Thu.Jun 13, 2019

HTC To Reveal Vive Cosmos Info Next Week, Image Reveals Headphones


Just yesterday we reported that HTC’s next consumer VR headset, the Vive Cosmos, will launch in Q3 2019. Today, the company has confirmed that it will reveal more release info… next week.

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Every Oculus Quest Announcement Made At E3 2019


VR was a big part of E3 2019. Especially for the Oculus Quest. Oculus Quest owners, rejoice!! E3 2019 was chock-full of big announcements that will surely have a colossal impact on the $5 million worth of Quest headsets currently out in the wild.

Oculus Quest Made $5 Million In Content Sales In 2 Weeks, Facebook Says


Facebook probably isn’t going to tell us how well the Oculus Quest has sold anytime soon, if ever. But it did recently offer one curious metric to measure the kit’s impact.

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My Favorite Part Of E3 2019 Was A VR Nightclub


Getting down and dirty on the show floor with Redpill VR & Sensorium. This years E3 featured no shortage of visually-captivating installations on the show floor.

Star Wars: Vader Immortal Episode 1 Rift Version Launches Next Week


Good news for Rift/Rift S owners that didn’t take the plunge on Oculus Quest. The PC VR version of Star Wars: Vader Immortal Episode 1 hits those headsets next week. Developer ILMxLAB this week confirmed the experience will launch on Rift and Rift S on June 20.

Blippar Bounces Back with Web-Based AR Platform

Next Reality AR

After one of Britain's "Brothers Bling" bought Blippar out of bankruptcy, the mobile augmented reality company is getting back to business with the addition of web-based AR capabilities to its platform.

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Hands-on: ‘Asgard’s Wrath’ Shows Titanic Ambition & Visual Finesse

Road to VR

E3 2019: Falcon Age Is Coming To The Epic Games Store With VR Support


Could this be the first Epic Games Store exclusive to support VR? Outlerloop Games’ delightful bird-based adventure, Falcon Age , is coming to PC VR this summer. The developer broke the news on the Kinda Funny Games E3 Showcase earlier this week.

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Can Augmented Reality Shorten the Learning Curve?


Burgeoning technologies like augmented reality are some of the prime drivers of innovation. AR has the capacity to revolutionize education as well as modern workforce training. Adding interactive digital elements into the real world enables businesses to build a more competent workforce.

Six Years After Adding VR, Lunar Flight Gets Oculus Touch Support


Moon flight simulator Lunar Flight is getting support for Touch controllers, and launching on the Oculus Store. VR Pioneer. Lunar Flight was one of the first full games to add VR support. The game released as a regular PC game on Steam in January 2012.

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Google retires Play Movies and TV app for Daydream VR


Google has quietly retired the Google Play Movies and TV app for its Daydream VR platform, fueling speculation that the company plans to shift away from virtual reality in favor of augmented reality.

UploadVR E3 2019: Best Of Show And People’s Choice VR Game Award


E3 2019 is all but over at this point. We kicked off the week with our massive E3 VR Showcase , a first of its kind deluge of amazing VR game reveals, announcements, and interviews that shined a spotlight on what’s coming over the next several months to VR headsets. And while that was packed full of lots of great stuff, only a fraction of it was actually playable at E3 itself.

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Visiting Sketchfab: an important 3D service for Spatial Computing world

Robert Scoble

Today if you get a Magic Leap or an Oculus Quest you can view millions of different 3D objects and scenes by using Sketchfab’s service.

Introducing Zappar WebAR


Publish AR content directly to the mobile web, no apps required


#771: Indigenous VR & Embodying the Colonial Super Predator with Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun

Voices of VR

Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun is an indigenous artist and painter who created his first VR experience called Inherent Rights, Vision Rights back in 1992. He collaborated. Podcast Archive