Thu.Apr 18, 2019

New Oculus Avatar system hands-on

The Ghost Howls

Some weeks ago, Oculus has announced that it has finally released the new avateering system that had been announced at Oculus Connect 5.

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How AR Is Reshaping Brand Marketing


Providing a better consumer experience using immersive technology. When it comes to any business, marketing is everything. It builds brand awareness, creates an opportunity for you to engage with your customers, and can increase sales.

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Oculus referral codes are now available outside of the US!

The Ghost Howls

I was browsing the “[GDI] Virtual Reality” group on facebook, and I noticed that someone told that Oculus now allows for referral codes. I was like “yeah, I know, they are available since a lot, but they are a US-only feature” and was about to pass on.

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The Current State Of The VR/AR Patent Landscape


A comprehensive breakdown of the VR/AR patent process. Virtual and artificial reality technologies are changing the world.

This Awesome Labo VR Zelda Mod Comes Complete With Head Strap


Thought you were excited about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in VR? Us too, but probably not as much as Jeramey Polcyn. He’ll be playing it like this: In less than a week since the launch of the Nintendo Labo VR Kit, Polcyn has created an awesome mod for the device.

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Facebook is Working on a Voice Assistant for Oculus Devices, Portal & More

Road to VR

Facebook is currently developing a voice assistant that could function similar to Amazon Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant. Notably, it’s intended to support Oculus headsets in addition to Portal, and “future products.”

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Resolution Games to Launch Multiplayer VR Party Game ‘Acron’ This Summer

Road to VR

With Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs (2019) fresh out the door, Resolution Games today announced Acron , a new multiplayer game that pits one VR player against a group of local mobile users.

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USA Today Enhances Notre Dame Fire Coverage with Augmented Reality Experience

Next Reality AR

On Monday, the world watched in horror as the historic Notre Dame Cathedral went up in flames in Paris.

Critically Acclaimed Rhythm Action Game ‘Thumper’ is Coming to Quest at Launch

Road to VR

Oculus announced that Thumper (2016), the popular rhythm-action game, is officially coming to Quest at launch. The company released the news via a blog post as a part of their on-going ‘Quest Countdown’; exactly when the clock is supposed to strike zero, we’re not sure.

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Facebook Is Developing An AI Assistant For Oculus Headsets


Which has the better ring to it, “Hey, Oculus?” ” or “Okay, Oculus”? I’m asking because Facebook’s VR headsets could soon have an AI voice assistant of their own. CNBC first reported that the social networking giant was building a new voice assistant to work across multiple platforms.

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Cats and VR

Today, Resolution Games - the studio behind Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs , the popular virtual reality (VR) fishing game, Bait! , and other hit titles - is revealing the first details for its new multiplayer party game that is set to be released this summer.

CreativeXR Funds 20 UK Studios Working On New VR/AR Projects


A few months back CreativeXR launched its second year of funding opportunities for UK studios. The initiative, put together by Digital Catapult and Arts Council England, was looking for teams working on experiential VR and AR projects. This week, the programme revealed the 2019 recipients. CreativeXR gave 20 studios a grant of £20,000. They span the breadth of the UK and feature a few names you might have seen before.

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FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Forrester VR

Is There A Resurgence For The CIO Role? For years, the CIO role looked like it had been moving toward “chief infrastructure officer,” with many executives feeling like the transformative part of their job had been carved out and handed to chief digital officers.

Acron Is A New Multiplayer VR Game From The Makers Of Angry Birds VR


Not long after the release of Angry Birds VR on several platforms, developer Resolution Games is back. It’s fair to say its latest project, Acron, is a fair bit different to its previous work. Acron is a multiplayer VR game in which players face off against others outside of the headset.

Nintendo in VR? We chatted about the road to Labo VR Kit with its creator.


Nintendo has been eyeing virtual reality for longer than you realize. You wouldn't have known it back in Jan. 2018 when the first cardboard gaming kit was announced, but work was happening behind the scenes. It was far enough along even then to make a cameo appearance in that first reveal.

Which 3D tool should I use for AR?


The 3D team at Zappar have put together this handy post to help guide you into choosing the right tool for your objectives.

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