Wed.May 20, 2020

Rumor: ‘Apple Glass’ AR Headset Will Retail At $499, Works With iPhone


New leaks may reveal additional information regarding Apple’s long-rumored AR device.

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‘Apollo 11 VR’ Studio Secures $3.3M Funding from HTC for VR Education Platform ‘Engage’

Road to VR

Immersive VR Education , the studio behind Apollo 11 VR , Titanic VR , and social VR education platform ENGAGE , today announced that it’s secured a €3 million (~$3.3 million) investment from HTC.

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Jason Rubin: Oculus Quest Should Get ‘Really Big, Deep’ Games In The Next Year


Facebook’s VP of Special Gaming Initiatives thinks we’ll see bigger, deeper games on Oculus Quest in the next year. Jason Rubin said as much speaking to Protocol in an interview earlier this week.

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‘Tales from Soda Island’ is a Spectacular Animated Short Built Entirely in VR

Road to VR

Studio Syro, an indie VR animation studio, released the first installment of their short film series called Tales from Soda Island yesterday. Built entirely in the Oculus Quill , the series kicks off with one of the most charming VR experiences you’ve probably ever seen.

Explore Aperture Laboratories From Portal In VR Using Half-Life: Alyx Steam Workshop Mod


Now that Half-Life: Alyx has Steam Workshop support, one modder has managed to bring an entire map from Portal 2 over into Half-Life: Alyx , allowing you to explore a small slice of Aperture Laboratories and pick up the Portal gun.

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How to Measure Your IPD and Why It’s Important for VR & AR Headsets

Road to VR

IPD stands for interpupillary distance—which simply means the distance between the center of your eyes. It’s important to know your IPD when it comes to VR and AR headsets because headsets can be adjusted to match your IPD for optimal image quality and comfort.

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Oculus is (still) Covering Unreal Engine Royalties for $5M in Revenue Per-game Through 2025

Road to VR

With the recent news that Unreal Engine was permanently waiving engine royalties for the first $1 million in app revenue, we were reminded of a similar program for VR apps based on Unreal Engine 4 that Oculus established back in 2016.

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Ready At Dawn Wants To Know If You Want Echo Combat On Quest (But Don’t Expect It Soon)


Echo VR developer Ready at Dawn is currently working on bringing the Echo Arena portion of the game to Oculus Quest, but you can already vote on if you want Echo Combat to make its way over too. I mean, obviously you want that.

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Step Into The Trenches Of WWI With Dan Carlin’s War Remains On PC VR


See what it was like to fight on the front lines of WWI. The first time I experienced Dan Carlin’s War Remains was during the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival. The 12-minute WWI VR experience was unforgettable and beyond intense.

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Pro Putt For Is A Mario Golf-Inspired Quest Game By TopGolf


Next week on May 28th Oculus Quest is getting a new golf game in the form of Pro Putt. This Mario Golf-inspired golf game is designed in collaboration with TopGolf and is developed by Golf Scope.

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VR For Industrial Training: Proof Points & Tips

AR Insider

This article is the latest in AR Insider’s editorial contributor program. Find out more or contact us to participate here. Authors’ opinions are their own. . VR Training For Complex & Dangerous Scenarios. How to Successfully Implement . by Albert Liu.

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New Social VR App Play Bunker To Be Revealed At The Upload VR Showcase: Summer Edition


We love showing off all kinds of new experiences at our VR Showcases, and we think social VR app Play Bunker will fit that bill quite nicely. Set to be fully revealed at our show on June 8th , Play Bunker is the latest experience from indie studio RGB Schemes.

Experience Famous Artworks in Augmented Reality With “Museum From Home”


There couldn’t have been a better time for Cuseum to introduce its new augmented reality experience. It brings famous artworks into people’s homes. It gives you an immersive museum experience, without crowds of tourists obscuring your view of the art.

Gorn On PSVR Is A Great Port In Need Of A Few Fixes


After a long wait, Gorn has finally brought its sword-swinging, head-removing brand of silly VR action to PSVR. The results are pretty impressive, though there’s a few fixes to be made. On the surface, Gorn might not look like the most intensive game to port to Sony’s aging PS4 console.

The Feynmann learning technique

EON Reality

One of the greatest teachers of our time, Richard Feynmann shone a light on the path to true knowledge and understanding.


Should VR Go All In With Consoles Now?

VR Tech News

Hey there, welcome back to VRTN ! So, it happened. We were waiting to see what game would emerge as the first AAA VR title. Half-Life Alyx is that game.

Through the Patient’s Eyes Operating Room

EON Reality

The AVR Platform’s 360 immersive lessons are more powerful when combined with 360 videos and interactive annotations. Students can now respond to videos to identify errors or procedures, embed subtraining such as surgical trays and undergo a realistic first time experience in a hospital environment. Experience the lesson for yourself today at [link]. (To To view the lesson, download the Creator AVR app for free on the Android or iOS App store.

#913: All of Microsoft’s AR & AR Announcements from Microsoft Build with Director Greg Sullivan

Voices of VR

There were not a lot of AR or VR announcements that happened during the main keynotes of Microsoft Build 2020, but there were a number. Podcast Archive

Healthcare PowerChat Podcast

EON Reality

We are pleased to release the next episode of our Healthcare #PowerChat podcast series! Enabling Healthcare with AR, VR & XR with EON Reality Chairman, Dan Lejerskar. link]. The post Healthcare PowerChat Podcast appeared first on EON Reality.

New Report: 19% of U.S. Adults Have Tried VR

AR Insider

T hrive Analytics and ARtillery Intelligence today released a new report: VR Usage & Consumer Attitudes, Wave IV.

How COVID-19 is driving a long-overdue revolution in education

EON Reality

“COVID-19 is causing us to challenge deep-rooted notions of when, where, and how we deliver education, of the role of colleges and universities, the importance of lifelong learning, and the distinction we draw between traditional and non-traditional learners.” ” What needs to be relooked in designing a higher education system of relevance? In my opinion, Closer alignment of skills vs what is learnt in the classroom.

Learning about Gutenberg Machine

EON Reality

The printing press, invented by German goldsmith Johann Gutenberg in 1448, has been called one of the most important inventions in the history of humankind. Today, through the AVR Platform, students can watch a live printing press in action and learn how it played a key role in moving the world out of the Medieval era into the Early Modern period! The post Learning about Gutenberg Machine appeared first on EON Reality.