Fri.Sep 06, 2019

Valve Developer to Talk About Secretive ‘Flagship VR Title’ at DigiPen Next Week

Road to VR

When it comes to game development, Valve is probably one of the most notorious of black boxes; there’s still no telling what the studio has in store for its promised three ‘full-length’ VR titles, let alone the one planned to launch later this year.

Oculus Unity Integration Update Promises Lower Touch Controller Latency


The latest update to the Oculus Unity Integration adds a feature which should reduce the latency between real world and in-VR controller position by around 10ms, according to Facebook. Unity is the engine powering the majority of VR games.

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Here’s What 100 Hours of VR Drum Practice Gets You

Road to VR

Virtual reality drumming app Paradiddle recently accepted submissions for VR drummers to show off their skills. One drummer, who says they’ve never played drums in the real world, submitted a killer cover of ‘Assassin’ by MUSE.

Hands-On With Tilt Five, The Consumer-Grade Tabletop AR Gaming Platform


Tilt Five ( official website ) is an upcoming consumer-grade AR platform that aims to bring tabletop gaming to life right before your eyes. We tried it out for ourselves at PAX West last weekend. Have you ever wanted to see your game of Dungeons & Dragons come alive on the table?

Björk Releases ‘Vulnicura Virtual Reality Album’, A Collection of Immersive Music Videos

Road to VR

The perennially avant-garde singer-songwriter Björk has brought her entire 2015 album, Vulnicura , to virtual reality.

VRChat Raises $10 Million In Latest Investment Round


Social VR platform VRChat raised yet more money in a Series C round of funding. The platform, which allows both VR and non-VR users to meet up online, announced $10 million in financing yesterday. Makers Fund invested in the platform for the first time, joining the likes of HTC and Brightstone VC.

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Onward Update Finally Re-Adds All Maps, And A New One


VR tactical shooter Onward ( Steam page here ) released an update this week re-adding three maps which were previously removed during a major graphics overhaul. It also adds a new map, new map variants, and introduces some major optimizations. Maps Are Back.

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Valve Programmer Set To Talk About Flagship VR Title As Rumors Swirl Regarding Half-Life


Kerry Davis’ guest talk at DigiPen will touch upon his most recent work on the companies first VR title.

Poker VR Finally Plays Its Hand On Oculus Quest Soon


Another poker game is on its way to Oculus Quest. This time its Poker VR.

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AltspaceVR to launch on Oculus Quest on September 12th

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Popular virtual events platform, AltspaceVR will officially be launching on Facebook’s Oculus Quest on September 12, 2019.

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Dance Central VR Finally Gets Fitness Tracker


Harmonix’s Dance Central VR is one of the best ways to stay fit with a headset on. That’s as true as it’s ever been with this week’s free update. Dance Central VR just got an excellent new addition; a fitness tracker.

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Cyberpunk World Low-Fi Achieves Kickstarter Funding Goal in 4 Days

Peter Graham

It’s been another successful week for virtual reality (VR) projects on crowd-funding platform Kickstarter. Yesterday VRFocus reported on VRGO Mini hitting its target and today cyberpunk adventure Low-Fi has done the same, soaring past $60,000 CAD in only four days.

Falcon Age PC VR Impressions: Just As Bright And Charming As PSVR


When Falcon Age ( PSVR Review: 7/10 ) originally launched in April it brought an accommodating and fun adventure to the PSVR and now today it hits PC VR headsets via the Epic Games Store. While it had its technical missteps, it’s attractive falconry mechanics and colorful visuals shone through.

SKonec’s LBVR Shooter Battle Arena: Mortal Blitz Offers Thrilling PvP Combat

Peter Graham

Korean developer SKonec Entertainment has a long and varied history in virtual reality (VR) development, having released first-person shooter (FPS) Mortal Blitz VR for Samsung Gear VR back in 2015.

Online VR RPG Nostos Latest Beta Test Includes Two Hours Of Story Content


Open-world online VR RPG Nostos is currently holding a four-day long Beta Test featuring cross-play between both VR and non-VR PC players until September 9th and it will include lots of new things that weren’t in the previous test.

