Wed.Feb 12, 2020

Facebook Just Bought An AR Startup That’s Building A 3D Map Of The Entire World


Facebook purchases AR startup Scape Technologies for a reported $40M. The future of Facebook appears to be centered around VR and AR. During Oculus Connect 6 , the company announced Facebook Horizon , a social VR world where you can literally step into a virtual version of your Facebook page.

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Masterpiece VR CEO: 3D modeling in VR is 10x faster than on flat screen

The Ghost Howls

Masterpiece VR is one of the best VR 3D modeling softwares because it lets you create 3D elements easily and also animate them, all in virtual reality, all in an intuitive way. It is a professional application , and many people in the field are already using it.


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Luxury Escapism’s Multi-Sensory Spa Includes Meditative Mixed Reality And ASMR Sound Baths


“Whimsical, fun, disarming.” This immersive spa experience is the luxury escape you’ve been looking for.

Souls-Esque VR Combat Game Swords Of Gargantua Coming To PSVR


Here’s another PSVR title to add to your list; dark fantasy action game, Swords of Gargantua, is coming to the platform. That much was confirmed in a recent tweet by one of the game’s developers, tweeting a picture of the headset.

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How Digital Transformation will Bend the Curve of the Linear Economy Toward the Circular

Speaker: Bruce Armstrong Taylor, Co-Founder & Managing Director of SmartNations Foundation, Jimmy Jia, Venture Partner at Pi Labs, Fabienne Durand, Senior Advisor to the SmartNations Foundation, & Roger Strukhoff, Executive Director of the Tau Institute

The Carbon Zero, Circular Economy, is easily the most profoundly important result of digital transformation. Industry 4.0 has a massively cumulative impact on dematerialization (in all forms) and resultant decarbonization (both emissions and embodied) throughout the economy. Join panelists Bruce Armstrong Taylor, Jimmy Jia, Fabienne Durand, and their moderator Roger Strukhoff as they discuss how bending the carbon/GHG heavy linear economy to the circular is one of the hidden benefits of digital disruption.

2019 Was a Major Inflection Point for VR—Here’s the Proof

Road to VR

VR adoption is accelerating thanks to the Oculus Quest. We’ve seen over 100 VR titles break $1 million in revenue, growing the total VR software market by 3x in 2019.

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Oxford VR Picks up $12.5M in Funding for Its VR-based Therapy Platform

Road to VR

Virtual reality therapy startup Oxford VR today announced its secured $ 12.5 million in Series A financing to further its research and development into VR-based therapy programs. The latest funding round was led by Optum Ventures and supported by Luminous Ventures.

Editorial: Xbox Doesn’t Need A VR Headset Just Yet, But It Soon Will


Poor Phil Spencer; no one wants him to like VR. Every time Microsoft’s Xbox guru opens his mouth to explain his stance on the technology, only the negative points seem to make the headlines, even when he’s trying to clarify any misunderstanding around previous pessimism.

Magic Leap is Giving Away More Hardware Soon, Dev Conference Coming to Florida HQ in May

Road to VR

Magic Leap recently announced some new programs that aim to get developers creating for the its AR headset, Magic Leap 1. The company additionally released dates for its developer conference, LEAP Developer Days, which will be held in May at Magic Leap’s headquarters in Florida.

Stormland On Sale For Limited Time To Celebrate DICE Award Nomination


The Oculus-exclusive VR shooter Stormland, developed by Insomniac Games, is on sale for 25% off for a limited time, to celebrate the game’s nomination for Immersive Reality Technical Achievement at the 23rd annual DICE Awards.

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AR/VR Simulations for Sustainable, Regenerative, Circular Cities

Speaker: Nik Gowing, Brenda Laurel, Sheridan Tatsuno, Archie Kasnet, and Bruce Armstrong Taylor

Join our amazing panelists, Nik Gowing, Founder at Thinking the Unthinkable and International Broadcaster; Brenda Laurel, PhD, Principal, Neogaian Interactive; Sheridan Tatsuno, Principal, Dreamscape Global; Archie Kasnet, CEO, Regenerative; and Bruce Armstrong Taylor, The Climate 4.0 Project, to discuss how today's AR/VR and related AI-enabled technologies can be effectively applied, using data from such sources as NASA and NOAA, to both improve and accelerate urban sustainability planning and design.

