Wed.Aug 14, 2019

No Man’s Sky VR Suffers Major Performance Problems On PC


No Man’s Sky added much-anticipated VR support to PC and PS VR today. Many users, however, across all PC VR headsets are reporting performance-related problems with the game.

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Nate Mitchell is the Final Oculus Co-founder to Leave Facebook

Road to VR

Nate Mitchell, Facebook’s Head of VR Product, and the last of Oculus’ co-founders, has announced that he’s leaving the company.

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Facebook Patents Reveal Deep Research On True Haptic VR Gloves


Multiple patents awarded to Facebook this year suggest the company is researching a range of technologies which could enable force feedback gloves for VR. Gloves may be the ultimate goal for VR input.

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Relive Past Memories As Location-Based AR Experiences With ReplayAR


AR technology turns your smartphone into a personal time machine.

No Man’s Sky: The First 14 Minutes Of Gameplay On PSVR


It’s here! No Man’s Sky Beyond is live! At least it is on PSVR… in Europe. We’re expecting Hello Games’ mammoth VR update to roll out across the day. That said, the PSVR update has gone live a little sooner than we expected on PS4.

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YouTube Unleashes First AR Makeup Try-On Tool with Mac Cosmetics

Next Reality AR

While Modiface, YouCam, and others have been playing in the virtual make-up marketing pool for a while, here comes Google ready to splash down with a cannonball.

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Massive No Man’s Sky: Beyond Update Is Now Live With Free VR Support


The wait is finally over: Hello Games just officially released the Beyond Update for No Man’s Sky which includes a massively overhauled multiplayer infrastructure, tons of new features and game mechanics, a multiplayer “Nexus” hub, and, most importantly, complete VR support.

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British Airways will give you VR for in-flight entertainment


Commercial virtual reality has, so far, mostly manifested itself in the living rooms of people with lots of disposable income. But British Airways is hopping on a VR bandwagon that could actually be pretty useful.

Project Cars Is Coming To VR Arcades With SynthesisVR


Don’t have the PC to power Project Cars in VR? No worries; it’s on its way to VR arcades. Slightly Mad Studios is bringing the B2B version of its popular racing series, Project Cars Pro, to location-based VR installations through SynthesisVR.

The Ghost Howls turns 3! Join my WebVR yacht party!

The Ghost Howls

August, 15th 2016. The date of my first post. A pretty bad post with a bad title and a bad image. August, 15th 2019. Nothing much has changed: I still write bad posts, with terrible long headlines and bad images. But now, the blog is three years old, and I have more VR friends!

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Time Stall Review: Physics Fun For Oculus Quest


I’d stop short of calling Time Stall a puzzle game. True, there’s a certain degree of brain teasing in each of its eight levels, but the solution is almost always to push incoming projectiles out of the way.

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Kmart Partners with OmniVirt for AR Ad Campaign in Australia


Augmented reality and advertising have already proven that they work together splendidly. And the latest proof in this respect comes from furniture producer Kmart. The company partnered with immersive advertising agency OmniVirt to create a programmatic AR ad campaign.

Sword Swinging VR Game Until You Fall Gets Early Access Launch Trailer


It’s not long until you’ll get to sink your blades into Until You Fall. Until then, though, you can enjoy this launch trailer for the game. This footage tells you much more about Schell Games’ latest than the first trailer did.

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The Secret To Snap's Success

Charlie Fink

Snap represents the first consumer augmented reality application to go mainstream

Until You Fall: Early Access Gameplay Trailer (Aug. 27 Release)


The post Until You Fall: Early Access Gameplay Trailer (Aug. 27 Release) appeared first on UploadVR. Video

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UN Women Moldova and EON Reality Use AVR to Help End Domestic Violence

EON Reality

The three-way partnership will bring Augmented and Virtual Reality training applications to police forces in Moldova and beyond.

Watch: No Man’s Sky VR Gameplay Comparison On PSVR vs. PC VR


We’ve got a length side-by-side gameplay comparison video of the newly released No Man’s Sky VR support to show you from today’s massive Beyond Update. In the video below we’ve put footage of the PSVR version running on a standard PS4 on the left and the PC VR version (via a Valve Index) on the right and we’ve done our best to line up the footage to offer a good comparison.

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Hands On with Apple’s AR[t] Walk

AR Insider

This post originally appeared in CNBC by Kif Leswing. It includes commentary sourced by Leswing from AR Insider’s research arm, ARtillry Intelligence and permission to re-post. You can read the original piece here. .

Firewall Zero Hour: Operation Dark Web Trailer


[link]. The post Firewall Zero Hour: Operation Dark Web Trailer appeared first on UploadVR. Video

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Getting Fit with a VR Toolkit, and Other XR Tips with VRd?j?'s Michael Eichenseer

XR for Business Podcast

We talk a lot about the business use cases of XR on this podcast, but any good business comes with a great fitness plan or exercise room. XR is no different, and VRd?j? founder Michael Eichenseer runs Alan through a few of the cardiovascular benefits to the technology. And that's just the first six minutes! Many other topics are touched on in this episode - virtual writing spaces, remote assistance, spatial learning, his own XR makerspace, and more.

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