Tue.Sep 04, 2018

Original 1992 ‘Wolfenstein 3D’ Now Available In VR


Gaming’s earliest first person shooter makes its way to VR headsets in this lovingly-crafted fan recreation. Did you ever hear the story of 1993’s Wolfenstein 3D Virtual Reality StarterKit 1 ? It’s not a story iD Software would tell you.

Pizza Hut Teams Up with NFL for Scannable Pizza Boxes & Augmented Reality Beanbag Game

Next Reality AR

After parting ways with Papa John's, the National Football League has drafted Pizza Hut as its official pizza purveyor, and the company has hit the field with an augmented reality game to entertain hungry football fans.

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Blasters Of The Universe Dev’s Next Game Is The Mind-Bending Transpose


Blasters of the Universe developer Secret Location is back with its next game, Transpose. Whereas the developer’s debut game brought the bullet hell genre to VR, Transpose takes a new spin on the puzzle genre.

FragmentVR review and how to: an useful utility to see your real world from inside SteamVR

The Ghost Howls

Have you already found yourself inside a virtual reality experience with the willing of having a window open to the real world so to be able to be aware of your surroundings, so to be able to find your keyboard or to keep an eye on your baby? Well, then FragmentVR is the right program for you.

How To 216

‘Dynamic Spanish’ Aims to Teach You Spanish in VR, Kickstarter Now Live

Road to VR

Learning a new language can be intimidating, and while there are plenty of resources out there to help you get a good foundation, there’s nothing quite like touching down in foreign lands and using what you know in front of native speakers.

Spain 189

This Fan-Made Mario VR Project Now Lets You Throw Cappy


The fan-made Mario VR project just added one of the biggest features from the Italian plumber’s most recent outing. Developer nimSony, who also worked on fan-made Sonic and Halo VR apps, recently shared his latest progress on the experience.

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Video: Check Out Gameplay From Trover Saves The Universe


You can get a pretty good sense of what Trover Saves The Universe is like in new gameplay footage released from PAX. The title is coming in 2019 from Squanch Games to both PlayStation VR and PSVR, so you play the game both inside and outside VR.

Video 160

Orpheus Technodelics is Publishing Consciousness-hacking VR Experiences

Road to VR

Sound Self developer Robin Arnott is starting a publishing label named Orpheus Technodelics to curate and distribute consciousness-hacking VR experiences.

Firewall Debuts Just Outside Of UK Top 10 Games Sales Charts


GFK has published its weekly software charts for physical sales of games in the UK over the last seven days and the newly-released Firewall Zero Hour seems to have performed pretty well. The multiplayer shooter, which is exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset, debuted just outside of the top 10 in the 11th spot.

Sony 156

‘Beat Saber’ Developers Working “full-time” on PSVR Version, Slated for Late 2018

Road to VR

Beat Games announced that PlayStation VR users should expect the PSVR version of the hit indie VR rhythm game Beat Saber (2018) to arrive sometime later this year.

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Proze: Prologue Is A Tiny But Curious Glimpse Of A New VR Adventure


Is it just me or do lots of developers struggle with scale in VR? Sure it’s amazing to see massive spaceships and enormous cliffs towering above you for miles beyond, but texture work and lack of focal variation can often make things seem a little awkward.

HTC 150

New ‘Trover Saves the Universe’ Gameplay Video Reveals the Weird & Wild World of Trover

Road to VR

Upcoming action-platformer Trover Saves the Universe is the bizarre and hilarious brain child of Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland. Now you can see for yourself what PS4 and PSVR users will experience in a new demo presented at PAX West this past weekend.

Video 151

Thumper Brings Its Harrowing Sense Of Speed To Oculus Go This Week


The full version of fast-paced rhythm game Thumper is coming to Oculus Go this week for around $10. We reviewed Thumper all the way back in October 2016 for PlayStation VR, rating it 9/10 “Amazing” as it delivers a “ harrowing sense of speed.” ” Thumper has since come to most other platforms, including Switch and iOS. With the game finally coming to Facebook’s Oculus Go standalone VR headset on Sept.

Oculus 128

Viveport, the Netflix of VR games, opens on Oculus today


Much like Xerxes the first, the team behind Viveport are generous gods, and do not want to keep the service to themselves alone. As such, the Viveport subscription service just came to Oculus this morning.

Oculus 127

Zombie Shooter Dead Ground: Arena Leaves Early Access, Sequel Announced


Just in case you hadn’t shot enough zombies recently, we thought we’d let you know Dead Ground: Arena is now out of Early Access. This wave-based shooter, developed by Korean studio VRillAR, just launched its full version across Steam , Oculus Home and Viveport. The game packs seven levels in which you dual-wield guns, fending off hordes of the undead.

Oculus 127

Trans Youth Imagine Their Ideal Future Using Google Tilt Brush


Three transgender individuals use art to express their hopes and dreams via an eye-opening documentary and 360-degree companion piece.

Google 308

Watch UploadVR On Kinda Funny Games Daily Today!


UploadVR is coming to your favorite garbage truck on fire. Yup, that’s right, we’re talking all things VR on Kinda Funny Games Daily today with none other than Greg Miller. Games Editor David Jagneaux will be in the studio at 12pm PT for the full show, which you can watch right here. We can neither confirm nor deny that he is, in fact, the real shirtless Spider-Man. Watch live video from KindaFunnyGames on www.twitch.tv.

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Japan Joins Project North Star


Earlier this summer, we open sourced the design for Project North Star , the world’s most advanced augmented reality R&D platform. Like the first chocolate waterfall outside of Willy Wonka’s factory, now the first North Star-style headsets outside our lab have been born – in Japan.

Japan 59

Pornhub Awards Show is in VR this week

Hypergrid Business

Oasis. Image courtesy Utherverse Digital.). Pornhub Awards Show to bring Virtual Reality to the Masses. Combining live VR streaming and a massively multiuser VR virtual world will deliver two breakthroughs for the premier of the Pornhub Awards Show on September 6, 2018. Vancouver, B.C.