Thu.Apr 02, 2020

Award-Winning AR Storybook App Wonderscope Offering All Stories Free Through June


Keep the younglings entertained while under lockdown with these educational immersive reading experiences. We’ve never been shy about our love for WITHIN’s children’s AR reading app Wonderscope.

10 Big Upcoming PC VR Games To Look Forward To After Half-Life: Alyx


So, you bought a VR headset for Half-Life: Alyx. You’ve just spent a week enjoying one of the most polished, immersive gaming experiences you can have. Now you want more. So, what else is on the horizon?

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New Snapchat Lens Creates AR Safe Zone To Promote Social Distancing


If you must leave your home, make sure to practice safe social distancing. Though it may not seem like it based on the packed beaches and crowded parks, we’re currently dealing with a global pandemic the likes of which we’ve never seen.

Iron Man VR Delayed ‘Until Further Notice’ Amid COVID-19


Sony is delaying the release of Marvel’s Iron Man VR “until further notice.” ” The Marvel VR game had already been delayed into 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic is causing a cascade of logistics issues.

Etee Kickstarter Launches for Finger-tracking Controller with SteamVR Tracking

Road to VR

London-based hardware startup TG0 has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Etee dev kit, a VR controller with integrated SteamVR Tracking. TG0 positions the controller’s button-less design and finger tracking as its main attractions.

Crisis VRigade 2 VR Shooter Looks Impressive In Latest Teaser Trailer


Crisis VRigade 2 doesn’t have a release date yet, but the latest teaser trailer shared on Twitter by Sumalab co-founder Diego Martin. Check it out right here: Maybe it’s not #HalfLifeAlyx (wow! btw…), but its VR, has guns, rifles, explosions and lots of action.

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Etee Is A Lightweight Finger-Sensing VR Controller With No Trigger


During CES in January I tried a pair of controllers called “etee” that were lightweight with finger-sensing features. As I held them in my hands, a laptop screen showed which gestures and movements the controllers recognized.

‘Half-Life: Alyx’ Update Improves Support for Left-handed Players

Road to VR

The latest Half-Life: Alyx patch, Update 1.2, brings a handful of adjustments and fixes, as well as improved support for left-handed players.

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Gravity-Defying Racer Grip Gets Free, Vomit-Inducing VR Support


Years of study and research into comfortable VR development has greatly reduced the issue of nausea in VR for many people. But Grip: Combat Racing has no time for your pathetic stomach.

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Not a joke! GRIP: Combat Racing coming to VR

Cats and VR

Award-winning independent video games publisher Wired Productions together with leading developer Caged Element Inc. are delighted to announce the surprise launch of GRIP: Combat Racing VR.

FundamentalVR Brings Its Professional Surgical Training Platform Home With Quest Support


FundamentalVR, a professional surgical training platform, is finally bringing its expansive platform to the Oculus Quest for use at home. Traditionally, Fundamental’s platform pairs with haptic feedback hardware to deliver precise tutorials on surgical procedures.

Review: GRIP: Combat Racing VR

Peter Graham

If you own any of Oculus’ headsets then you’ve probably bought a videogame or two from its dedicated store, perused through the reviews and looked at the star rating before purchase. One little feature that you probably overlooked is the comfort ratings, ranging from ‘Comfortable’ to ‘Intense’.

A-Tech Cybernetic Review: Out Of Early Access A Little Too Late (PSVR, PC VR)


A-Tech Cybernetic opens with a glaringly obvious tribute. In the game’s menu a blue-suited business man walks past a window and stops for a quick, quiet glance before calmly moving on.

Kickstarter Begins for SteamVR Compatible etee Controller

Peter Graham

Last week VRFocus reported on British startup TG0 and its upcoming Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for a pair of finger tracking controllers called etee.

Join Us LIVE On YouTube To Discuss The Week’s VR News + PC VR’s Growth


UploadVR’s weekly podcast, The VR Download, is LIVE on YouTube today at 10:30am PST (17:30 UTC) ! Unlike regular video podcasts, The VR Download is broadcast from virtual reality!

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Can AR Help Home-Service Pros Socially Distance?

AR Insider

“Trendline” is AR Insider’s series that examines trends and events in spatial computing, and their strategic implications. For an indexed library of spatial computing insights, data, reports and multimedia, subscribe to ARtillery PRO. Covid-19 continues to take lives and stall global commerce.

Award-Winning AR Reading App Wonderscope is Free Until June

Peter Graham

In 2018 Within released an augmented reality (AR) app for Apple devices with interactive stories for children to read called Wonderscope.

AR and VR Survey Shows Optimism in Industry


For the last three years, law firm Perkins Coie, the XR Association, and Boost VC have conducted a survey on industry attitudes toward AR and VR technology. Here, we look at some of the major trends in the survey. We also look at how they compare to similar recent studies in the AR and VR world.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR for PlayStation VR Delayed ‘Until Further Notice’

Peter Graham

If you own a PlayStation VR and have been looking forward to Camouflag’s Marvel’s Iron Man VR then here’s some bad news for you, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has just announced that the videogame has been delayed. Not only that but there are no details of when to.

VR Game Release Highlights April 2020

VR Game Critic

Last month’s release of Half-Life: Alyx has marked an incredible milestone in VR gaming. It’s not only the best rated VR game of all times, it also holds the record of the most 10/10 scores on vrgamecritic, followed by Tetris Effect, Moss and ASTRO BOT: Rescue Mission.

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Synth Riders’ Fitness Update Rolls Out ‘Synth Sundays’ Live Workout Classes

Peter Graham

With everyone having to stay at home at the moment due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), popping out only when absolutely necessary, finding ways to stay fit indoors has never been more important.

Free augmented reality workbooks for remote learning


One member of our ZapWorks’ community, Stone Oak Media, was determined to help educators, parents, schools, and communities face the challenges of COVID-19 by helping them educate and entertain the young

Final Assault for Oculus Quest Isn’t in Development, Isn’t ‘Out of the Question’ States Phaser Lock CEO

Peter Graham

This week Phaser Lock Interactive finally brought its real-time strategy (RTS) title Final Assault to PlayStation VR, offering cross-platform gameplay with PC VR players.

Leveraging AR in a remote world


As the world starts to operate more remotely than ever before now is the time to consider how new technologies like AR can be used to support your business through these extraordinary times