Wed.Jan 09, 2019

AT&T Expands Partnership with Magic Leap to Focus on Enterprise AR, Promises Nationwide 5G by 2020

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With CES in full swing, it seemed like Magic Leap would have little to announce at the major tech event, but it turns out that one of its partners has weighed in with a rather substantial update regarding the company.

New Smartphone-tethered Qualcomm Headset Has 2x the Pixels of Vive Pro

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This week at CES 2019 Qualcomm is showing off a new VR reference headset sporting impressive new displays that may well define the next wave of VR headsets.

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Study Finds Female & Male Students Prefer Different VR Instructors


Boys learn best from a drone, while girls benefited most from a female researcher.

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One of the Biggest Names in Home Fitness is Making a VR Exercise Bike

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CES 2019: 3DRudder On PSVR Turns Your Feet Into An Analog Stick


Despite the success its seen in its two years of life, Sony’s PSVR has a lot of problems.

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AMD Announces 7nm Gaming GPU Radeon VII, Priced at $700 & Launching February 7th

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AMD today unveiled their next gaming GPU, one the company hopes will directly take on NVIDIA’s RTX 2080. Dubbed the AMD Radeon VII, it’s touted as the world’s first 7nm gaming GPU. The AMD Radeon VII is slated to launch on February 7th, 2019 and will be priced at $700.

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Hands-on: Pimax’s Ultrawide “8K” & “5K” Plus See Big Improvements on the Path to Launch

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Last year at CES we took a good long look at Pimax’s “8K” headset and saw potential, but identified a number of key issues that would need addressing before the headsets actually hit the market. This year at CES, our hands-on with Pimax’s latest headsets shows that they’ve made big progress and addressed most of the major issues seen last year.

Oculus Introduces Public Homes & Facebook Livestreaming To The Rift


Better tidy up, you have visitors on the way. Oculus today introduced its Public Homes beta on the Rift platform, allowing users the opportunity to open up their private virtual spaces to hordes of internet strangers.

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CES 2019: Playing Beat Saber On The Pimax 8K Is Pretty Amazing


I have certainly played my fair share of Beat Saber. If you’ve tuned into any of our recent streams over on Twitch you might have caught some of our Beat Saber sessions and I certainly have been known to work up quite a sweat. I’m a huge fan of the game, but one of the issues that I didn’t realize it had until today is the lack of real peripheral vision.

HTC VIVE Pro Eye hands-on: More than just eye-tracking


This week we got the opportunity to try out the newest in innovative VR tech from HTC, the HTC VIVE Pro Eye. This device looks a whole lot like the standard Vive Pro on the outside.

CES 2019: I Got To Hold (But Not Use) The Pimax Knuckles-Like VR Controllers


CES is weird. As a journalist I walk through the doors of the Las Vegas Convention Center always ready to throw heavy amounts of doubt on whatever I’m about to see. The vast majority of products shown at CES never see the light of day and those that do eventually get released in a final form are often nothing like they were when they first appeared at trade shows like this. As a result, there are lots of empty promises and unfulfilled dreams. The VR and AR spaces are no different.

Woman tries VR for the first time and gets a little too immersed


If you die in VR, you die in real life, right? Obviously not — but this video shows that at times virtual reality can get a little too real. Watch what happens when a group attempts to teach their friend how to use VR controls for the first time.

CES 2019: MixCast Moments Is Mixed Reality Filming Without The Editing


Want to make an idiot out of yourself in VR and then humiliate yourself even further online? There’s an app for that. Blueprint Reality today introduced MixCast Moments, an automated process for capturing your time in VR. MixCast 2.0

Oculus Rift rolls out public Homes and Facebook livestreaming


Oculus Rift’s first platform update of the year is rolling into testing today, and it’s bringing a couple of interesting new features along with it. The first allows you to open your Home to any and all visitors who might want to drop in.

CES 2019: AMD Radeon VII Is The First Consumer 7nm GPU, Ships Feb 7 For $699


At CES 2019 AMD just announced the first consumer 7nm graphics card- Radeon VII. It’s slated to ship February 7th for $699. The card’s MSRP is identical to NVIDIA’s RTX 2080 , which AMD is hoping to compete with.

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AMD’s Radeon VII Doesn’t Have A VirtualLink USB-C Port


At CES 2019 today, AMD unveiled their NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 competitor- the Radeon VII. Unlike the RTX card, the Radeon VII will not feature a VirtualLink port. VirtualLink is the new USB-C single cable standard for future PC VR headsets and GPUs. It’s intended to simplify the setup process of PC VR, guarantee compatibility, and allow laptops to easily support VR. AMD is listed as a founding member of the standard, so we were hoping the Radeon VII would feature the port.

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CES 2019: HTC’s Vive Cosmos & Vive Pro Eye Announcement Event Highlights


HTC held a special press event on Monday, just one day before CES officially started. The company announced two new VR headsets, a new VR platform, and a new VR app subscription service. On Monday we livestreamed the presentation. Here are the highlights from that stream, including the major product announcements. Vive Pro Eye. Vive Pro Eye is a refresh of last year’s Vive Pro – adding eye tracking technology.

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