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Last Labyrinth to Offer Special PlayStation VR Demo at Tokyo Game Show

Peter Graham

The annual Tokyo Game Show (TGS) will return next week with Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia (SIEJA) having a big presence at the event for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR. Japanese developer Amata K.K.

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Nostos Livestream: Open-World Online VR RPG Beta Test


Curious about how we livestream the way we do? Then look no further than this handy guide for general tips and this guide specific to our Oculus Quest setup. For today we’re playing the Beta Test for upcoming online VR RPG Nostos.

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Should You Buy the Oculus Go or Oculus Quest?


Before the Oculus Quest launched this summer, we wrote up a preview of the VR headset. The article could be summed up like this: for businesses serious about incorporating VR into their workplaces, the Quest is a great fit.

Rec Room Stunt Runner Gameplay (All Platforms)


The post Rec Room Stunt Runner Gameplay (All Platforms) appeared first on UploadVR. Video

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Esqapes VR Massage Center’s Digital Spa Dismantles Stress With Sensory Tech


Esqapes VR Massage Center in Los Angeles. Esqapes VR Massage Center is an oasis that everyone should experience! So many of us have neck pain from staring down at the phone. Or we have back pain from bad posture when we sit or stand for long periods.

Dance Central VR Fitness Update (Harmonix) – Rift, Quest


The post Dance Central VR Fitness Update (Harmonix) – Rift, Quest appeared first on UploadVR. Video

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Lenovo Mirage AR Relaunched With MARVEL Dimension of Heroes

Peter Graham

Remember the Lenovo Mirage AR headset from 2017 and the only videogame available for it, Star Wars : Jedi Challenges ? If you didn’t drop £250 GBP on the device then possibly not, as it was a bit of a one-trick pony.

Ubisoft AAA VR Game, Half-Live VR Code, Win Skyworld Quest! – VRecap


Happy September! Yes, 2019 is beginning to wind down (11o days until Christmas!), but there’s still plenty of VR news to sift through. This week’s VRecap is filled with updates on games already released, already announced and, well some games that aren’t announced but we basically know all about. For example! Ubisoft is hiring lots and lots of senior positions for an unannounced AAA VR game. Not only that, but it’s apparently based on one of its existing franchises, too.

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The AR Show: End-User Focus Will Win AR

AR Insider

This article features the latest episode of The AR Show. Based on a new collaboration, episode coverage now joins AR Insider’s editorial flow including narrative insights and audio. See past and future episodes here or subscribe.

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This Week In XR: Puma AR Activation, Mad Gaze Kickstarter Goes Wild, BeBop Haptic Gloves, AT&T Brings XR To Football

Charlie Fink

Another busy week with mobile XR leading the way

Digital Vandalism, in the Name of Feminism - XR News for September 4, 2019

XR for Business Podcast

Tired of waiting for the US treasury to put a female face on the $20? Because you'll probably be waiting a while yet!) Google's got you covered, or rather, your cash: they've developed an AR app to put Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. That's just one of the interesting bits of XR news Alan has in store for this week's news update.

Sympathy for the Devil: Behind the Scenes of ‘Hotel R’n’R’


Dubbed “a frantic new smash ’em up” by UploadVR and a slice of “chaotic rock star mayhem” by Destructoid, Hotel R’n’R lets you play as


Volumetrically Capturing Authentic Digital Actors, with Metastage's Christina Heller

XR for Business Podcast

Even with all the advancements in CG animation, it can't capture that distinctly lifelike essence that a real human exudes. But XR can capture that essence -- volumetrically. Metastage CEO Christina Heller drops by to discuss the process of transcribing the aura of a person into XR space. Alan: I have a really special guest today; Christina Heller, the CEO of Metastage. Metastage is an XR studio that puts real performances into AR and VR through volumetric capture.

PAX West Recap: Photos, Panels, and Pins


We’re back from an amazing time at PAX West, which ran August 30 – September 2 in Seattle. Today, we’re sharing a quick look at