Mon.Jun 10, 2019

Oculus should change how it rejects apps for Quest

The Ghost Howls

I’m writing my review on the Oculus Quest (it will be out tomorrow!) and I am so analyzing this headset from all the points of view.

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Google Helps Tell the Story of Stonewall in Augmented Reality

Next Reality AR

Snapchat isn't the only tech company transforming landmarks with augmented reality for Pride Month.

E3 2019: Here’s A First Look At Spaceteam VR’s Zany Co-Op Gameplay


We had a lot of cool games to show at our E3 VR Showcase earlier today. Many of them, though, were single-player. Spaceteam VR is not single-player. It is most certainly not single-player. No, Spaceteam is an adaptation a highly successful mobile game.

Zero-G Sports Game ‘Echo Arena’ is Coming to Oculus Quest

Road to VR

Ready at Dawn’s Echo Games today announced at UploadVR’s E3 VR showcase that Echo Arena (2017) , the zero-G sports game exclusive to Rift, is coming to Oculus Quest.

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Watch Upload’s E3 VR Showcase 2019 Right Here At 9am PT


This is it! The big moment! I think we’re ready. Well, sort of ready; don’t try exporting high-framerate video on an old PC 15 hours before your big showcase. Believe me, you do not want the kind of heart attack that will give you. Anyway, welcome to Upload’s E3 VR Showcase 2019!

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‘Beat Saber’ Gets Imagine Dragons DLC Music Pack, New 360 Game Mode Coming Soon

Road to VR

Beat Games today announced that Beat Saber (2018) just dropped a ten-song DLC music pack featuring the music of Grammy Award-winning rock band Imagine Dragons.

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‘I Expect You to Die’ to Get New Level for Free Soon, Additional Free DLC Planned for Late 2019

Road to VR

Schell Games today announced their hit VR spy puzzle game I Expect You To Die (2017) is getting a new level for free next month.

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E3 2019: Harmonix Announces DLC Plans For Dance Central VR And Audica


During our E3 VR Showcase today Harmonix announced that both its dancing VR game Dance Central and shooter-themed musical rhythm game Audica are getting new DLC releases. For Dance Central the new DLC features include an official fitness app to track calories burned while playing and stats over time.

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Vive Cosmos Release Date Confirmed for Q3, Dev Kits Now Heading to Developers

Road to VR

Following mostly silence about the headset from the company after the reveal in January, HTC has confirmed that Vive Cosmos is due to launch in Q3. Vive Cosmos dev kits are now on their way to developers.

E3 VR Showcase Roundup: Everything Announced For Oculus Quest, PlayStation VR, Valve Index, And More


Earlier today we hosted the first ever E3 VR Showcase , featuring over 30 VR titles including totally new game announcements, DLC and content updates for current games, ports to Oculus Quest, and new gameplay for hotly anticipated upcoming titles.

‘Arizona Sunshine’ Studio Reveals Co-op VR Shooter ‘After the Fall’, Teaser Trailer Here

Road to VR

Vertigo Games, the studio behind Arizona Sunshine (2016) , today announced a new co-op VR shooter that promises to bring up to four co-op players into what the studio calls “a vast, hostile world.”

E3 2019: Ready At Dawn Is Bringing Echo Arena To Quest


Ready At Dawn announced today it is bringing its Echo Arena multiplayer to Oculus Quest “in all its glory.”. During UploadVR’s E3 VR showcase, RAD CEO and creative director ?Ru

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‘Lone Echo II’ Release Date Delayed to Q1 2020

Road to VR

One of the most anticipated Oculus exclusives, Lone Echo II , has been delayed from 2019 to Q1 2020.

E3 2019: Watch First Gameplay Of The Walking Dead: Onslaught VR From Survios


Today during our first-ever E3 VR Showcase Survios debuted gameplay of its upcoming VR game, The Walking Dead: Onslaught , based on the hit AMC show.

Zombie Shooter ‘Arizona Sunshine’ Coming to Quest, ‘The Damned’ DLC Gets New Footage & Release Date

Road to VR

Arizona Sunshine , one of VR’s early acclaimed titles, will debut on Oculus Quest later this year, developer Vertigo Games announced. The studio is touting its upcoming ‘The Damned’ DLC as being the game’s largest mission to date, and has confirmed an August release date.

E3 2019: Hot Dogs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades Update Adds Original Guns From Valve’s Team Fortress 2


A major new addition coming this month to popular single-player PC VR simulation game Hot Dogs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades is inspired by Team Fortress 2 and officially sanctioned by Valve Corporation. H3VR’s developers at RUST LTD.

