Fri.Dec 06, 2019

Adobe Purchases Oculus Medium Immersive 3D Sculpting App


A match made in heaven. Earlier this morning Adobe announced the purchase of Oculus’ 3D VR sculpting app, Oculus Medium.

Oculus SDK Drops Support For Samsung Gear VR


Recent versions of the Oculus Mobile SDK drop support for the Samsung Gear VR mobile headset. This means that if developers want to continue to support Gear VR in their future app updates, they won’t be able to leverage new Oculus SDK features or bug fixes.

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PSVR Support for ‘Dreams’ to Arrive Post-launch, Early Access Pricing Ends This Week

Road to VR

Media Molecule today announced that its creation-focused game Dreams is leaving Early Access soon, with its EA pricing coming to a close on December 8th. However the studio says the full version isn’t actually coming in December.

Lonn Is An Impressive Physics-Based Cyberpunk VR Adventure Mixing Boneworks, Low-Fi And Espire


Sometimes VR games seem to appear as if from thin air and stun you with their impressive trailers. Lonn is very much one of those games. This new cyberpunk adventure game from Australia-based SixSense Studios has been stepping out of the shadows over the past few weeks.

New York Times Debuts Location-Based Air Pollution AR Visualization for Apple iOS Devices

Next Reality AR

After establishing itself as a leader among media companies in augmented reality in journalism over the course of 2018, The New York Times pulled back from the technology this year.

How to choose an LBVR product?

The Ghost Howls

Today I host a guest post on LBVR by Anton Zaitsev. He is going to tell us about what are the different kinds of LBVR venues , and what they are their peculiarities, exploring also what is the expected price to start such kind of activities and the revenue you could have.

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Adobe Acquires Oculus Medium Sculpting App From Facebook


Adobe is the new home for the Oculus Medium sculpting app that originally launched three years ago from Facebook with the Oculus Touch tracked controllers.

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Adobe Acquires Facebook’s ‘Oculus Medium’ VR Sculpting Tool

Road to VR

Facebook today announced that Adobe—the company behind industry-leading creative tools like Photoshop, Premiere, and Substance—has acquired Oculus Medium , the company’s VR sculpting tool.

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25 New Creative VR Projects Up For 2019 New View Awards


A total of 25 new web-based VR projects have been lined up for next week’s New View Awards in Tokyo, Japan.

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‘Apollo 11 VR’ Studio to Launch ‘Shuttle Commander’ Next Week on PSVR

Road to VR

Immersive VR Education, the studio behind VR experiences Apollo 11 VR (2016) and Titanic VR (2018), is set to launch its next mission into space on PSVR soon, this time taking you to the Hubble Space Telescope to go hands-on with an accurate recreation of the mission, shuttle cockpit, and space telescope itself.

Radial-G: Proteus Races Onto Quest December 17 With Eight Game Modes


Radial-G: Proteus from Things3D and Tammeka is fast-approaching for Oculus Quest. This sci-fi racing game is a new adaptation of Radial-G: Racing Evolved, which was an Oculus Rift launch title way back in early 2016.

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‘Swords of Gargantua’ Gets Rogue-lite Adventure Mode in New Update

Road to VR

Vive PC Streaming Starts, Varjo XR Ships And Win Nostos! | VRecap


This is a week between weeks; not all that much happened between Facebook’s purchase of Beat Saber and next week’s launch of Boneworks. And yet, like a shining knight coming to save the day, VRecap rides forth. Worry not, good reader, there is news worth hearing this week.

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This Week In XR: Qualcomm Designs Device Of Future, Facebook Buys Beat Games, Something You Can’t Have For Christmas

Charlie Fink

Amidst an avalanche of XR news, these stories stand out

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Myth Hunters Is A Narrative Puzzle Game Now Available On Oculus Rift


Myth Hunters is a new narrative puzzle game available for the Oculus Rift platform, which will see you solve puzzles on an adventure with the eccentric Professor Cog.

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XR Talks: How Snapchat Became AR’s Usage Leader, Part I

AR Insider

XR Talks is a series that features the best presentations and educational videos from the XR universe. It includes embedded video, as well as narrative analysis and top takeaways. Speakers’ opinions are their own. For a deeper indexed and searchable archive, subscribe to ARtillery PRO.

