Thu.May 16, 2019

Magic Leap Acquires Augmented Reality Telepresence Startup Mimesys

Next Reality AR

Just months after we previewed the augmented reality, volumetric video conferencing powers of Mimesys, the company has undergone a major change — it's now a part of Magic Leap.

This Boxing Robot Punches You While You Play VR


Because every immersive experience is better with consequences.

Rec Room On Oculus Quest Exceeds Expectations For Standalone Social VR


Ever since I first cracked open the box of my Oculus Quest review unit a few weeks ago I’ve loved using it daily.

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‘Cosmic Trip’ Studio Unveils Musical Gardening Game ‘Fujii’ for Quest & PC VR

Road to VR

Funktronic Labs , the studio behind funky real-time strategy game Cosmic Trip (2017) , unveiled their next VR project that aims to let you explore fantastic worlds while doing what the team calls “creative gardening.”.

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LensPen Cleaning Tool Helps Make Sure Your VR Lenses Stay Clear


It’s an incredibly frustrating feeling when an immersive VR experience is ruined by a smudge or spec of dust on your optical lens. Instead of reaching for whatever cloth is hanging around and hoping for the best, LensPen is a solution designed to remove blemishes from AR and VR headsets.

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With Room-scale Tracking & No Tether, ‘Racket Fury: Table Tennis’ Feels Great on Quest

Road to VR

Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR has been a solid VR ping pong offering for existing headsets since its release in 2017. The game is confirmed to be launching alongside Oculus Quest, which brings with it some interesting advantages which make for a very compelling VR ping pong experience.

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Tactical Haptics to Open Pre-orders for ‘Reactive Grip’ Dev Kits on May 29th

Road to VR

Tactical Haptics, creators of the ‘Reactive Grip’ controller are due to begin taking dev kit pre-orders on May 29th. Targeting the enterprise and LBE sectors, the company expects pricing to start at $650 per controller, with a release date due in Q4.

Haptic 279

YouTube VR App Confirmed For Oculus Quest


The Oculus Quest standalone VR headset is getting the official YouTube VR app, Facebook and Google confirmed today. YouTube VR will join Job Simulator and Tilt Brush in the Quest launch lineup from Google.

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YouTube VR Available On Oculus Quest At Launch


VR’s best video app will be available on the standalone headset May 21st. Oculus has confirmed Google’s popular YouTube VR app will be available on the Oculus Quest standalone VR headset when it launches this Tuesday, May 21st.

Ready At Dawn Explains How Echo VR Will Work With Oculus Rift S Inside-Out Tracking


Echo VR developer Ready at Dawn explained in a short blog post how the game will work with the inside-out tracked Touch controllers on Oculus Rift S.

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InstaVR Interviews: Antoine Vivet, Founder of Longue-Vue (a division of Manzalab Group)


InstaVR Interviews: Meet the VR Practitioners. InstaVR Interviews is a blog series where we turn the spotlight on our customers. We find out why they create VR, how they use InstaVR, and what the future of VR will look like. To read more interviews, visit the InstaVR Interviews homepage.

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Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown Review – Not Playing Around


The magic of VR has taken us into the far reaches of unexplored space, and the darkest depths of our oceans. The prospect of spending an entire game sitting in front of a table in your aunt’s attic, therefore, may not fill you with boundless excitement. This is no ordinary table.

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Brand New Titles and Top VR Games soon available on Oculus Quest

VR Game Critic

Easy setup, no wires, six degrees of freedom… sadly, wireless VR for console and PC isn’t the norm quiet yet. Fortunately, Oculus Quest is the perfect way to dip your toes into virtual reality without the hassle of wires or the need for a beefy gaming rig.

Rec Room And VRChat Oculus Quest Livestream – Standalone Social VR


Curious about how we livestream the way we do? Then look no further than this handy guide for general tips and this guide specific to our Oculus Quest setup. Greetings!

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#767: THE COLLIDER: Exploring Power Dynamics with Your Body as the Platform

Voices of VR

The Collider is an immersive experience that uses your memories and your body as a platform to explore asymmetrical power dynamics with another person. It’s. Podcast Archive

Fade Out Is A Violence-Free VR Escape Room For HTC Vive


There’s a new VR escape room experience on the horizon. Game development studio PlaySys is taking the lessons learned from developing puzzle game qb and walking simulator Abyssus into their third creation: Fade Out.

HTC 224

Rift Creation Spotlight: Oculus Medium 2.3 on Rift S


We’re excited to announce that our VR Sculpting tool, Oculus Medium, is releasing a 2.3 update and will be available for free when you activate

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I Stopped Playing Red Dead Redemption 2 Because Of VR


Early into my Red Dead Redemption 2 career, I happened upon a woman caught beneath her horse. Not yet having established if I would play saint or sinner, I did the decent thing and helped her to her feet. She then asked if I could give her a ride back home, and I was only too happy to oblige.

The Doctor Is In: BBC Launches ‘Doctor Who: The Runaway’ on Rift in the UK


Step inside the TARDIS and meet The Doctor in an interactive animated experience from the Doctor Who team and the BBC. Doctor Who: The Runaway


Rec Room Plans More Platforms For 2019 As Fans Request iPhone, Android And Switch


Against Gravity’s Rec Room exceeded our expectations for social VR interactions on Oculus Quest, but the Seattle-based startup isn’t stopping there with its roll-out in 2019. Late last year fans of the free-to-play cross-platform social games service requested iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android and Switch as the top platforms they want to see supported in further expansion to Rec Room.