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Half-Life: Alyx full review: the first true AAA VR game

The Ghost Howls

Yesterday, I finally finished Half-Life: Alyx. It has been a very long ride, and I had a lot of fun. I am now ready to write you a full review of this game. Some days ago, I have written a first impressions article on this game, and it made some people unhappy because I somewhat criticized this game.

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Google’s Tilt Brush Surprise Launches On PSVR… In Japan


Surprise! Google’s popular Tilt Brush VR creation platform is finally available on PSVR. Well, at least in Japan it is. Trailers and tweets from PlayStation’s Japanese arm confirm that the app is now out on Sony’s headset in the region.

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Diorama-style AR Detective Game ‘Glimt’ Arrives on Magic Leap 1, Trailer Here

Road to VR

Resolution Games, the studio behind Acron: Attack of the Squirrels (2019) and Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs (2019) , today launched their latest game on Magic Leap 1. Called Glimt: The Vanishing at the Grand Starlight Hotel , the detective game arrives today on Magic Leap World for free.

Half-Life: Alyx — Jeff & Pantomimers Vs. Optimizers — Our Full Valve Interview


Half-Life: Alyx marks the long awaited return of one of gaming’s most popular franchise. It’s also intended as a showcase of VR, one of the first truly AAA titles for the fledgling platform, which Valve hopes will sell more headsets. No pressure, right? Getting Alyx right was essential.

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Let’s Talk About The Earth-Shattering Finale Of Half-Life: Alyx


Warning: major Half-Life: Alyx spoilers ahead. Every so often you come across a game you just can’t help but obsess over. Just 20 minutes into Half-Life: Alyx and I could tell Valve’s ambitious prequel/sequel hybrid is one of these games.

Manus Polygon Mixes Full VR Body And Hand-Tracking For Multiplayer Use


Manus, the VR company that offers enterprise-level hand-tracking solutions, this week revealed a new full-body tracking solution to complement its existing offerings. Called Manus Polygon, the system works using Vive Tracker pucks.

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Campaign DLC Now Available For Arizona Sunshine On Oculus Quest


The ‘Dead Man’ campaign DLC is now available for the Oculus Quest.

Unlocking the Magic of XR With Your Voice

Tech Trends VR

Should you ever be in any doubt over the truth of Arthur C. Clarke’s Third Law (the one that states that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic), just try a HoloLens 2 experience where you can just tell holograms what to do.

Future of Valve VR, Next Gen HP Headset & Huge New Releases! – VRecap


Welcome to another swift roundup of the week’s top VR stories, releases and more! You can probably already guess the direction this episode is going to take, but we’ve got more than just Half-Life: Alyx to talk about.

Review: The Room VR: A Dark Matter

Peter Graham

In 2012 Fireproof Games launched the first in an award-winning series of puzzle titles for mobile devices called The Room.

Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Adds ‘Bread Crabs’ And ‘Oberwurst’ In Half-Life 2 Parody Update


If you’re looking for something to play after finishing Half-Life: Alyx , physics playground Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades now includes a new mode that’s inspired by Half-Life 2. For those of you unfamiliar, the game better known as H3VR from RUST LTD.

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5 Dos and Don’ts of Using Augmented Reality With Direct Mail


As augmented reality moves out of an app and into an app-less experience more and more companies are utilizing this technology to provide more information in tight spots, like direct mail. Direct mail is confined to its corners but often people want more information about the offer.

Future of Valve VR, Next Gen HP Headset & Huge New Releases! – VRecap


The post Future of Valve VR, Next Gen HP Headset & Huge New Releases! – VRecap appeared first on UploadVR.


Competition: Win Yourself a Copy of The Room VR: A Dark Matter on Steam

Peter Graham

What a week of virtual reality (VR) videogame releases it has been. First, there was Valve’s Half-Life: Alyx which has pretty much stolen the show, then there was Paper Beast for PlayStation VR and let’s not forget Down the Rabbit Hole.

The AR Show: Practicing the 5 C’s of AR Commerce

AR Insider

This article features the latest episode of The AR Show. Based on a new collaboration, episode coverage joins AR Insider’s editorial flow including narrative insights and audio. See past and future episodes here or subscribe. Guests’ opinions are their own.

Ironlights Dated for April, Features Cross-play & Cross-buy

Peter Graham

Last month virtual reality (VR) indie developer E McNeill achieved Kickstarter success for his duelling combat title Ironlights. Today, the developer has announced the multiplatform launch date will be taking place next month whilst confirming several key features.

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This Week In XR: Googling Sansar’s New Owner, Nreal Builds A Factory, Day 12 Of Captivity

Charlie Fink

There is nothing to do but read, the news, write, poke around social VR, and play games

Get Creative on PlayStation VR With Painting App Tilt Brush

Peter Graham

When you think of creativity in virtual reality (VR) one app that’s surely going to come to mind is Google’s Tilt Brush. Originally released back in 2016 for HTC Vive, the app has made it to most VR headsets including Oculus Quest in 2019 but PlayStation VR was always notably left out.

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‘The Slow Mo Guys VR’ Brings Scientific Showmanship to Oculus TV on Quest


With over 13M YouTube subscribers, The Slow Mo Guys know a thing or two about entertaining an audience. And today, they’re bringing their unique brand

Nreal Plans for Major Growth With One Million Unit Capable Optics Factory

Peter Graham

Back when tech events were still taking place, mixed reality (MR) glasses manufacturer Nreal took its latest model – the Neal Light – to CES 2020, showcasing a lightweight device in a stylish form factor.

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Behind the Scenes of ‘B-Team,’ Part 1 of 3


B-Team launched on Oculus Quest this week, and to celebrate, Twisted Pixel Games is taking readers behind the scenes of this arcade action-adventure game in

Oculus Picks: Blast into Space with 6 Adventures on Quest


This week on Oculus Picks, we’re traveling far from home and exploring the depths of space. There’s a lot to see and do for every