Tue.Jun 11, 2019

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Checks Out HaptX And Their VR Gloves


HaptX debuts bimanual VR gloves at inaugural re:MARS Conference. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos literally went “hands-on” with the future of robotics this past week during Amazon’s inaugural re:MARS conference in Las Vegas, NV.

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E3 2019: After The Fall Is A Familiar FPS Promising A Persistent Hub For VR Action


Arizona Sunshine wouldn’t have been my personal pick for our 2016 Game of the Year award, but I can see why we landed on that decision.

E3 2019: Insomniac’s Stormland Looks, Feels, And Sounds Fantastic


Exotic locales, unique RPG elements, and a whole lot of robots.

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E3 2019: Sniper Elite VR Gets New Trailer, PSVR, Rift, SteamVR Support Confirmed


Hope you like Sniper Elite! Well, because we have a new trailer for it, why else? Well we say trailer, it’s more like a feature. There’s just a bit of gameplay, blurred and captured off of the TV. Developers at Rebellion fill in the blanks with new info, though.

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Oculus Sold $5M in Quest Content in Two Weeks After Launch

Road to VR

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E3 2019: Hammerhead Reveals Stunning New Look At VR Psychological Horror, ABE


UK-based Hammerhead has been away for a little while. Since releasing a PSVR version of its horror game, Syren, we haven’t seen much from the team. But the studio resurfaced at our E3 VR Showcase yesterday.

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E3 2019: The Wizards: Dark Times Is A Standalone Expansion From Carbon Studios


Carbon Studios just released another port of its spell-casting VR game, The Wizards, this time on Oculus Quest. But the developer is far from done with the series. As revealed at our E3 VR Showcase yesterday, Carbon is working on an expansion to The Wizards named Dark Times.

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Rebellion Unveils ‘Sniper Elite VR’ Gameplay Footage, Confirms PS Aim

Road to VR

At E3 today, Rebellion unveiled some fresh gameplay footage and revealed more details behind Sniper Elite VR , the critically acclaimed shooter’s first VR game. The studio also confirmed that PS Aim support is definitely coming to the PSVR version of the game.

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Virtual Reality Experiences Empower LGBTQ Youth to Take Pride in Themselves


All around the globe, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer students continue to be bullied and discriminated against. They deal with rejection, fear, and harassment on a daily basis.

‘Lone Echo II’ Roughly 50% Larger Than Its Predecessor, E3 Demo Reveals New Gameplay

Road to VR

This week at E3 2019, Oculus is showing their first ever demo of Lone Echo II , the anticipated followup to 2017’s Lone Echo.

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Is Training VR’s Killer App? Ask Forklift Drivers

Charlie Fink

Using a forklift efficiently in a busy warehouse takes a skilled worker with steady hands, no fear of heights, and spatial awareness. These are not skills we have in abundance. They are won through practice. It’s not easy, nor is it safe, to take rolling stock into a live environment for training.

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Hands-on: ‘Phantom: Covert Ops’ Boasts Smart VR Design and Big Potential

Road to VR

At E3 2019 this week, I got a chance to go hands-on with Phantom: Covert Ops, an Oculus Studios exclusive in development by nDreams. The game plays out over the course of a single night, and follows a special operative as they infiltrate a facility in a tactical kayak.

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# 770: Ancient Philosophy Perspectives on Time, Perception, Reality, & the Qualities of Human Experience

Voices of VR

Peter Simpson is a professor of ancient philosophy at The City University of New York, and I met him at the Philosophy of Time. Podcast Archive

‘The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets’ is a Charming Story-based Puzzler Coming to VR Headsets in 2019

Road to VR

Fast Travel Games, the studio behind VR bow-shooting adventure Apex Construct (2018), announced a new narrative-based puzzle game at E3 this week called The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets.

Welcome to E3: ‘Arizona Sunshine’ and ‘Echo Arena’ Coming to Quest, ‘Budget Cuts 2,’ and More


It’s Day 1 of E3 2019, and there’s already been a lot of VR news. Yesterday, we announced After the Fall, a brand-new post-apocalyptic shooter