Sun.Mar 17, 2019

Pimax to Launch Ruggedized “8K” VR Headsets for Business This Year

Road to VR

Today Pimax announced it’s introducing a new business-focused ruggedized line of its “8K” series virtual reality headsets, set to release sometime this year.

Japan Using Exercise Bikes & VR Porn To Generate Electricity


Porn-watching citizens are powering Tokyo’s Shibuya district. As we continue to learn more about the the science behind climate change and its catastrophic potential, it’s more important than ever that we continue to pursue cleaner forms of renewable energy.

Editorial: Foveated Rendering Is Essential To Consumer VR’s 2nd Generation


Three years into consumer virtual reality, the technology is still in its first generation. While minor improvements are on the near horizon, there’s a bottleneck holding back a true next generation. That bottleneck is the development of (good) foveated rendering.

Emerging Tech in Emerging Markets

Tech Trends VR

As India’s first-ever Immersive Technology festival wraps up, it highlights how the market for making and consuming technologies such as Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality goes well beyond Silicon Valley.

India 258

Oculus Teases ‘An Announcement Or Two’ Ahead Of GDC 2019


The 2019 Game Developer Conference kicks off tomorrow in San Francisco. We’re expecting some big reveals on the VR side this year, and Oculus appears to be teasing just that. Facebook’s VR team just posted a blog outlining its plans for next week’s show. It’s largely comprised of stuff we already knew about, but there is one tiny tease. Along with new Rift and Quest demos, Oculus says it “may just have an announcement or two” up its sleeves.

Getting Hands-On with the New HoloLens

Tech Trends VR

Microsoft’s new piece of kit doesn’t disappoint, but the real excitement of its MWC announcement goes well beyond the hardware.

I’m going to Vive Ecosystem Conference!

The Ghost Howls

In the last three weeks, you haven’t heard that much from me: I have written very few articles (it’s like two weeks that I don’t write a post on this blog), I have posted very little on social media and I have answered people always with days of delays.