Sat.Oct 12, 2019

OC6 Interview: Taking a Death Lap With OZWE Games

Peter Graham

Oculus Connect 6 (OC6) may have been a couple of weeks ago but VRFocus has one last interview from the event.

A Letter to VeeR Users: A Look at the Future


2016 brought about the first year of VR, and it was also the year VeeR first met with all of you. Since then, our mission has always been to bring you the best immersive entertainment in VR through focusing on the development, distribution, and realization of high-quality content.

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Take on the Universe in Arcade Shooter Galactic Rangers VR This Autumn

Peter Graham

Last month indie developer DGMA released its first virtual reality (VR) title in the form of Let’s Go! Skiing VR , allowing players to race down snow-covered mountains.

Students Develop VR Massage Parlor To Train Police How To Identify Sex Trafficking


The low-cost training solution could assist law enforcement in preventing sex crimes. According to a study made public last year by the International Labour Organization, there were 5,147 cases of human trafficking reported in 2018 alone, 3,718 of which directly connected to sex trafficking.