Thu.Jan 23, 2020

‘The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners’ Review – Satisfyingly Drenched in Existential Angst

Road to VR

To put it bluntly, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is genuinely terrifying.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Review – Born On The Bloody Bayou


There are lots of VR games that deal with zombies and even more games outside of VR obsessed with zombies still, even in 2020.

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The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Might Be The Darkest VR Game Yet


The post-apocalyptic VR RPG is now available on SteamVR, Oculus Rift, and Oculus Quest via Oculus Link. . Skydance Interactive’s highly-anticipated Walking Dead VR RPG The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is finally available on PC VR headsets and boy howdy is there a lot of blood. .

Here’s Everything We Learned About Half-Life: Alyx From The Developer AMA


The developers of Half-Life: Alyx answered questions about the game on Reddit. To save you rummaging through the Reddit thread, we’ve summed up all of the responses in one place. SDK Not Releasing Alongside The Game. The team is “not currently planning on shipping a full SDK.”

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This Social AR App Turns You Into A Walking Social Media Profile


Create an AR belt of your favorite music and videos in this “people-powered” social platform.

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Joy Way Launches Free Demos For Change Ranger And Brain vs Zombies


VR developer Joy Way, previously known as PlatformaVR has two new SteamVR demos for you to check out, and they look pretty intriguing. First up is Change Range , a unique-looking puzzle-action game in which you save yourself from imminent death.

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Join Us LIVE On YouTube To Discuss The Week’s VR News & Oculus Quest Curation!


UploadVR’s weekly podcast, The VR Download, is LIVE on YouTube today at 10:30 AM PST (18:30 UTC) ! Unlike regular video podcasts, The VR Download is broadcast from virtual reality!

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My predictions for augmented reality in 2020

The Ghost Howls

After having written my predictions for virtual reality in 2020 , let’s see what will be the trends for this year in augmented reality. Summary. A worker wearing HoloLens 2 (Image by Microsoft). Let me be very honest: I’m not expecting that much from this year in augmented reality.

VR Movies Dear Angelica And Henry Arrive On Oculus Quest, But You Should Watch Them With Link


Two of Facebook’s first in-house experiments in VR movie-making, Henry and Dear Angelica, have been uncovered on Oculus Quest. But, in our opinion, you shouldn’t watch them there.

CES 2020 Interview: Covering all Angles With the new Insta360 ONE R

Peter Graham

During CES 2020, camera company Insta360 announced its new flagship action camera called the Insta360 ONE R. Modular in design with three lens variations as well as other additions, the camera aims to cover all aspects of prosumer requirements.

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The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Gets Cross-Buy On Oculus Quest & Rift


Good news! If you pick up a copy of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners on the Oculus Store for Rift this week, you’ll get the Quest version for free later down the line. The official Twitter account for the anticipated zombie survival game recently confirmed cross-buy support.

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Marz Brewing Company Launches New IPA Beer with a Dedicated AR Music App


The new Tech Noir India Pale Ale (IPA) brew created by Marz Community Brewing Company will offer more than just the refreshing taste. It will be available in special cans which launch music tracks through a dedicated AR music app, SamplAR.

Disney Sells VR Game Developer FoxNext, Alien Game’s Fate Uncertain


The Walt Disney Company will sell FoxNext Games and Cold Iron Studios to Scopely, a games studio that produces mobile games for Android and iOS. FoxNext is a developer and publisher of VR content that Disney acquired as part of its purchase of 21st Century Fox in 2019. The developer had already released a VR Planet of the Apes game and a Predator VR game is listed for release on Steam.

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More VR Savings are Here With the Steam Lunar New Year Sale

Peter Graham

Generally speaking, you’re never too far away from a Steam sale. The Winter Sale only ended on 2nd January and now it’s time for the annual Steam Lunar New Year sale.

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Will AR Transform Local User-Generated Content?

AR Insider

“Trendline” is AR Insider’s series that examines trends and events in spatial computing, and their strategic implications. For an indexed library of spatial computing insights, data, reports and multimedia, subscribe to ARtillery PRO. Visual search is Google’s main flavor of AR.

