Sun.Mar 29, 2020

Guest Editorial: We Need To Talk About The Ethics Of VR Now, Before It’s Too Late


Last year, while on stage giving my TEDx Talk on the immortalising power of VR, I found myself saying this: “Imagine if, ten years after her death, I could relive the memory of my grandma teaching me how to waltz in her living room?

How Location-Based VR Is Finally Breaking Out Of Its Box


A “location-first” mentality is leading to a whole new wave of location-based immersive entertainment. Strictly speaking, all experiences are location-based (save for the ones we have in our dreams and even then technically they’re bed-based).

The VR Job Hub: Twisted Pixel Games, Manus VR & Drifter Entertainment

Peter Graham

The virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) industries are wonderfully diverse when it comes to the job roles available, always looking to hire the best talent to work on exciting projects.