Wed.Jul 10, 2019

Report: Facebook Signs Deal for ‘Assassin’s Creed’ & ‘Splinter Cell’ VR Games

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According to a report by The Information , Facebook is allegedly looking to sign more deals with game studios, the result of which aims to bring some high-profile franchises to the Oculus platform.

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Continental Wants To Turn Your Drivers Seat Into A Holographic Cockpit


Glasses-free 3D dashboards could be heading to vehicles as early as 2022. Automotive technology manufacturer Continental has announced a partnership with Silicon Valley-based display technology start-up Leia Inc.

Facebook Exec: ‘Quest Is The End Of Our First Chapter Of VR. What’s Next Is Where Things Really Get Interesting’


Head of VR/AR Design at Facebook, Jon Lax, stated on Twitter that Oculus Quest is “ the end of our first chapter of VR ”, and that “ what’s next is where things really get interesting ”. I appreciate @fredwilson 's measured take on building technology over the long haul.

15 Minutes of ‘Lone Echo II’ Gameplay

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Lone Echo II isn’t due out until 2020, but developer Ready at Dawn recently offered up a glimpse of some of the gameplay to come. Lone Echo II was first announced back in mid 2018, but the first playable demo was just revealed at E3 2019 last month.

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No Man’s Sky Beyond Rating Suggests VR Release Nears


Look, we’re as excited for the No Man’s Sky VR release date as you are. But, no, we don’t know when it’s coming out so we can’t tell you when it’s coming out. The best we can do is guess.

RUMOR: Assassins Creed And Splinter Cell VR In Development


“Two people familiar with the matter” claim Facebook has begun signing exclusive deals with major properties.

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Beat Games CEO Steps Down to Focus on ‘Beat Saber’ Music

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Beat Games, the studio behind Beat Saber (2018), announced that company CEO Jaroslav Beck will be stepping down from his position to further pursue music deals for the studio’s block-slashing rhythm game.

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New Nintendo Switch Lite Is Not Labo VR Compatible


Is the new Nintendo Switch Lite Labo VR compatible? Unfortunately not. Cnet confirms as much in its hands-on article of the just-announced device. As the name suggests, Switch Lite is a smaller, lighter variation of the original Switch.

Watch Those Travel Hours Melt Away in VR Thanks to FlixBus and Inflight VR

Peter Graham

While long-distance plane journeys generally provide passengers with select digital entertainment, films, TV shows, music and even videogames, coach travel hasn’t quite caught up in the same fashion. That’s starting to change, with FlixBus adopting virtual reality (VR) on certain routes.

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Report: Assassin’s Creed VR And Splinter Cell VR Coming Exclusively To Oculus


A new report states that Facebook’s Oculus has signed a deal with Ubisoft for exclusive Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed VR games. The article from The Information cites “two people familiar with the matter” in saying Oculus is looking to outright buy game studios and sign exclusive deals. One of these sources reportedly revealed that the company has already signed deals for Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed in VR.

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Call of the Wild: An Upcoming VR Live Music Performance Created by Sansar and Monstercat


Enjoying music will never be the same after you experience the Call of the Wild VR live music show. This innovative concept brings together the social VR platform Sansar and the electronic music label Monstercat and aims to transform the world of entertainment.

Dement Looks Like An Indie Silent Hill For VR, Coming Soon


Upon first glance, you might think Dement looks like a fairly crusty take on an indie Silent Hill. Then you realize the game is set in the small town of, uh, Quiet Mountain.

Warped Horror Rise of Insanity Coming to PlayStation VR This Week

Peter Graham

PlayStation VR may already have some awesome horror titles such as Resident Evil VII Biohazard or The Exorcist: Legion VR but there’s always room for more.

‘The Maze’ From Two Bit Circus Is A VR Experience In A Real-Life Labyrinth


When travelling to Los Angeles for E3 recently, I also got the chance to check out Two Bit Circus , a modern-day twist on a gaming arcade, that features a variety of VR experiences. Most of the VR experiences on offer put a big emphasis on immersion.

Blood & Truth Dev Sony London Studio now has its own Dedicated Website

Peter Graham

One of the biggest PlayStation VR videogame releases in 2019 occurred at the end of May, with the arrival of Blood & Truth. This was the creation of London Studio, part of Sony Worldwide Studios.

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Stormland Release Window Confirmed For Holiday 2019


Excited for Insomniac’s latest Oculus Rift exclusive? Want to know the Stormland release window ? Then you might want to watch the team’s latest livestream. Insomniac this week hosted an hour-long stream for the anticipated VR game. It wasn’t a straight hour of gameplay as such, more an extended developer preview showcasing various assets and teasing new details. This week’s stream is mainly focused on world-building, an important part of making any VR game.

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Racket: Nx has a Confirmed July Launch Date for Oculus Quest

Peter Graham

Developer One Hamsa announced back in April that its futuristic squash multiplayer Racket: Nx would be coming to Oculus Quest. Today, the studio has confirmed the launch will take place this month, next week in fact, allowing players to engage in some wireless racket action. .

#785: Architecting for Privacy with Mozilla Hubs & the Open Web

Voices of VR

Mozilla Hubs is an open source social VR platform built using open web technologies. You can create your own 3D scenes using their Spoke platform, Podcast Archive

Nintendo Switch Lite Won’t Support the Labo VR Kit

Peter Graham

Today, Nintendo announced a long-rumoured console addition to the Switch family, the Nintendo Switch Lite. This new version sees the company focus the design towards handheld gaming, and as such the overall form factor has now changed. This means that the Nintendo Switch Lite won’t be compatible with the Labo Kit series, so there’s no virtual reality (VR) compatibility.

Facebook Reportedly Signs Deal for Assassin’s Creed & Splinter Cell VR Exclusives

Peter Graham

Securing videogame exclusives can be a ruthless business, seen as a key factor for promoting platforms over rivals. Microsoft has been doing so recently – and making a big shout about it – acquiring The Mage’s Tale developer inXile Entertainment in 2018. The same goes in the world of virtual reality (VR) with Facebook/Oculus funding numerous titles for the platform.