Mon.Nov 05, 2018

Niantic's Ingress Roots Get a Reboot with the Real World Platform

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Ingress, the godfather of location based-AR games developed by Pokémon GO creator Niantic Labs, is getting a new lease on life via Ingress Prime, a reboot of the game built on the Niantic Real World Platform.

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Walmart Deal Brings Lenovo Explorer Headset + Controller Bundle to $180

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Some of the big box retailers have already published their Black Friday deals, but there are still a few to go leading up to the November 23rd sale. But before Black Friday and Cyber Monday even begin, you can get an awesome deal on a new Windows VR headset, including controllers.

Walmart Adds AR Price Check Tool To iOS App


Walmart looks to simplify the price checking process with augmented reality. It’s no secret that Walmart, the biggest retailer in the world, is actively embracing the full potential of AR and VR to keep them ahead of their competition.

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Deracine Review: An Essential VR Oddity From The Creator Of Dark Souls


Long before it became ‘the maker of Dark Souls’, From Software created, among various other RPGs and action games, adventures title like Echo Night.

Déraciné Review – An Exercise in Boredom

Road to VR

Déraciné comes from FromSoftware, the studio best known in the West for its work on the Dark Souls franchise, though it’s also behind a lengtiether list of works including the Armored Core series. Déraciné is the studio’s VR debut, and it shows.

Watch David Attenborough Meet David Attenborough In VR


Hold The World, a brilliant educational VR app from Sky, features some of the best volumetric capture seen in VR today, bringing Sir David Attenborough to digital life. Need proof? Check out just how amazed the real Attenborough was to meet his digital self in the video below.

Virtuix & Funovation Introduce Omniverse VR Esports Arena


The creators of the Omniverse treadmill target VR esports with a new multiplayer location-based arena.

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Oculus Quest vs Vive Focus vs Lenovo Mirage Solo – 6DoF Standalone Specs Showdown


As of the publishing date of this article, there are no standalone headsets on the consumer market with six degrees of freedom (6DoF) controllers. 6DoF is relatively new to standalone VR. HTC was first to deliver it with the China release of its ‘Vive Focus’ in January, and Lenovo were first to bring it to the West, with their ‘Mirage Solo’ headset released in May. While these headsets are 6DoF, their controllers are not.

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Nathan Phail-Liff: Ready At Dawn is excited about the Quest, Echo Combat will come with surprises at launch

The Ghost Howls

Raise your hand if you like Echo Arena and Echo Combat. Imagine me raising mine in this moment). We all love those amazing games, that are developed by a game studio called Ready At Dawn.

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Vive Revealing Enterprise Product News This Thursday


We’ll be in attendance this Thursday for an HTC Vive enterprise-related product announcement. We don’t know anything more than the silicon valley location of the private press event and the promise of hands-on time with whatever is being announced.

Little Planet Makes 360/VR Creation Much More Fun


We are excited to announce our long-awaited new feature on VeeR Editor - Little Planet, which allows you to convert 360 photos into a sphere that looks like a miniature planet. This special effect is trending on Instagram, attracting people who have 360 cameras to create more innovative content.

Google Patents Eye-Tracking System To Read Expressions For VR


Google may one day make our virtual avatars more expressive by tracking our eyes.

Scraper: First Strike Has An E-Book Prequel To Read In-Game


Interested in the world of Labrodex’s Scraper: First Strike ? You’ll learn all about it via a new prequel e-book that you can read from within the game itself.

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Just 20% Of Rift Users Have A ‘Roomscale’ Setup


Earlier this year, Oculus added a ‘Hardware Report’ page to their developer website. Recently, they added a new section reporting how many tracking sensors Rift users have connected to their PC. Interestingly, it shows that 80% have 2 or fewer sensors, while just 20% have the 3 or 4 sensors Oculus requires for ‘roomscale’ setup. The percentages below were captured via screenshot and are accurate as of the time of this publication on November 5th, 2018.

Vive, Windows VR Gain Ground, Rift Shrinks In Latest Steam Hardware Survey


Newer VR headsets like the HTC Vive Pro and Windows VR headsets are the winners in the October Steam Hardware Survey results. HTC’s enhanced VR headset, which Valve started listing on the survey last month , grew from 2.03% to 2.27% of overall VR headset usage following October. That’s not a huge amount but, when you add it to the standard Vive’s total, which grew from 42.36% to 42.7%, HTC is on 44.97%.

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You Can Now Buy And Install Rift Games Remotely From Your Phone


Oculus has released an update to the Oculus mobile app to allow Rift users to remotely install Oculus Store apps on your PC. The app is available for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. To use the feature, simply purchase a game using the app, then tap on the blue ‘Install on PC’ button. The next time your PC is turned on (or if it is already), the requested game will begin downloading.

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Interview: How Archiact Gave Evasion A Transportive Sci-Fi Art Style


Evasion is a sci-fi VR shooter that has a heavy focus on constant movement, lots of enemies and bullets on-screen, and a frantic pace that can be played either solo or with a friend.