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Coca-Cola Opens a Can of Augmented Reality to Get Consumers into the Holiday Spirit

Next Reality AR

Halloween is barely in the rearview mirror, but Coca-Cola is ready to bypass Thanksgiving altogether to accelerate the arrival of Christmas, and the brand has enlisted augmented reality as an accomplice.

Beat Saber Rocket League Music Pack DLC Tipped For Release


It looks like the upcoming Beat Saber announcement that was recently teased for November 7th is a new music pack in partnership with Rocket League developer, Psyonix, and music label Monstercat.

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HoloLens & Augmented Reality Spiders Used in Univ. Study to Treat Arachnophobia

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Halloween may be finished, but the augmented reality chills are not over yet for some people. Arachnophobes are bravely facing their fears by cozying up to augmented reality spiders for a university study.

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SteamVR 1.8 Automatically Selects Audio, Improves Vive Cosmos Support


An update to Valve’s SteamVR rolls out a number of long-awaited changes including the way the software handles audio.

The Top 20 Best Rated and Most Rated Oculus Rift Games & Apps

Road to VR

While Oculus doesn’t offer much publicly in the way of understanding how well individual apps are performing across its VR storefronts, it’s possible to glean some insight by looking at apps relative to each other. Here’s a snapshot of the top 20 Oculus Rift games and apps.

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Making Cities AReady

Tech Trends VR

By Moetsi. With Sturfee’s AR cloud technology just out of stealth mode, Tech Trends spoke to the company’s CEO, Anil Cheriyadat, and Head of Business Operations & Partnerships, Sheng Huang, about their exciting new tech and what it’s going to take to digitize the world.

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SideQuest Now Offers Custom Synth Riders Maps On Quest


It’s only been a few days since the rhythm game Synth Riders made its debut on the Quest but, low and behold, popular sideloading app SideQuest is already offering a way for users to easily install custom songs on the Quest version of the game.

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Rumor: Apple Reportedly Partners With Valve to Develop AR Headset

Road to VR

Apple is developing an AR headset; so much is clear from its many AR-specific job listings and even its latest version of iOS, which includes a stereoscopic renderer.

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Mobile AR Game Minecraft Earth Is Now Available In The United Kingdom


Death, taxes and Minecraft Earth launch countries – that’s what it feels like lately, with new launch countries for the mobile AR game popping up every few days. This time, it’s the United Kingdom’s turn to get building. Tea, crumpets – and now also Minecraft Earth!

Oculus Founder’s Defense Company Could Make Software for Battlefield-ready AR Headsets

Road to VR

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey left Facebook in 2017 to found his own defense technology company, Anduril Industries.

HTC Now Selling Used Vives For The Same Price As A New Rift S


HTC is now selling “certified pre-owned” first generation Vives for $399, the same price as a new Oculus Rift S. This is the original HTC Vive which first released in April 2016 for $799 new. In 2017 it was reduced to $599, and finally to $499 in 2018.

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Step Into the Jungle When The VOID Opens Jumanji: Reverse the Curse This Month

Peter Graham

Next month will see the theatrical release of Jumanji: The Next Level in cinemas worldwide. To help promote the new film Sony Pictures Virtual Reality (SPVR) has teamed up with location-based entertainment (LBE) specialist The VOID on an immersive experience called Jumanji: Reverse the Curse.

Payday 2 and StarVR Owner Starbreeze: VR ‘Has Been Defined As Non-Core’


Payday 2 developers Starbreeze underwent some major restructuring and changes to the company over the last year. In a Steam post , Starbreeze CEO Mikael Nermark wrote about the company’s current standing and their plan for future Payday 2 content.

Sturfee Begins Large Scale AR Cloud Deployment in Japan, Offers Tools Worldwide

Charlie Fink

Founder Anil Cheriyadat told us the name Sturfee was an anagram of street + surfing

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Roto VR Chair Begins Shipping to Pre-Order Customers This Week

Peter Graham

Remember Roto VR , the company building a chair specifically designed for virtual reality (VR)? Well, after an unsuccessful Kickstarter in 2015 pre-orders began in 2016 with shipments expecting to go out in 2017.

