Tue.Jan 29, 2019

Visit the Ancient Rome in VR with Rome Reborn

The Ghost Howls

Do you have a passion for ancient history and virtual reality? Then Rome Reborn is for sure a project you should look into. Rome Reborn is an amazing project that goes on since 22 years ago (yikes!) with the purpose of creating a digital reconstruction of ancient Rome.

Poppy Makes You Question Reality In RYOT’s Latest AR Piece


One of music’s strangest acts invades Sundance with an even stranger AR experience. It’s fitting that YouTube darling Poppy is at the center of an interactive AR piece that ends with you questioning your own reality.

Out-of-home VR Destination Sandbox VR Closes $68M Series A Financing

Road to VR

The big investment deals that brought so many VR companies into the limelight have cooled down somewhat over the past two years, although that hasn’t stopped the Hong Kong-born VR destination company Sandbox VR from landing a $68 million Series A funding round.

WellTown Is A VR Experience Built For An Entire City


New Zealand’s capital has transformed into an interactive VR city in hopes of enticing tourists and potential residents.

Disney to Develop New “Top Secret” VR Short Film Following Success of ‘Cycles’

Road to VR

Walt Disney Animation Studios has approved another “top secret” VR short after the apparent success of Cycles (2018) , the studio’s first foray into VR short films. The next project is slated to be directed by Jeff Gipson, the director behind Cycles, CNET reports.

Free Creed: Rise To Glory Rocky Legends Update Adds Classic Characters


Rocky is one of my favorite film franchises. The story or an underdog rising to the top and overcoming challenges in personal and professional life, failing, and eventually redemption across a whole saga of films is great and boxing is an excellent backdrop to the drama.

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WellTown Turns Wellington New Zeland Into A VR City With Games


You no longer need to spend roughly one billion hours on a plane to get to New Zeland. WellTown takes you there in an instant using VR. Launching today on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, WellTown turns the New Zealand city of Wellington into a VR landscape.

Classic ‘Rocky’ Universe Characters Come to ‘CREED: Rise to Glory’ in Latest Update

Road to VR

CREED: Rise to Glory (2018), the VR boxing game from Survios that puts you in the shoes of Adonis Creed, just got a new update on all supported platforms that brings a number of classic Rocky characters to the game.

Gaming 194

How Media Molecule’s Dreams Builds, Plays And Changes The Game


People are going to make outlandish claims about Dreams. They’re going to say it’s a strange, unwieldy beast that was born from a wild imagination. And it’s true that Dreams is vast, impressive and bursting with potential. But if you have even a passing knowledge of VR, you’ll know that Media Molecule’s latest shares at least a little of its DNA with the likes of Tilt Brush, Quill and Medium. Crucially, though, Dreams promises a big step beyond those platforms.

Gaming 217

The legends of the ROCKY franchise now live in free CREED: Rise to Glory update

Cats and VR

If you ever dreamed of fighting or putting on the gloves as the Italian Stallion himself, CREED: Rise to Glory brings some of the most legendary figures of the ROCKY franchise to the game’s Freeplay and PvP roster across all VR platforms in its latest free content update.

Oculus 218

Beat Saber Expert Plus PSVR Coming This Week ‘Probably’, Looks Insane


Beat Saber Expert Plus PSVR support is landing this week (probably), and it looks insane. Expert Plus is the game’s hardest difficulty yet. PC players have been enjoying the mode since last year but it’s taken some time to get it over to PSVR. No doubt the difference in tracking systems between PC VR and PSVR has given developer Beat Games some tweaks to make. Beat Saber legend @ruirize stopped by at our office to test Expert+ for PS VR.

Top 5 Apps for the Merge Cube


It might seem like I’m late to the Merge Cube party posting an article in 2019. These little augmented reality (or mixed reality if you prefer) cubes have become quite the edtech sensation in the last six months and I’ve never really mentioned them here on VirtualiTeach.

Disney Is Making Another ‘Top Secret’ VR Film, May Use Existing Characters


Walt Disney’s first real VR animation, Cycles, won’t be its last. Cnet reports that Disney is working on another “top secret” VR short film. Word comes by way of Cycles director Jeff Gipson, who will also direct the new project. Cycles is on display this week at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival in Utah. The piece will apparently be three to five minutes long.