Tue.Nov 12, 2019

Warner Bros. SCOOB! Trailer The First To Come Embedded With YouTube AR Experience


Snap a pose next to an augmented Scooby-Doo directly from your YouTube mobile app. Yesterday, Warner Bros. Pictures released the first global trailer for its interestingly-titled Scooby-doo reboot, SCOOB!

Facebook Will Soon Let You Change Your Oculus Quest’s Home Environment


Oculus Quest owners will be able to choose between virtual home environments “in the coming weeks”, according to Facebook. The Oculus Go , which runs the same operating system as Quest, has offered switchable environments since launch.

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AR Meditation App Helps Calm Veterans Suffering From Trauma


Healium AR’s use of neurofeedback technology could revolutionize anxiety management. After nearly 20 years of hard reporting, television journalist Sarah Hill was at the end of her rope.

Looking Glass Reveals New 8K Holographic Display Monitor


Looking Glass revealed its latest holographic display – the Looking Glass 8K Immersive Display. For those unfamiliar, Looking Glass isn’t traditional AR or VR but provides a method of viewing 3D content without the need for head-worn gear.

Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time review: an experience good for the fans of the serie

The Ghost Howls

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Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time Review: A Few Sonic Screws Short Of A Winner


List off the must-have moments you’d expect from a Doctor Who VR game and The Edge of Time often delivers. There’s that bit where you walk in and out of the Tardis, struggling to get your head around its physics-defying dimensions.

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VR Awards 2019 Round-Up: Quest, Carmack And Vader Win Big


The third annual VR Awards ceremony was held in central London on Monday night , with some of the biggest names in the industry gathering to celebrate and recognize a massive year for virtual reality.

Flow Immersive Comes to Magic Leap

AR Insider

“Trendline” is AR Insider’s series that examines trends and events in spatial computing, and their strategic implications. For an indexed library of spatial computing insights, data, reports and multimedia, subscribe to ARtillery PRO.

Watch Beat Saber Played With ‘Hero Arm’ Prosthetic


People play Beat Saber a lot of different ways but I don’t think we’ve seen someone using a “bionic” arm before. Beat Saber player Joey Durbin posted a video to Twitter showing him wearing the ‘Hero Arm’ prosthetic to play the game.

GDC Tackles XR Tactics in March

AR Insider

As spatial computing (AR & VR) continues to develop ways to accelerate consumer and enterprise adoption, it’s all about gaining knowledge and network. And the timing is right to examine product development and business tactics, given the technology’s early and impressionable phases.

Community Download: What Are Your Most Anticipated Upcoming VR Games?


Community Download is a weekly discussion-focused articles series published (usually) every Monday in which we pose a single, core question to you all, our readers, in the spirit of fostering discussion and debate.

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Instagram’s New AR Features Will Force Brands to Change Strategy


Instagram’s launch of its new AR feature has created a massive opportunity for brands, offering a dynamic new way to advertise and drive e-commerce.

Dave & Buster’s Launch New Terminator: Guardian Of Fate VR Experience


Restaurant and arcade chain Dave & Buster’s launched another new VR experience after the success of their previous VR attractions. The new VR title is called Terminator: Guardian of Fate – a tie-in with the new Terminator: Dark Fate movie.

Apple and Valve Team Up for AR Headset?

VR Tech News

Augmented Reality is in an interesting place. Being VR’s little brother has given AR the benefit of seeing what works and what doesn’t. That being said, there has not been a headset to stand apart from the rest and set a tone for AR as a whole. But if the rumors are true, that might be changing soon.

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Minecraft Earth Impressions: A Magical, Yet Shallow, AR Goldmine


I’ve been a huge Minecraft fan since almost the beginning – I played the alpha that was embedded on the Minecraft site and then the downloadable beta version after that. I remember when the game finally “released” and hit patch 1.0.

Contagion VR: Outbreak Escapes Onto PlayStation VR Today

Peter Graham

Developer Monochrome Inc. launched its zombie survival experience Contagion VR: Outbreak onto Steam Early Access in the summer of 2018, receiving a ‘mostly positive’ response from gamers in the process.

Journey for Elysium Review: Atmospheric But Brief Trip To The Greek Underworld


We embark on our Journey for Elysium with this full review of the recently released atmospheric puzzle game about the Greek underworld. Greek mythology has long since proven to be fertile ground for video games and Mantis Games’ Journey for Elysium is a good example why.

This VR mask will allow you to smell the action — Future Blink


Meet the FeelReal mask. Using nine aroma capsules inserted into the masks, a catalogue of smells can be sprayed at your face. Read more. More about Tech , Mashable Video , Virtual Reality , Vr , and Future Blink. Tech Mashable Video Virtual Reality Vr Future Blink

Minecraft Earth Is Finally Available In The United States


After gradually launching across a few smaller countries in the last few weeks, Minecraft Earth is finally available to download in the United States. While the game is still in early access, anyone in a launch region can download and play the game.

Review: Doctor Who: The Edge of Time

Peter Graham

When big entertainment IP’s are turned into videogames there’s always that hope they’ll capture the magic of the franchise, without completely ruining it – like so many previously have.

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Crytek’s The Climb Teased As ‘Coming Soon’ To Oculus Quest


Crytek’s gorgeous rock-climbing game The Climb is still “coming soon” to the Oculus Quest standalone headset. We’ve been waiting for updates on the title’s Quest port basically since the announcement of Facebook’s $400 all-in-one headset last year. A new message posted to the game’s social channels provided just that, re-confirming the title as “coming soon” to the system.

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Oculus Quest & A Fisherman’s Tale Among VR Awards 2019 Winners

Peter Graham

The VR Awards 2019 is the biggest event in the UK calendar celebrating the immersive industry. The categories covered everything from videogames and hardware to companies and individuals who have either shown the most promise or helped push the XR industry forward, with some very familiar names appearing.

Maze Theory Launches ‘Doctor Who: The Edge of Time’ on the Rift Platform


When Maze Theory debuted Doctor Who: The Edge of Time at Comic-Con International in July 2019, Bleeding Cool News hailed it as “seamless” and “a