Mon.May 20, 2019

HTC Vive Cosmos slated for Q3 2019, it will feature some surprises

The Ghost Howls

I have some exclusive news on the Vive Cosmos , one of the most awaited headsets of 2019, that I want to share with you. Fasten your seatbelts and read this article. As you may know if you follow me on social media, last week I spent my whole time in Taiwan , at first in Kaohsiung and then in Taipei.

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Google Releases Glass Enterprise Edition 2, Includes Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1Upgrade

Next Reality AR

As the tech world patiently waits for the advent of mainstream consumer smartglasses, Google is content to stick to the business world (for now).

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Netflix Is Officially Coming To Oculus Quest At Launch


Despite the fact that the Oculus Quest standalone VR headset is primarily a gaming device, plenty of people anticipated using it for media streaming as well. After all, that’s one of the most popular use cases for the Oculus Go.

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Magic Leap Adds Mobile Carrying Case to Its Arsenal of Augmented Reality Gear

Next Reality AR

It look a while, but one of the most anticipated Magic Leap One accessories is finally here. Magic Leap has quietly added the official Magic Leap One carrying case, which we previewed last year, to its website.

Google Reveals Glass Enterprise Edition 2 AR Headset


The latest iteration of Glass features an improved camera and a more powerful CPU for $999. Earlier today, Google announced the latest addition to its Google Glass hardware line-up with Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2.

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Watch This Guy Actually Walk Through An Apex Construct Level On Quest


Oculus Quest units are beginning to slip out into the wild ahead of official launch tomorrow. One of the coolest uses of the standalone VR headset we’ve seen thus far? Someone playing an entire level of Apex Construct… using only their legs.

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A Full Doctor Who VR Game Is Coming To Quest, PSVR And More This Year


Doctor Who fans already got their first taste of the BBC’s beloved sci-fi series in VR this year. But, in just a few months’ time, a full VR game will let fans fly across the universe and through time.

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Immersive Training for Retention

Tech Trends VR

How Virtual Reality training can help healthcare professionals retain crucial information. Healthcare professionals are tasked with learning and retaining an enormous amount of knowledge and skills.

North Carolina Zoo Adds Portal To Africa With VR Expedition


One of the simplest understands of virtual reality is the ability for the software and hardware to transport users to worlds different from their own, whether some wild fictional creation or a real destination on the other side of the globe.

Index Specs Were Driven by Valve’s VR Game Dev Teams

Road to VR

When revealing the upcoming Index headset, Valve was clear that their goal was to move the bar forward for VR fidelity, even if that meant a premium pricetag.

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Wave Circles VR Rhythm Game Slides Onto Steam For Fitness And Fun


Looking for another stylish way to test your hand-eye coordination and stamina? Game studio PlatformaVR is gearing up to release its new VR rhythm game Wave Circles on May 23 , pushing players to bust a move to the beat in a dance space dripping with neon colors.

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The absurdist’s view of business data visualization: meeting BadVR (& how Oculus Quest and 5G will change business)

Robert Scoble

Suzanne Borders, CEO/founder of BadVR , says she’s an absurdist, that she looks at the world differently than most other people and that’s the philosophy that drives even the name of her company.

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Superhot VR Quest Review: The Best Version Of A Genuine Classic


When we first reviewed Superhot VR nearly three years ago we said this: “SUPERHOT VR is a pure, distilled, injection of unadulterated adrenaline that will get your blood pumping just as quickly as time stops in the game itself.

This Week In XR: We Review The Oculus Quest, M&A News

Charlie Fink

The $399 Oculus Quest is the mobile VR device the can change everything. Will it? We're about to find out

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Oculus Quest Game Library Preview Livestream: Launch Day Lineup


Curious about how we livestream the way we do? Then look no further than this handy guide for general tips and this guide specific to our Oculus Quest setup. Do you know what day it is? It’s the day before the Oculus Quest releases.

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Predator VR Logo/PSVR Trophy List Suggests Surprise Launch Is Coming


It looks like a Predator VR game could be coming to PSVR. Not only that, but it might be here very soon. Exophase , a site that tracks PlayStation’s achievement-based Trophy system, just listed Predator VR. Not only that but there’s a logo too.

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Everybody’s Golf VR Review: Swinging For The Green


Everybody’s Golf VR is the type of game that shouldn’t work as well as it does. The PS Move controllers ae archaic by modern technology standards and they have significant issues in terms of jitter, tracking consistency, and tracking coverage compared to the competition but somehow Sony and its stable of developers continue to make things work. To be clear: Everybody’s Golf VR is not a super-accurate golf simulation.

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