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Experimental Physics VR Game Boneworks Launches December 10th, New Gameplay Footage


Stress Level Zero’s highly-anticipate physics-based shooter arrives next month on PC VR headsets.

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Boneworks Set For Release On December 10, New Gameplay Trailer


The highly anticipated action adventure VR game Boneworks from Stress Level Zero is scheduled for release on December 10, 2019. Boneworks has been in ongoing development this year with Q4 being the target until now. Back in October, the game reached a state that made it playable from start to finish.

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Microsoft Launches HoloLens 2 for Enterprise Customers

Road to VR

Microsoft today announced that its latest AR headset, HoloLens 2, is finally shipping. The headset can be purchased directly for $3,500 or rented for $125 per month. Microsoft announced HoloLens 2 back in February and has started selling the headset today.

After Many Years Of Delays, The Roto VR Chair Is Now Shipping To Customers


After many years of delays, the Roto VR chair has began shipping to customers. . The chair provides seated VR users with a way to smoothly and automatically rotate, while avoiding tangling cords around the chair unit itself, alongside a wealth of other features. .

Stress Level Zero’s ‘Boneworks’ to Launch in December, New Gameplay Video Here

Road to VR

Boneworks , Stress Level Zero’s upcoming physics-based shooter, now has an official release date, which was revealed in a brand new gameplay video that shows off more of its creepy, but oddly familiar atmosphere.

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Solve Adventure Puzzles In Upcoming VR Game Eye Of The Temple


Eye of the Temple is an Indiana Jones-esque VR game that sees you solve puzzles using just your physical body, a whip, and a torch – and frankly, what else would you need when exploring a treacherous ancient temple? We originally covered the game when it was first unveiled early last year.

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Contagion VR: Outbreak Finally Sets PSVR Release Date


It’s been a long wait, but we finally have a PSVR release date for Contagion VR: Outbreak. Developer Monochrome just confirmed that the console version of its zombie shooter will be launching on November 12th. That’s next week!

XR Talks: Adobe Lowers AR Creation Barriers

AR Insider

XR Talks is a series that features the best presentations and educational videos from the XR universe. It includes embedded video, as well as narrative analysis and top takeaways. Speakers’ opinions are their own. For a deeper indexed and searchable archive, subscribe to ARtillery PRO.

In-VR Interview: Denny Unger, CEO Cloudhead Games


The post In-VR Interview: Denny Unger, CEO Cloudhead Games appeared first on UploadVR. Video videos

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Save the Human Race at Dave & Buster’s in Terminator: Guardian of Fate

Peter Graham

It’s movie tie-in time again. Earlier this week VRFocus reported on Sony Pictures Virtual Reality (SPVR) and The VOID revealing Jumanji: Reverse the Curse to coincide with the theatrical release of Jumanji: The Next Level.

5 Ways To Play Pistol Whip Using Modifiers Like Deadeye And Dual Wield


Pistol Whip is out now and Cloudhead’s new game is garnering extremely strong reviews. Some players, however, are finding it difficult to find their groove with the game. So we’ve got some tips that can help.

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VR MOBA Cradle of Sins Aims for Kickstarter Success

Peter Graham

There aren’t many MOBA virtual reality (VR) titles on the market – PlayStation VR’s Megalith and Dark Eclipse come to mind – so when a new one appears on the horizon it generally catches VRFocus eye.

The VR Download EP5: Echo Arena Quest, HoloLens 2, Used Vives, Killer Apps w/ Pistol Whip CEO


The post The VR Download EP5: Echo Arena Quest, HoloLens 2, Used Vives, Killer Apps w/ Pistol Whip CEO appeared first on UploadVR. Video videos

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The VR Game Launch Roundup: Ping Pong, Pets & Police Boxes

Peter Graham

VRFocus kicks off the run-up to Christmas with a list of hotly anticipated new virtual reality (VR) titles being released for various headsets over the course of the next week. Make sure to check out our accompanying YouTube video for a preview of each videogame.

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Boneworks Imminent, Hololens 2 Shipping & Win Box VR On PSVR || VRecap


Does it smell like Friday to you? It does to us. That can only mean one thing; it’s time for the VRecap. This week brings a host of virtual and augmented delights all wrapped up in pretty bows.

This Week In XR: Wolves In the Walls, The Vitality Of Enterprise XR, AR Activations

Charlie Fink

Continued vitality seen across the interactive spectrum


Beat Saber Continues Its Reign As Number One In October PlayStation Store Charts


To the surprise of no one, Beat Saber is once again the number one top selling PlayStation VR game in the October PlayStation Store charts, in both the United States and Europe. Will Beat Saber ever be knocked out of the monthly top 10 best selling PSVR games on the PlayStation Store charts?

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Rush VR Developer to Launch Mini Motor Racing X on PlayStation VR

Peter Graham

Known for popular titles like the adrenaline-packed Rush VR and the sharp-shooting Gun Club VR, developer The Binary Mill has announced that its next virtual reality (VR) release will be a PlayStation VR exclusive, Mini Motor Racing X.

Honey, I Shrunk the XR, with MEL Science's Kai Liang

XR for Business Podcast

Chemistry is a tough subject. You could memorize the periodic table left and right, but it can still be hard to actually picture what's going on at the microscopic level when atoms collide. Director of Business Development for MEL Science, Kai Liang, says that's the beauty of their VR chemistry kits - it brings the learner down to the atomic scale to see it for themselves. Alan: Welcome to the XR for Business Podcast with your host, Alan Smithson. Today's guest is Kai Liang.

Japanese Puzzler Tale of the Fragmented Star Gets Spring 2020 Release Window

Peter Graham

Just over a year ago, Japanese developer ForgeVision released Tale of the Fragmented Star: Single Fragment Version for headsets including Oculus Rift and HTC Vive – PlayStation VR version followed in 2019. This was a prologue of sorts, introducing players to this fantasy puzzle universe.

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Battlewake to get a Retail Launch for PlayStation VR in December

Peter Graham

PlayStation VR owners are the only virtual reality (VR) gamers who can buy videogames as a physical copy, which is great for those collectors out there.

How Virtual Reality Takes Art to the Next Level


Virtual reality is an immersive technology that takes its users on a three-dimensional journey. It’s making waves in nearly every other industry, including the world of art. The marriage of technology and art has enabled artists to create all-new experiences for enthusiasts.