Sat.Apr 04, 2020

17,000 Medical Professionals Are Using VR In The Fight Against Coronavirus


Free VR medical training is helping to bring retired healthcare workers back into service.

How To Make FrankenQuest, Oculus Quest’s Best Comfort Mod


FrankenQuest is arguably the best comfort mod for your Oculus Quest. It makes the headset much easier to use, gives you better audio and doesn’t require you to damage your unit. But how do you make a FrankenQuest? Read on to find out!

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Musical Metaverse Soundscape VR Introduces Fourth World ‘Silica Sol’

Peter Graham

For those feeling a little couped up at the moment, popping on a virtual reality (VR) headset can be a great way to escape the confines of home. If you love a bit of music in your life then Soundscape VR might be worth a look, especially as it has just introduced a new world, Silica Sol.

Synth Riders Is Starting Live VR Workouts This Weekend


Using a VR headset as a workout tool while you’re self-isolating? You can mix things up a little this weekend with live fitness sessions for Synth Riders.

VR Game “Synth Riders” Announces Updates and Live Fitness Classes


You’ve probably heard a lot about how the buzz around XR is up as more people are attending meetings remotely. However, with just about everyone advised to stay at home, VR game designers are also keeping their hands full.

Releases Recap: March 30 – April 3


This week, we released several titles and updates across the Oculus Platform. Here’s a rundown of the highlights