How Will ‘Audio AR’ Be Monetized?

AR Insider

This post is adapted from ARtillery Intelligence’s latest report, Hearables: Broadening the Definition of AR. It includes some of its data and takeaways. More can be previewed here and subscribe for the full report.

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HTC Vive Pre-owned Systems now Available for $399

Peter Graham

When it comes to virtual reality (VR) HTC hasn’t had the best 2019. Its main rival Facebook launched the Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S earlier this year for $399, then last month saw the release of HTC Vive Cosmos, which as everyone knows didn’t go very well.

#844 XR Ethics: An XR Ethics Manifesto

Voices of VR

This is an XR Ethics Manifesto that I presented at Greenlight’s XR Strategy Conference on October 18, 2019. This is the culmination of seven focused. Podcast Archive

November Until You Fall Update Adds New Locations, Enemies and Weapons

Peter Graham

Schell Games released its latest virtual reality (VR) title Until You Fall back in August via Steam Early Access – followed by Oculus Store in October – and since then rolled out a couple of patches.

#841 XR Ethics: Ethical Web Principles from the W3C Technical Architecture Group

Voices of VR

The W3C Technical Architecture Group (TAG) published a set of Ethical Web Principles on May 30, 2019 in order to provide an ethical framework when. Podcast Archive

Audica Leaves Early Access, Adds Campaign Mode & PlayStation VR Support

Peter Graham

After its first foray into virtual reality (VR) with Rock Band VR in 2017, Harmonix returned earlier this year with Audica , blending shooting mechanics with rhythm action gameplay. Today, the title has left Early Access, bringing with it new content and expanded headset support. . Audica 1.0 sees the addition of a dedicated campaign mode where you can play through the entire soundtrack across four tiers, each offering several challenges to complete.

#833 XR Ethics: Open AR Cloud Panel Discussion on XR Privacy

Voices of VR

Open AR Cloud held it’s first symposium before the start of Augmented World Expo this year, and I participated on a panel discussion on XR. Podcast Archive


Is Beat Saber Coming To The Nintendo Switch?


A vague Twitter response has many wondering if the rhythm slasher could be heading to the portable console. Last week Beat Games posted a mysterious tweet featuring a GIF of a Beat Saber block whipping rapidly back-and-forth accompanied by the message “NOVEMBER 7.”

#834 XR Ethics: Eye Tracking Privacy Risks + HoloLens History with Avi Bar-Zeev

Voices of VR

Avi Bar-Zeev has been involved with immersive technologies for over 27 years, including working on the very first prototypes of Microsoft’s HoloLens back in 2010. Podcast Archive

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#839 XR Ethics: The Challenges of Privacy Engineering with Diane Hosfelt

Voices of VR

Mozilla’s Diane Hosfelt is the Privacy and Security Lead on Mozilla’s Mixed Reality Team, and I had a chance to sit down with her again. Podcast Archive


Introducing Machu Picchu, a New Experience Coming Soon to ‘National Geographic Explore VR’


Since we introduced National Geographic Explore VR for Oculus Quest this Spring, fans have navigated around icebergs in a kayak, climbed a massive ice shelf

#840 XR Ethics: Privacy-First Architecture for the Open Web

Voices of VR

Selena Deckelmann is the Senior Director of Firefox Browser Engineering, and she gave a great talk at Mozilla’s View Source conference titled “Our privacy and. Podcast Archive

Introducing ‘Audica 1.0,’ Now Available on the Rift Platform


When Audica launched in Early Access back in March 2019, Road to VR highlighted its “satisfying musical mechanics.” Since then, Harmonix has updated the game

#832 XR Ethics: SXSW Panel on XR Ethics

Voices of VR

For the past seven months, I’ve been investigating the topic of ethics in XR by participating on a number of panel discussions, conducting interviews, and. Podcast Archive


#843 XR Ethics: Tony Parisi on Unity’s XR Ad Strategy + Future of AR Ads

Voices of VR

Tony Parisi is the Head of AR/VR Ad Strategy at Unity Technologies, and he’s committing to taking an ethical approach to advertising. Much of the. Podcast Archive