Wed.Jan 15, 2020

Firefox Reality VR Web Browser Officially Heading To Pico Neo 2 VR Headsets


Mozilla partners with Pico in the hopes of bringing new innovations to enterprise VR.

Snapchat Turns Real World into AR Scavenger Hunt with Nearly Instant Object Recognition

Next Reality AR

While Snapchat is no stranger to location-based AR scavenger hunts, the app's new world-facing game adds some environmental understanding to the mix. This week, Snapchat launched a new Snappables game dubbed Scavenger Hunt.

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10 Best VR Puzzle Games And Experiences For All Headsets


Perhaps one of the most common genres found in the myriad of VR games is the humble puzzle game. With such an immersive platform that carries huge interactive potential, puzzle games are an instant fit for VR.

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‘Darknet’ Dev Fuses Physics-based VR Combat & Turn-based Strategy in ‘Ironlights’

Road to VR

E McNeill, the developer behind VR strategy games Darknet (2015), Tactera (2016), and Astraeus (2018), is launching a new VR title soon that aims to bring a strategic bend to the melee combat genre.

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Doctor Who: Edge Of Time Launches On Quest January 23, Alongside Index Support


Developers Maze Theory confirmed that Doctor Who: The Edge of Time is on track for a January 23rd release on the Oculus Quest. A patch for the PC VR version of the game will also be issued that adds support for the Valve Index, which was missing at launch.

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Here’s 10 Minutes Of Eclipse PSVR Gameplay, Dev ‘Looking Into Move Support’


Good news everyone; White Elk Studios’ excellent atmospheric adventure, Eclipse: Edge of Light, is finally available on PSVR and PC VR headsets. For those that don’t know, Eclipse is a narrative-driven exploration game that casts players as a strandee on an uncharted planet.

Is the Virtual Office AR’s (eventual) Killer App?

AR Insider

“Trendline” is AR Insider’s series that examines trends and events in spatial computing, and their strategic implications. For an indexed library of spatial computing insights, data, reports and multimedia, subscribe to ARtillery PRO.

Rejected By Facebook, Crisis Vrigade Becomes SideQuest’s Most Downloaded Oculus Quest App


Seven months ago, Crisis VRigade developer Sumalab claimed its game had been rejected by Facebook’s console-like curation policy and kept from official release on Oculus Quest. Today, sideloading platform SideQuest revealed the game had passed 50,000 downloads for the headset. The SideQuest software allows you to download and install content for Quest that’s not available on Facebook’s official store. At 50,000 downloads, Crisis VRigade is SideQuest’s most-downloaded app.

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It’s Alien Bug Central in Fight or Flight VR’s First Gameplay Trailer

Peter Graham

Indie developers are the lifeblood of the virtual reality (VR) industry, passionately creating new content and testing the limits of what the technology can do.

Thrill Of The Fight Dev: Quest Hand Tracking Not ‘Capable Enough’ For Boxing


Ian Fitz, the independent VR developer behind popular VR boxing simulator, Thrill of the Fight, stated in an email to a Reddit user that even though his game designed to theoretically work well without controllers, it would not be getting support for Quest hand-tracking due to the device’s current limitations. Thrill of the Fight is a very active and very intense VR game that pits players against AI-controlled opponents in boxing rings.

CES 2020 Interview: Peeking Into Panasonic’s VR Eyeglasses

Peter Graham

So was CES 2020 amazing for the virtual reality (VR) industry? There was some interesting tech shown but there wasn’t a lot of truly standout advancements.

A Comprehensive Review of 2019 and 2020 VR Headsets


With the new year upon us, let’s take a look at the VR headsets that caught our attention in 2019. It’s been a busy year for VR, and we have a lot to work with. VR headsets are just the tip of the XR iceberg.

Lenovo Puts Education Front and Centre With VR Classroom 2

Peter Graham

Supporting educational use cases for virtual reality (VR) is becoming an important addition for plenty of companies working in this space, from small developers like Schell Games with HoloLAB Champions or HistoryMaker VR to a 50-foot rocket ship for the SpaceBuzz programme.

Realities 360 Explores XR in Learning

AR Insider

As a media outlet, AR Insider frequently partners with industry events, which involves cross promotion ( terms are here ). No money changes hands for editorial coverage such as this post. Disclosure and ethics policy can be seen here. One of XR’s proposed beneficiaries is the world of education.

Live from VRX, with XR Ignite's Alan Smithson

XR for Business Podcast

Regular listeners will know that podcast host Alan Smithson is no stranger to the conference circuit, and is often asked to present or speak at the big XR expos. In a special episode of XR for Business, you'll get to hear Alan in his element, as we present his opening remarks at this year's VRX Conference. Well, thank you guys for joining. Again, welcome to the Blue Room at VRX 2019. My name's Alan Smithson, and we're gonna be talking today about the transformation of education using XR.

Enjoy Some Survios Deals With These PlayStation VR Bundles

Peter Graham

LA-based virtual reality (VR) developer Survios has quite the lineup of videogames under its belt, being one of the earliest teams to see decent success with Raw Data back in 2016. Since then the studio has released titles covering a range of genres from sport to music and vehicular combat.

2019 Owatch Annual Dinner Party

Steki Amusement

Guangzhou Steki Amusement (Owatch VR) hold its annual dinner party on Jan. 11 th , 2020. It was a night to remember and let’s review the grand occasion of it. Owatch New Year Party. Owatch GM Steven. Owatch Vice GM Andy. Owatch Export Sales Manager Wendy. Owatch Export Sales Eva. Owatch Export Sales Ken. Owatch Export Sales Anna. Owatch Export Department. Owatch Production Department. Owatch Technical Department. We also had invited some of our business partners to attend our party.


Preview: Scraper: Gauntlet – Dynamic Shooting Range Action

Peter Graham

Labrodex Studios is a developer which enjoys experimenting with both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology – especially when it comes to dogs. Last year the studio released its first VR experience in the form of Scraper: First Strike , a first-person shooter (FPS) that’s a little underrated. Rather than make a sequel the studio has gone off on a little tangent and created Scraper: Gauntlet, another FPS set in the same universe offering a different gameplay experience.