Wed.Oct 09, 2019

Asgard’s Wrath Review: VR’s Best And Most Ambitious Game Yet


The massive action-adventure RPG from Sanzaru Games, Asgard’s Wrath , is finally releasing on October 10th and we’ve spent the better part of the last few days immersing ourselves in the annals of Norse mythology to bring you our full, comprehensive review.

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Report: Apple AR Headset Launching Early 2020


Will Apple be the first to kick-start the AR headset market?

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Sony Patent Filing Reveals Unseen PSVR Design With Mix Of Tracking Tech


A seemingly uninteresting patent recently granted to Sony may reveal some features of the hotly-rumored new PSVR 2.

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‘Asgard’s Wrath’ Review – VR’s Epic Norse Saga of Godlike Proportions

Road to VR

Sanzaru Games made some pretty big claims about Asgard’s Wrath when it was first revealed earlier this year, calling it their “deepest title yet” and promising 30+ hours of first-person combat, dungeoning, and all of the RPG goodness you could hope for.

Minecraft Developer Responds To Requests For Oculus Go & Quest Versions Of Game


Will the Minecraft experience ever be available on standalone VR? This past May, a user by the name of “Siroto” left a post on Mojang’s official feedback site requesting the release of Minecraft on the Oculus Quest.

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Beat Games Offers Small Update On Official Custom Level Support On Quest


The developers of Beat Saber, Beat Games, offered a small update on official custom level support for the Oculus Quest, which was first announced back in May. Previously, Quest users could use a sideloaded app, BeatOn, to manage and download custom Beat Saber levels to their device.

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Oculus Launches Asgard’s Wrath Early, Available Now


Oculus just made a surprise announcement and launched Asgard’s Wrath early on the Oculus Store , ahead of its initial scheduled launch tomorrow. We originally thought that the game would be available for download in three hours time from now, ready for you to play when you woke up the next morning. However, in a surprise move, the game is available for you to download and play right now.

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‘Asgard’s Wrath’ Gameplay Overview and Impressions

Road to VR

Asgard’s Wrath is finally here. With a purported 30+ hours of content, what does the core gameplay actually look like? Cas & Chary are here with an inside look. Cas & Chary Present.

Beat Saber Slashes The Competition In September PlayStation Charts


In both the US and EU PlayStation store charts, Beat Saber was the top selling PlayStation VR game of last month. This is not new territory for Beat Games’ hit rhythm title.

Is Messaging the Next AR Ad Channel?

AR Insider

The AR advertising landscape will evolve in ways that are similar to online and mobile advertising. Display ads (lenses) are out of the gate first, just like display ads were the first prevalent format on the web. Then ad formats expanded into other areas like search, messaging and email.

Asgard’s Wrath Pre-Launch Livestream: Q&A With Review Discussion


Curious about how we livestream the way we do? Then look no further than this handy guide for general tips and this guide specific to our Oculus Quest setup. For today we’re playing Asgard’s Wrath , a new action-adventure VR RPG that releases on October 10th exclusively on Oculus Rift. It’s been a while! Between Oculus Connect 6, hardware releases, new video initiatives, and in-depth reviews of large experiences, it’s been an extremely busy few weeks.

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Defining a Successful VR Application Use


Last week we talked about how to measure ROI on a VR experience. This week, we’re going to look at a related topic: how do you measure what is a successful VR use by a person? That is the fundamental goal of why we build VR, so it’s important to quantify and track.

UploadVR’s Review Guidelines For Games, Apps, Hardware, And More


This is a refreshed version of our review guidelines. Previously we only gave scores to games and verbal verdicts for other content and hardware. Now, we’re adopting a single five-point scale that will encompass all future reviews at UploadVR. For reference, here is the old scale. Virtual reality became a consumer-grade technology several years ago and things are looking more exciting now than ever before.

Can Virtual Reality Stop Sexual Harassment Before It Starts?


Combatting sexual harassment in the workplace is no easy feat. This pervasive form of violence continues to affect the lives of women around the world. However, virtual reality might be able to change this.

The Latest in British Immersive Content Goes on Display at CreativeXR Showcase and Market

Peter Graham

At the start of the year, Digital Catapult in conjunction with Arts Council England launched the second CreativeXR programme to foster new and upcoming immersive talent, helping fund their prototypes.

Gearing Up for VR Days, with festival director Benjamin de Wit

XR for Business Podcast

Regular listeners know that folks like Alan and his guests attend a number of XR-related conventions, events, and symposia. Well, one -- VR Days in Amsterdam -- is right around the corner! Alan has founder and festival director Benjamin de Wit on to talk a little bit about what there will be to see -- and what attendees can expect to take away -- from this this year's shindig. Complete Transcript Coming Soon].


New Speakers & Sessions Confirmed for AWE 2019

Peter Graham

There’s just over a week to go until the European leg of the Augmented World Expo (AWE) 2019, offering a chance for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) professionals from around the world to get together, share ideas, and test the latest immersive technologies. As the event details are finalised AWE EU 2019 has confirmed a new bunch of companies and speakers attending, plus the topics they’ll be discussing. . Image credit: AWE USA 2019.

The Age of Smart Information is Now, with Microsoft Garage Envisioneer Mike Pell

XR for Business Podcast

It wasn't long ago that the concept of having a personal relationship with computers was the stuff of science fiction -- everything from HAL 9000 to V'Ger posited a far-out future when that would start to happen. Well, according to Mike Pell -- author of THE AGE OF SMART INFORMATION -- that time is now. Complete Transcript Coming Soon].

Exclusive: Pistol Whip’s First Full Level Gameplay Video


If you were already excited for Cloudhead’s Pistol Whip the video on this page may make the next few weeks excruciating ahead of its release on Nov. Not sure what the game is actually like to play? On the fence? Wondering if it can really make you feel like you’re in an action sequence from a movie?

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VeeR’s First Immersive Cinema: A Success for Location-Based VR


As many of you will know, it has been a busy summer for the VeeR team, with the Sandbox Immersive Festival (SIF) wrapping up its second year and our exclusive online extension bringing SIF’s magic to VR fans around the world.