Tue.Mar 31, 2020

Lies Beneath Review: Surviving Stylish Horrors


Lies Beneath is an action-packed single-player survival horror game published by Oculus Studios and developed by Drifter Entertainment, the same team behind PC VR co-op shooter Gunheart and Robo Recall: Unplugged on Quest. Read our full Lies Beneath review below for more!

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9 ‘Half-Life: Alyx’ Mods We’d Love to See

Road to VR

Half-Life: Alyx has only been out for a week now, but many who have finished the game are already itching for more.

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HTC Announces $549 Headset-Only Cosmos Elite (With Free Alyx)


Two weeks ago, HTC launched its Vive Cosmos Elite headset at $899. This week, its revealing some cheaper alternatives. The full Cosmos Elite kit comes with the headset , the SteamVR tracking faceplate, two SteamVR 1.0 base stations and Vive wands controllers.

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HTC to Sell Cosmos Elite Headset Separate from Controllers & Base Stations

Road to VR

HTC announced that it will begin selling a headset-only package of Cosmos Elite priced at $550. Though Cosmos Elite became available last month, it was only sold in a package that included controllers and base stations for $900.

Several Oculus Quest Titles Discounted In ‘The Great Indoors’ Store Sale


Facebook’s Oculus is running a new sale on the Oculus Store for the Oculus Quest titles, aptly-named ‘ The Great Indoors Sale ‘ In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, Oculus is recommending and discounting a variety of Quest titles that will help you get through isolation and social distancing over the next few weeks and months.

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New Oculus TV Series Shines A Light On The Transgender Community


Oculus releases ‘Authentically Us’ in celebration of International Transgender Day of Visibility. Just three months into 2020 and Oculus TV is already crushing it with its selection of captivating 360 and VR180 content.

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VR Grapple Shooter SWARM Swings Its Way Onto Headsets This Summer


Spider-Man meets classic Centipede in this arcade-style VR shooter. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from games like Windlands and the Spider-Man: Far From Home Virtual Reality Experience , it’s just how fun swinging in VR can be when done right.

Niantic Acquires 3D Spatial Mapping Company 6D.ai


Niantic, the company behind the world-scale mobile AR games Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, is acquiring 3D spatial mapping company 6D.ai. According to Niantic CEO and Founder John Hanke, the acquisition will allow Niantic to “ leverage 6D.ai’s

Virtual Battlegrounds’ Steam Early Access Launch Lands Early April

Peter Graham

Just over a year ago, VRFocus reported on indie developer CyberDream and its battle royale title Virtual Battlegrounds , expected to arrive that spring. That didn’t happen, seeing a number of delays in the process.

VR Launch Title Headmaster Getting ‘Lost Lessons’ DLC, Physical Release


Nearly four years on from its launch on PSVR (and subsequent releases on PC VR), Headmaster is getting its first DLC. Called The Lost Lessons, the DLC will be arriving on all platforms this April.

Niantic Acquires Spatial Mapping Startup 6D.ai

Charlie Fink

A machine readable 1:1 digital copy of the world, anchored exactly to it, might be the most valuable asset in computing


Grapple Shooter Swarm Coming to Oculus Quest and PC VR Headsets Summer 2020

Peter Graham

Grapple mechanics aren’t often used in virtual reality (VR) as they can be tricky to pull off comfortably, the most well known being Psytec Games’ Windlands series.

What does a pandemic say about the tech we’ve built?

TechCrunch VR

There’s a joke* being reshared on chat apps that takes the form of a multiple-choice question — asking who’s the leading force in workplace digital transformation? The red-lined punchline is not the CEO or CTO, but: C) COVID-19.

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Vive Cosmos Elite to be Sold Headset-Only for $549

Peter Graham

A couple of weeks ago HTC Vive launched the first kit in the lineup of Vive Cosmos mods being release in 2020, the Vive Cosmos Elite. That full kit including SteamVR trackers and controllers retails for £899 GBP ($899 USD).

EON Reality Announces New Self-Directed Learning Initiative to Drive Engagement in Online Education

EON Reality

The new inverted classroom structure helps students become topical experts.

Training Solution Specialist Strivr Completes $30 million Funding Round

Peter Graham

Originally a virtual reality (VR) training solutions provider for sports teams, Strivr has since expanded its focus towards the enterprise markets, now partnering with companies including BMW, Fidelity, JetBlue, Verizon and Walmart.

How to activate Oculus Quest’s Multiwindow Browser, Passthrough Shortcut, and New Home UI (+ review)

The Ghost Howls

Last week, Oculus has distributed a very interesting v15 Runtime update for the Oculus Quest , bringing with it some very interesting features like: Multiwindow Browser A complete overhaul of the Home Menu UI Fast-activated passthrough.

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Lies Beneath Out Today for Oculus Quest, 10min Gameplay Video Inside

Peter Graham

Now is most certainly the season for new titles on Oculus Quest with Down the Rabbit Hole , The Room VR: A Dark Matter and Covert arriving.

Niantic Acquires 6d.ai

AR Insider

Niantic announced today that it’s acquiring 6D.ai. Drivers and synergies include 6D.ai’s spatial mapping and AR-cloud building technology, which align well with Niantic’s own “planet-scale” AR ambitions.

PlayStation VR’s Final Assault Port Will Bring More Players But Significantly Alter Strategies

Peter Graham

Today sees Phaser Lock Interactive launch its real-time strategy (RTS) title Final Assault for PlayStation VR, offering cross-platform multiplayer gaming with its PC-based brethren.

How Big is the VR Market Today?

AR Insider

This post is adapted from ARtillery Intelligence’s report, Spatial Computing: 2019 Lessons, 2020 Outlook. It includes some of its data and takeaways. More can be previewed here and subscribe for the full report.

Onsight AR Collaboration Platform Offered for Free to Companies Impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic has already caused major disruption in all the industries across the globe and might continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Many governments imposed total or partial lockdowns, meaning that people must stay at home, with a few exceptions.

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Leaks and Rumors on Future VR and AR Devices Emerge

VR Tech News

While we may be dealing with some serious life issues around the world right now, there is still plenty happening in the world of VR and AR. Most recently, some leaks and rumors have surfaced, centering around new hardware from both Oculus/Facebook and Apple.

Making AR Focals Functional and Fashionable, with North’s Stefan Alexander

XR for Business Podcast

Making any sort of head-mounted AR display has been a challenge, both on the technology front, and from an adaptation standpoint. But Stefan Alexander from North challenged himself even further - by making them look chic, to boot. Alan: Hey, everyone. Alan Smithson here, with the XR for Business podcast. Today, we're speaking with Stefan Alexander, vice president of Advanced R&D for North, the company this created Focals, the world's first consumer AR glasses.

Future Pop: Step Into Alex’s Sci-Fi World on Oculus TV


Step away from everyday reality and into someplace entirely new in Alex’s Sci-Fi World. A new collaboration between artists Alex Steven Martin and Matt Schaefer

VR for Good Series ‘Authentically Us’ Brings Trans* Visibility to Oculus TV


It’s International Transgender Day of Visibility, and we’re honoring the occasion with the release of Authentically Us on Oculus TV for Oculus Quest

Celebrating Women in VR: Q&A with Autumn Taylor


As Women’s History Month comes to a close, we caught up with Owlchemy Labs Marketing Director and Protector of the Brand™ Autumn Taylor


Survive Supernatural Horrors in ‘Lies Beneath,’ Now Available on Oculus Quest


Lies Beneath, the latest release from Drifter Entertainment, will give even the bravest players a case of the willies. Like any top-shelf work of horror