Dreams PSVR Support Won’t Happen At Full Launch


The long wait for Dreams PSVR support just got a bit longer. Developer Media Molecule today confirmed that its anticipated PS4 creation suite won’t support Sony’s VR headset when the full game finally comes around. Communications Manager Abbie Heppe confirmed as much to Road to VR over on Twitter. This followed yesterday’s news that Dreams will soon be ending sale of its Early Access version.

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Arcade Is at It Again with the Music Walk of Fame AR Experience


The Hollywood Walk of Fame is neat, but those are just bricks. This is the story of a classic rock band, a music promoter, and an AR experience bringing music history to Camden. The AR Experience. Camden Town, a neighborhood of Northwest London, is one of the wonders of the music world.

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Sony’s Next State Of Play Broadcast Arrives Next Week


Sony isn’t letting the year go without a few more announcements; the company just scheduled another State of Play broadcast for next week. State of Plays are like Sony’s version of a Nintendo Direct (or, if we want to flatter ourselves, our VR Showcase events ). They’re short video presentations announcing new games and updating us on other titles. Next week’s episode will air on December 10 at 6am PT/9am ET/2pm GMT.

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Adobe Acquires Oculus’ Sculpting App Medium

Peter Graham

Ever since the Oculus Touch controllers were first made available in December 2016 Oculus has ensured they can aid creativity thanks to homegrown apps like Medium. A piece of sculpting software which has built a reputation as an important professional design tool, today Adobe has announced the acquisition of Medium.

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Printing a Model of Light with XR, featuring Bentley's Greg Demchak

XR for Business Podcast

Used to be the best way to plan a three-dimensional construction project was on a two-dimensional blueprint, or perhaps a wooden model. We live in an era where entire digital twins -- models made of light -- can be used, but not everyone is. Bentley Systems' Greg Demchak drops by to explain why that needs to change. Alan: Thank you for joining the XR for Business Podcast with your host Alan Smithson. Today's guest is Greg Demchak from Bentley Systems.

South Korea’s SKonec Entertainment Open First Western Location in LA

Peter Graham

South Korea has a dedicated virtual reality (VR) community of creators but it’s not often the content makes it out of the country and onto western shores. SKonec Entertainment has featured on VRFocus before thanks to its Mortal Blitz franchise but the company mostly specialises in location-based entertainment (LBE) on its home turf. Recently it made the transition into America, opening VR Square Los Angeles. .

A New Chapter for Medium: Joining the Adobe Family


When we launched Medium—an immersive 3D sculpting tool—alongside the original Oculus Touch controllers in December 2016, our goal was to explore VR applications beyond gaming

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EVA Unveils Free-Roaming VR Esports Stadium at Paris Games Week

Peter Graham

Location-based entertainment (LBE) is a growing sector within the virtual reality (VR) industry, and a natural subsection of that are esports.

Death Lap Review: Mostly Competent VR Combat Racing


Death Lap is the latest VR outing for Anshar Wars developer Ozwe Games and it does its best to channel the spirit of Twisted Metal into a relatively standard lap-based racing game. Read our full review to see how it fares!

VR Days Europe 2019 Interview: Free-roaming VR With Vicon

Peter Graham

Originally starting out in motion capture (mocap), hardware and software solution specialist then turned its attention to virtual reality (VR) and location-based entertainment (LBE). Offering a range of solutions for VR arcade owners, this culminated in the Vicon Origin system which launched in 2018.

Is Asymmetrical gameplay the answer to VR’s isolation problem?


Xbox head Phil Spencer recently laid to rest the idea of Microsoft focusing on VR for their upcoming Project Scarlett, saying that “nobody wants VR” and claiming that VR is isolating. Spencer, for the most part, is correct and this is painfully obvious in location-based-entertainment.

PlayStation’s Fourth State of Play Broadcast Scheduled for Next Week

Peter Graham

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) began its State of Play broadcast series back in March, with some editions lasting for 20 minutes while the shortest was only 10. Today, the fourth State of Play episode has been announced for next week and it looks to be another filled with content.