Pissed

GizModo VR

Following an announcement by Warner Bros. that its 2021 slate of movies will all debut on HBO Max at the same time they open theatrically, AMC claims WarnerMedia is attempting to boost the success of its streaming service at the expense of beleaguered theater chains. Read more.


The best Google Pixel cases and covers

Digital Trends

The aluminum-and-glass design of Google's Pixel looks classy, but it’s slippery and easy to damage. We've rounded up the best Google Pixel cases to protect it. Android Buying Guides Mobile Best of cases covers Google Pixel Tier 4

Now's the Perfect Time to Shut Down Most Dirty Power Plants

GizModo VR

The transition to 100% clean electricity will take a lot of things—organizing, political will, courage. But fundamentally, if we can get all of that together, it will practically require two components.


How to uninstall Windows 10

Digital Trends

We like Windows 10, but you might not be such a fan. Here's how to uninstall Windows 10 and go back to Windows 8.1 or even Windows 7. Computing How-To Microsoft Tier 4 Windows 10 Windows 7 Windows 8

I Can't Decide If This Apple Watch Camera Band Is Genius or If My Brain Is Broken

GizModo VR

Everything about the $300 Wristcam for Apple Watch sounds ridiculous on its face. There’s the price, which is more than the entry-level Apple Watch SE. There’s the fact that it requires a separate inductive charger, though it can charge at the same time as your Apple Watch.

Apple 100

This Week In XR: Big Music Makes Big Money In VR, Holographic Displays, VR That Sees Better Than You Do

Charlie Fink

Travis Scott reportedly banked $20 million for his twelve minute concert in Fortnite. Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Innovation /innovation Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Business /business Hollywood & Entertainment /hollywood-entertainment technology