Wed.Dec 04, 2019

Microsoft's HoloLens 2 Makes Primetime Debut on Fox TV Show 'The Resident'

Next Reality AR

The HoloLens 2 hasn't even reached most of the market, but it's already a big-time TV star. Microsoft's augmented reality device made its primetime debut on FOX TV last night on an episode of the hospital drama The Resident.

The NEWVIEW AWARDS Announce Finalists For Achievements In VR Design


The winner will be announced at the NEWVIEW AWARDS show on Dec. 15 at Shibuya PARCO in Tokyo, Japan. A half-year in the making, the NEWVIEW AWARDS show is less than two weeks away.

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VRSkater Is A VR Skateboarding Game That Looks Like It Might Work


Move over Tony Hawk: Ride (for anyone that remembers that tragic mess); there’s a new immersive skateboarding game in town. And VRSkater looks like it could be quite good. Our stomachs churn just at the very thought of a VR skateboarding game, but Deficit Games is bravely taking on the task.

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VIVEPORT Wireless VR Streaming Beta Now Available On Vive Focus Plus & Vive Wave


PC VR streaming arrives on standalone Vive headsets, no wires necessary. Wireless PC VR streaming is nothing new.

Facebook Partners With St Jude Children’s Research Hospital For New VR Experience


Facebook’s Oculus partnered with St.

Oculus 207

HTC Launches Viveport PC Streaming for Vive Focus Plus

Road to VR

HTC today announced that it’s released support for 5Ghz WiFi streaming for Vive Focus Plus, as well as all 6DOF standalone headsets supporting the Vive Wave platform.

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The 10 Best Oculus Rift Games of 2019

Road to VR

It’s been three years since the major consumer VR headsets came onto the scene, with Oculus Rift leading the charge back in March 2016.

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Stunning New Paper Beast Trailer Shows New Environment


It can be quite easy to lose yourself in the visual oddities of Pixel Reef’s Paper Beast. That’s especially true in this new trailer, which debuted at our Holiday VR Showcase last week.

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4 Inventive Examples of Virtual Reality in Education


Let’s suppose your kids like learning about planets and space. How would you like it if they had a chance to go on a field trip to Mars? Chances are you would think that the idea is crazy. No one’s ever been to the Red Planet because, well, it’s extremely inhospitable to life.

HTC Vive Focus Plus Standalone Gets Wireless PC VR Streaming Beta


HTC just launched a beta for wirelessly streaming VR PC content to its own standalone headset, Vive Focus Plus, following on from the launch of Oculus Link last month.

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Wowed By Wowcube

Charlie Fink

This electronic twist on the Rubik's Cube breathes new life into a beloved old game. And it still has that satisfying click

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YUR Releases Early Access Desktop App For PC VR Calorie Tracking


YUR (“why you are”) is releasing a desktop app for PC VR via Steam today , which aims to track your calories and workouts across any PC VR game. The application, available on Steam , can display a realtime overlay on any game with fitness and workout stats including calories burned.

ARtillery Briefs, Episode 33: VR Revenue Outlook

AR Insider

ARtillery Briefs is a video series that outlines the top trends we’re tracking, including takeaways from recent reports and market forecasts. See the most recent episode below, including narrative takeaways and embedded video.

It Looks Like Beat Saber Won’t Get Cross-Buy Post-Facebook Acquisition


Last week’s news that Facebook was acquiring Beat Saber came with a bunch of questions. Many of them we’ve answered, but there’s one lingering query on everyone’s mind: will Beat Saber cross-buy support happen? It doesn’t appear so. Beat Saber Cross-Buy Support In Question. We asked Beat Saber and Oculus on Twitter last week and never heard back.

Shorter Than a Goldfish - Capturing Mankind's Ever-Shrinking Attention Span with XR, featuring Oncor Reality's David Sime

XR for Business Podcast

If a picture's worth a thousand words, then a video is worth millions! That's David Sime's philosophy, anyway; he's marrying online video marketing to XR technology, to reach people's gaze -- in a world with increasingly more competition for their attention -- with Oncor Reality. Alan: Welcome to the XR for Business Podcast with your host, Alan Smithson. Today's guest is David Sime, founder and technical director of Oncor Reality.

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IAAPA 2019 LBVR Part Three: Vehicle Simulations, VR Coasters & Other XR Surprises

Charlie Fink

In this the conclusion of our three part series on the amusement show, we're stretching the definition of VR to include other immersive attractions

Viveport PC Streaming Comes to Vive Focus Plus in Beta

Peter Graham

In the summer HTC Vive announced at ChinaJoy that it would be launching a new service called Viveport Streaming , allowing users of its standalone headset Vive Focus Plus to access PC VR content without the need for wires.

Eco-Friendly Businesses Are Using Augmented Reality, Here’s Why.


In an age where consumers are holding businesses to a higher standard of environmental consciousness, we unpack how AR is giving big business the tools they need to become eco-conscious and successful

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Perform Death Defying Leaps on PlayStation VR & Steam With Ski Jumping Pro VR

Peter Graham

When it comes to Olympic sports all of them require time, dedication and training. When it comes to danger, however, there are some which outclass the rest, with ski jumping one of the more notable disciplines.

5 Things we learned from DevLearn 2019


Fresh from a busy week at DevLearn 2019 (one of the biggest learning, training and development conferences in the world) I wanted to reflect on my time in Las Vegas and share my learnings with the ZapWorks community on how L&D professionals can best use AR to build long-term success within their training programs.

Shadow Legend VR is Coming to PlayStation VR January 2020

Peter Graham

Indie virtual reality (VR) developer VitruviusVR has released two titles to date, 2016’s cute role-playing game (RPG) Mervils: A VR Adventure and the far more serious Shadow Legend VR. The latter arrived for PC VR headsets back in March.

UK Game Charts Indicate a Bumper Black Friday Weekend for PlayStation VR

Peter Graham

It isn’t often that VRFocus reports on virtual reality (VR) videogames making the UK charts with the last time being Blood & Truth which hit the number one spot back in May.

Preview: Radial-G: Proteus – Tubular Racing at Its Most Intense

Peter Graham

Tammeka Games’ racing title Radial-G: Racing Revolved has been around as long as VRFocus has, having first previewed the videogame way back in 2014. The futuristic title set on tubular tracks had its official launch in 2016 for PC virtual reality (VR) headsets followed by PlayStation VR in 2017. Indie publisher Things3D has now reinvigorated the franchise for Oculus Quest, with Radial-G: Proteus, offering new visuals but the same frantic gameplay.