Sun.Jun 09, 2019

Competitive Military Shooter Onward Confirmed For Oculus Quest


Downpour Interactive’s tactical multiplayer experience is heading to standalone VR. It appears as though the rumors were true. Onward , the popular military-sim tactical multiplayer shooter from Downpour Interactive is in development for the Oculus Quest standalone headset.

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Next-gen Xbox Revealed with No VR in Sight, Sony Forges Ahead with PSVR on PS5

Road to VR

With the curious case of Microsoft initially announcing VR support for Xbox One X and then later pulling the plug before launch, it wasn’t clear if the company would use its next console as its opportunity to finally jump into VR.

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Pains and Gains – A VR Story in the Classroom


VR in the classroom is a hot topic these days, fresh on the lips of enthusiastic instructors and neophyte teachers alike. However, this new-ish device is fraught with a painful and potentially expensive learning curve, and an industry pointing teachers in one direction. Is that direction, a teacher-centric, teacher-lead model of classroom usage, the right way to go? Let’s take a closer look.

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