E3 2019: Beat Saber Meets Superhot VR In Cloudhead Games’ Pistol Whip


Dodge bullets and shoot down waves of bad guys to a killer beat. UploadVR saved the best for last during today’s E3 VR Showcase, capping off their coverage with the announcement of Pistol Whip , a new VR shoot-em-up that’s equal parts bullet hell and endless runner.

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E3 2019: Fresh Boneworks Footage Showcases New Enemy Type


We couldn’t let our E3 VR Showcase come and go without a quick look at one of our most anticipated PC VR titles. So here’s some fresh footage of Stress Level Zero’s Boneworks. If you hadn’t heard, Boneworks is a hugely promising physics-driven first-person shooter (FPS).

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Survios Reveals First ‘Walking Dead Onslaught’ Gameplay Footage

Road to VR

Survios today revealed the first public gameplay footage of their upcoming shooter The Walking Dead Onslaught, showing off some of the mechanics in action that aim to immerse players in the show’s zombie-infested world.

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E3 2019: VR Couch Party Game ACRON: Attack Of The Squirrels! Launches This Summer


Take on the role of a thieving squirrel in this cross-platform multiplayer experience. Resolution Games ( Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs, Bait!,

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E3 2019: Pistol Whip Is A Beat Saber/Superhot-Inspired VR Shooter From Cloudhead Games


Keanu Reeves may be coming to Cyberpunk 2077 but there’s only one game at E3 this year that will make you actually feel like John Wick. That game is Pistol Whip from Cloudhead Games. Pistol Whip closed out our first ever E3 VR Showcase today.

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VR Stealth Action Game ‘Espire 1’ Set for August Release, Also Coming to Quest & PSVR

Road to VR

After years in development, VR stealth action game Espire 1 has a release date set for August. Developer Digital Lode confirmed that the game will be available on Rift, Vive, Index, PSVR, Windows VR, and Quest.

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E3 2019: Physical Releases Planned For Golem, Angry Birds Movie 2 And More From Perp Games


Publisher Perp Games is planning physical releases for a series of VR games. The company announced during the E3 VR showcase The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure will be released in a physical edition later this year.

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‘Budget Cuts’ Sequel to Arrive on SteamVR Headsets This Year, Trailer Here

Road to VR

Neat Corporation today announced at UploadVR’s E3 VR showcase that they’ve partnered with Fast Travel Games to create a sequel to their VR stealth game Budget Cuts (2018). Called Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency, the game is said to arrive on SteamVR headsets sometime in 2019.

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E3 2019: New Gameplay For Survios VR Pirate Ship Game Battlewake


Survios today showed off some new gameplay for their upcoming high seas pirate combat VR game Battlewake: Each major Survios original game so far has used a novel locomotion system to push the boundaries of VR gameplay.

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E3 2019: Budget Cuts 2 Announced, Arrives Later This Year


New levels, new gadgets, new possibilities. Neat Corporation , the developer behind Budget Cuts , has announced a sequel to its popular satirical stealth-based VR adventure experience as part of a new partnership with Fast Travel Games.

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Sling TV Now Supports Multi-User Watching On Oculus Go


Sling TV on Oculus TV now supports multi-user watching. That means if you and your friends are Sling TV subscribers, you should be able to watch the service together in VR from anywhere, using Oculus Go headsets. Sling TV is a streaming based TV service available on many platforms.

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‘Pistol Whip’ Action Rhythm Shooter Announced by Cloudhead Games

Road to VR

Cloudhead Games , the studio behind The Gallery and Aperture Hand Labs , has revealed Pistol Whip.

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E3 2019: Vertigo Games Reveals VR Shooter, After The Fall


After The Fall is the next big VR title from Vertigo Games, the developer of Arizona Sunshine. The game was just revealed on our E3 VR Showcase, where members of Vertigo joined us to give more details.

‘Firewall Zero Hour’ Studio Teases Multiplayer VR Shooter ‘Solaris Offworld Combat’

Road to VR

First Contact Entertainment, the studio behind Firewall Zero Hour (2018) and Rom Extraction (2016), teased a new multiplayer shooter today called Solaris Offworld Combat.

E3 2019: I Expect You To Die ‘Seat Of Power’ Mission Coming In July


Schell Games is adding a new spy mission to I Expect You To Die in July. That means one of VR’s best puzzle games is getting better with its sixth mission on July 16.