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8th Wall Brings Image Targets to Its Web-Based Augmented Reality Platform

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When it comes to web-based augmented reality, 8th Wall has emerged as one of the leading platform providers, and the company just cranked up its capabilities another notch for AR marketers. Release 11 of 8th Wall Web brings Image Targets, the company's take on image recognition for AR activations.

USA TODAY Builds AR Replica Of Notre Dame In Less Than 8 Hours


Take an augmented tour of the structural damages caused by Monday’s fire. While French President Emmanuel Macron hopes to complete the repairs within five years, architectural experts predict it could take decades to fully renovate the historic Notre Dame cathedral after Monday’s devastating fire.

New iPhone App Fills Your Living Room with a Virtual Orchestra

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It may take practice to get to Carnegie Hall, but a new mobile app gives the average iPhone or iPad owner the experience of walking on stage with a live orchestra. Available now on the App Store, the Spatial Orchestra app brings music to life comes with augmented reality and spatial audio.

N1NE: The Splintered Mind Is Essentially Blade Runner VR And It Looks Great


Blade Runner is one of those cultural touchstones that’s clearly made a big impact on lots of VR developers. It’s even had a few VR apps of its own. But Melbourne-based OD1N Studios seems to essentially be making its own Blade Runner VR game, and it looks great.

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Oculus Quest Welcome Video & Setup Guide Have Leaked Online


Corgi’s are a major safety hazard in this leaked video for the Oculus Quest. Thanks to a series of videos posted online by YouTuber user NyanBlade, it appears as though we now have our first look at the opening welcome video and setup guide for the upcoming Oculus Quest.

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VR Anime ‘Spice & Wolf’ Launching on Rift, Vive & Go in June

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SpicyTails , the Japan-based studio behind VR anime experience Project LUX (2018) , celebrated a successful Kickstarter earlier this year focusing on their next VR project that aims to bring the manga/anime Spice & Wolf to VR. Now, the studio says VR users can expect the game on June 3rd.

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How to fix the “An Oculus update may not have installed correctly” error

The Ghost Howls

Sometimes it happens that when I launch my Rift, an error saying that “an Oculus update may not have installed correctly” pops up … and after I close it, everything seems to work perfectly.

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Google’s ‘Tilt Brush’ VR Painting App Is Coming To Oculus Quest, Cross-Buy With Rift


Google’s VR painting app Tilt Brush is coming to the upcoming Oculus Quest standalone headset. It will be a launch title. Google have enabled cross-buy for Tilt Brush, so if you own it already on the Oculus Rift store you already own it for Quest. Tilt Brush was a launch title for the HTC Vive back in April 2016. It pioneered the idea of true spatial art with 6DoF tracked controllers in room scale VR.

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Oculus Job Posts Point to Facebook-built AR Headset on the Horizon

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As first reported by PocketGamer , Facebook is advertising a few new posts at its VR subsidiary Oculus, laced with the notion that a Facebook-built AR headset is definitely on the rise.

MyndVR Rolls Out Improved VR For The Elderly On Vive Focus Headsets


Nearly two years ago to the day we first wrote about MyndVR. It’s a VR platform designed for use by elderly people, giving them a raft of content to enjoy, like a Frank Sinatra tribute show. This week, though, MyndVR is expanding its mission with the help of HTC. The company is now rolling out MyndVR 2.0 in partnership with HTC’s Vive X accelerator. The company joined the initiative back in January.

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Google’s VR Painting App ‘Tilt Brush’ is Coming to Quest, Cross-Buy with Rift

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Already own a copy of Google’s VR creation tool Tilt Brush (2016) from the Oculus Store? Then you’ll be able to hop right into the company’s intuitive painting app with Oculus Quest, the upcoming standalone VR headset.

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‘Rhythm Violence’ Classic Thumper Is Coming To Oculus Quest


Another VR favorite is on its way to Oculus Quest soon. Thumper from Drool will be launching on the platform this year. Thumper is described as a ‘rhythm violence’ game, which is a pretty apt summary. In the game you play as space beetle (yes really) and speed down a course. You need to time button presses with the background music whilst also steering your companion to safety as you work your way up to boss fights.

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Google’s Tilt Brush Heads To The Oculus Quest This Spring


The popular VR art tool will arrive on Quest with cross-buy support. Facebook confirmed earlier today that Google’s immensely popular room-scale VR painting experience, Tilt Brush, is coming to the Oculus Quest headset this Spring.

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Casual Titles Angry Birds VR, Fruit Ninja VR, RUSH, And Bait! Are Coming To Oculus Quest


Casual VR titles Angry Birds VR, Fruit Ninja, RUSH And Bait! are coming to the upcoming Oculus Quest $399 standalone headset. These four accessible titles could be perfect for demoing your Quest or just short play sessions: Angry Birds VR. The popular mobile game franchise Angry Birds came to PC VR as recently as February. In late March it came to PlayStation VR. We went hands on with the game on PC VR and were impressed by how much the spatial nature of VR adds to the gameplay.

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‘High Fidelity’ Shifts Focus Towards Non-VR Due to Slow Growth

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Philip Rosedale, CEO of High Fidelity and founder of Second Life, announced at a High Fidelity community meeting recently that the company will be scaling back their VR efforts, focusing more on improving their PC and Mac performance.

InstaVR Interviews: Dr. Tarsem Singh Cooner, Senior Lecturer in Social Work at University of Birmingham, UK


InstaVR Interviews: Meet the VR Practitioners. InstaVR Interviews is a blog series where we turn the spotlight on our customers. We find out why they create VR, how they use InstaVR, and what the future of VR will look like. To read more interviews, visit the InstaVR Interviews homepage.

These Developers Hacked Knuckles & Vive Controllers to Play MIDI File Music

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We’re still holding our breath of the next wave of consumer VR headsets yet to come, namely Rift S, Quest, and Valve Index.

#QuestCountdown: Arcade Action!


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