Acer Has Cancelled its ConceptD OJO Headset

Road to VR

With no information some 10 months after the announcement of its latest VR headset, the ConceptD OJO, we started to wonder what had come of the device. After reaching out to the company, Acer has confirmed to Road to VR that the headset has been cancelled.

The 4 Strangest, Most Misleading And Downright Terrible VR Commercials


Despite its challenges, some companies have learned to market VR hardware and apps pretty effectively on our flat screens. And, of course, some companies really haven’t. This list is for them. I can understand the temptation to maybe overpromise a little in a VR commerical.

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Virtual Reality Applications That Can Help Save Lives


No longer just for immersive entertainment, virtual reality applications now help save lives. VR simulation technology enables better medical training , more effective health therapies, and enhanced disaster management training. Improving Performance in Medicine Through Clinical Skills Training.

Prince Of Persia VR Escape Room Coming This Spring To VR Arcades


Today Ubisoft announced that it’s releasing a Prince of Persia-themed VR escape room similar to its current lineup that includes Assassin’s Creed Origins-themed Escape the Lost Pyramid and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey-themed Beyond Medusa’s Gate.

Ubisoft has developed a Prince Of Persia VR Escape Room

Cats and VR

Prince of Persia: The Dagger Of Time is a Virtual Reality Escape Game set in the world of Prince of Persia which enables you to experience time control. You will be able to experience something impossible in real life: to slow, stop or even rewind time!

VR Interview: Ironlights Creator E McNeill On Kickstarting A VR Game In 2020


Long-time independent VR developer E McNeill successfully funded his latest project on Kickstarter and recently sat down with us in our virtual studio for an interview. There aren’t many developers with as much experience making VR games as McNeill.

Will M&A Accelerate AR?

AR Insider

“Trendline” is AR Insider’s series that examines trends and events in spatial computing, and their strategic implications. For an indexed library of spatial computing insights, data, reports and multimedia, subscribe to ARtillery PRO.

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Mobile World Congress Cancelled Due To Coronavirus Concerns


For years, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona represented a chance for companies with interests in phones and other mobile devices to present their plans for VR and AR. This year, though, the “global concern regarding the coronavirus outbreak” led organizers to cancel the event.

Survival Horror Into the Radius Arrives on Oculus Store Tomorrow

Peter Graham

Back in November 2019 Estonian developer CM Games launched its first virtual reality (VR) on Steam Early Access, Into the Radius. After several updates, the studio has confirmed that Oculus Rift owners will be able to purchase the title directly from the Oculus Store this week.

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Prince Of Persia VR Escape Room Coming This Spring To VR Arcades


Today Ubisoft announced that it’s releasing a Prince of Persia-themed VR escape room similar to its current lineup that includes Assassin’s Creed Origins-themed Escape the Lost Pyramid and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey-themed Beyond Medusa’s Gate.

Hands-on: The Void – Causing Heroic Mayhem in Avengers: Damage Control

Peter Graham

As there are no permanent The VOID locations in the UK at the moment when VRFocus was over at CES 2020 in Las Vegas it seemed like the ideal time to test the location-based entertainment (LBE) company’s latest offerings, Jumanji: Reverse the Curse and Avengers: Damage Control.

Will Apple, Facebook or Microsoft be the future of augmented reality?

TechCrunch VR

Tim Merel. Contributor. Tim Merel is managing director of Digi-Capital. More posts by this contributor. VR/AR startup valuations reach $45 billion (on paper). Despite short-term questions, games software/hardware to top $200 billion by 2023.

VR Therapy Specialist Oxford VR Secures $12.5 Million Investment for US Expansion

Peter Graham

When it comes to virtual reality (VR) applications some of the most interesting work is being conducted in the healthcare field.

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Virtual reality almost killed my mom. How I learned a valuable lesson the hard way.

Enter VR

TLDR : Make sure you check with people about any medical conditions that might affect their VR experience. Some VR experiences can. The post Virtual reality almost killed my mom. How I learned a valuable lesson the hard way. appeared first on Enter VR. Blogs blog post

The VR Job Hub: Staff Writer at VRFocus

Peter Graham

No VRFocus hasn’t gone mad and moved the regular Sunday feature forward a couple of days by mistake (Sunday’s VR Job Hub will still go ahead as per usual), this is a special VR Job Hub as we’re hiring once again.

It’s The Walking Dead Season With The Ultimate Steam Bundle

Peter Graham

Last month Skydance Interactive in collaboration with Skybound Entertainment launched The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners for PC VR headsets, receiving widespread acclaim in the process.