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The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners to Get PlayStation VR and Oculus Quest Versions Later in 2020

Peter Graham

Today, Skydance Interactive in collaboration with Skybound Entertainment has launched The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. Supporting a range of PC-based headsets the studio has confirmed a PlayStation VR and native Oculus Quest versions are on the way for later in the year.

EON Reality Unveils 114-Stop World Tour for AVR Platform Launches

EON Reality

Beginning in early February, EON Reality will bring its flagship program to new locations spanning six continents and dozens of languages.

Review: The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Peter Graham

There’s a certain ‘calm before the storm’ feeling when playing The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, the latest virtual reality (VR) from Skydance Interactive. Slowly wandering the seemingly desolate streets of New Orleans there’s never an eerie silence because no matter where you are, a familiar groan fills the air, a sound that tells you the dead are near and where there’s one, many more can’t be too far behind.

#879 VR for Good: StoryFile is an Oral History Platform with a Conversational Interface

Voices of VR

StoryFile is an interactive storytelling platform that allows you to interact with someone as they tell their story. A comprehensive oral history could be as. Podcast Archive


Valve’s Half-Life: Alyx Reddit AMA: All the Best Bits

Peter Graham

There are a lot of virtual reality (VR) fans excited for the release of potentially the biggest videogame of 2020, Valve’s Half-Life: Alyx.

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#873 VR for Good: Emboding a Rainforest as It’s Being Destroyed in ‘Tree’

Voices of VR

I talk with Winslow Porter at Tribeca 2017 about Tree VR, which is an experience catalyzed by the Rainforest Alliance where you embody a tree. Podcast Archive


Oculus Picks: 5 Quest Games to Challenge Your Friends


In our last installment of Oculus Picks, we dove into a collection of social games where you can meet up with friends and family—or someone

#880 VR for Good: Using Conversational Interfaces in VR to Train Child Welfare Caseworkers

Voices of VR

One of the most intense interactive storytelling experiences I’ve ever had was the Accenture AVEnueS training application for child welfare caseworkers. I was tasked with. Podcast Archive

‘Doctor Who: The Edge of Time’ Launches on Oculus Quest, Plus Updates for the Rift Platform


Since launching on the Rift Platform in November 2019, Doctor Who: The Edge of Time has let people experience the critically-acclaimed BBC series like never

#866 VR for Good: Meow Wolf on the Business of the Immersive Art Revolution

Voices of VR

Vince Kadlubek is one of the co-founders of Meow Wolf, and at the time of this interview on March 24, 2019 he was the CEO. Podcast Archive

Zombies Invade Bourbon Street in ‘The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners,’ Now Available on the Rift Platform


The Walking Dead comic book series resurrected our collective fascination with zombies in a big way. Created by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore


#868 VR for Good: The Unity for Humanity Contest by Unity Technologies

Voices of VR

Amy Zimmerman is a senior producer on the innovation group for media & entertainment at Unity Technologies, and she helped to start the Unity for. Podcast Archive

Introducing ‘Rebuilding Notre Dame,’ an Intimate Look at the Cathedral Before and After the Fire


Dating back to the 12th century, Notre Dame is a cultural landmark steeped in historic as well as religious significance. The cathedral caught fire on


#864 VR for Good: Kaleidoscope VR is Connecting XR Artists with Funders at the Impact Reality Summit

Voices of VR

René Pinnell originally created Kaleidoscope VR in order to show immersive art and stories around the world. After talking with creators, he realized that the. Podcast Archive

#876 VR for Good: ‘Tripp’ Gamifying Meditation & Exploring New Corporate Wellness Distribution Channels

Voices of VR

Tripp is a VR toolkit to gamify meditation in order to help you self-regulate and perform better. They had a really interesting strategy of bootstrapping. Podcast Archive

#884 VR for Good: WebXR, Design Challenges of the Wider Web, & the Future of Web Assembly with Trevor Flowers

Voices of VR

In the final interview of this VR for Good series, I’m featuring the WebXR Device API and how this represents a new open standard that. Podcast Archive