Fri.Jan 17, 2020

Rec Room Laser Tag Finally Available On Oculus Quest


The “On Again/Off Again” Update brings a new minigame and various creator tool improvements to standalone VR. After a grueling wait, fan-favorite Rec Room minigame Laser Tag is finally available to Oculus Quest users as part of the VR social platforms’ latest free update.

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The Walking Dead: Saints And Sinners Is Another Physics-Driven, Super Gory Powerhouse For VR Gaming


I think it’s safe to say a lot of us have Walking Dead fatigue. What started as a groundbreaking comic book flourished into a promising TV show and a landmark episodic game. But, like a zombie that just won’t die, the series just sort of… keeps shuffling on.

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Mojo is Making Contacts Smarter with Its Incredibly Tiny Microdisplay

Road to VR

Mojo Vision is a company that’s working to produce smart contact lenses, which it hopes in the near future will let users have a non-obtrusive display without needing to wear a pair of smart glasses.

Tea For God To Receive Oculus Quest Hand Tracking Support In Future Update


At the end of a change log for the latest build of Tea for God , developer Void Room stated that they are working on implementing the Oculus Quest’s controller-free hand tracking into the game in a future update.

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‘Moon Rider’ is a WebVR Game That’s Quietly Amassed Thousands of Daily Players

Road to VR

Moon Rider is a free VR rhythm game built on the WebVR standard which means it runs directly from a web browser rather than being downloaded and installed on a specific VR storefront. Its creators say the game has garnered thousands of daily players.

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A New Controller May Improve Select VR Experiences


One of the biggest challenges for VR has been how to incorporate controls into the VR experience. After all, immersive experiences aren’t just about what you see and hear.

Iron Man VR Delayed Into May 2020 For PSVR


Tony Stark’s taking a little longer to suit up; Sony and Marvel’s Iron Man VR has been delayed. The game, developed by Camouflaj, was originally meant to be releasing next month on February 28th. However the studio just tweeted out to confirm that the game is now moving to May 15, 2020.

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XR Talks: Notes From an AR Legend

AR Insider

XR Talks is a series that features the best presentations and educational videos from the XR universe. It includes embedded video, as well as narrative analysis and top takeaways. Speakers’ opinions are their own. For a deeper indexed and searchable archive, subscribe to ARtillery PRO.

Oculus Go Price Cut, Sony Skips E3 & Win Eclipse! VRecap


It’s a relatively news-lite week given that we’ve just passed CES, but there’s still a few things to talk about. Firstly, Facebook just gave the Oculus Go its first official price cut. The low-cost standalone headset now costs even… lower.

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#FoundersNotes from CES 2020

EON Reality

Hi everyone, it’s Dan Lejerskar, the Founder of EON Reality. I’m back again in California following EON Reality’s outing to CES — the world’s biggest stage for innovation and one of the most closely watched events on the tech calendar.

Sairento, Red Matter Team Up For Limited Oculus Quest Discount Game Bundle


Two popular Oculus Quest games are bundling up for a limited time discount this weekend. Vertical Robot’s Red Matter and Mixed Realms’ Sairento VR: Untethered have teamed up to offer 20% off for the next three days. In the US that takes them from $44.98

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#FoundersNotes from CES 2020

EON Reality

Hi everyone, it’s Dan Lejerskar, the Founder of EON Reality. I’m back again in California following EON Reality’s outing to CES — the world’s biggest stage for innovation and one of the most closely watched events on the tech calendar.

Japan’s Coolest VR Arcades + New Resident Evil VR Games: The VR Culture Show #3 Coming Monday


Welcome back to The VR Culture Show! For our third episode, due on Monday , we’re in Japan. Yup, the land of stunning scenery, bustling metropolises and robotic toilets. How could we venture over to the East and not bring a camera in search of every cool VR gadget and game we could find? And, believe us, we found plenty. In this episode, we visit three different VR arcades to see some of the amazing, unique experiences they offer.

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PlayStation VR Exclusive Iron Man VR Delayed Until May 2020

Peter Graham

Originally revealed almost a year ago during Sony Interactive Entertainment’s debut State of Paly broadcast, Camouflaj’s Iron Man VR was due to launch later next month on 28th February. Today, the studio has confirmed that will no longer happen, delaying its arrival by three months. .

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Is Privacy Possible In VR’s Future? In-VR Interview w/ Mozilla Engineer Diane Hosfelt


The post Is Privacy Possible In VR’s Future? In-VR Interview w/ Mozilla Engineer Diane Hosfelt appeared first on UploadVR. Video

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30 Minutes of The Walking Dead: Saint & Sinners Gameplay

Peter Graham

There’s less than a week to go until Skydance Interactive and AMC launch The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners across multiple virtual reality (VR) platforms. VRFocus recently demoed the videogame with initial impressions being good.

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This Week In XR: The Codeless Game Engine, The XR Contact Lens, FDA Approves Augmedics

Charlie Fink

More XR news crosses the wire as CES fades into the distance

Gamers Wanted for Scraper: Gauntlet Open Beta

Peter Graham

Labrodex Studios is currently in the process of developing its next virtual reality (VR) videogame, a stationary wave shooter called Scraper: Gauntlet, set in the same universe as its first title Scraper: First Strike.

Letting Workers Qualify Themselves in AR, with AR Expert's Dr. Björn Schwerdtfeger

XR for Business Podcast

Getting future workers excited for the jobs they might have tomorrow can be challenging, especially when many young workers tend to enjoy challenging themselves with new tasks. Dr. Björn Schwerdtfeger says that AR training can allow those workers to qualify themselves for all sorts of tasks, and have fun doing it, to boot. Transcript coming shortly].

‘VR Menu’ Discovered in Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo

Peter Graham

Fans of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series might be eagerly awaiting the launch of Final Fantasy VII Remake – which has been delayed until 10th April – but it seems as though dataminers have been hard at work unlocking the secrets of a Final Fantasy VII Remake demo. A soundtrack listing has been discovered with the last one noting a ‘VR menu’ The Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Music Soundtrack tracklist are as follows in case any is wondering.

The Road to ‘Path of the Warrior,’ Part 2 of 4


Last week, Twisted Pixel Games Project Director of Development Mike Henry took us behind the scenes of Path of the Warrior—now available on Oculus Quest

Preview: The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Zombie Kill of the Year?

Peter Graham

VRFocus loves a bit of zombie slaying action, a quick shotgun to the face or an axe to the temple (head wounds are all that matter). Hence why The Walking Dead TV show made perfect entertainment viewing, decent acting, gory effects and an engaging storyline. However, after the first few seasons let’s just say the interest has wained to the point of indifference towards the franchise.

Play Schell Games’ Sword Fighting Adventure Until You Fall for Free This Weekend

Peter Graham

Schell Games’ current sword fighting rogue-lite title Until You Fall is in Early Access for multiple VR platforms. If you own an Oculus Rift/Rift S and have yet to play the videogame this weekend is your best chance, as it will be completely free on the Oculus Store. .