Fri.Jul 12, 2019

Early Augmented Reality Concept Film That Envisioned the Future Gets a Sequel Powered by Kickstarter

Next Reality AR

Long before the HoloLens or the Magic Leap One, a California-based team of independent filmmakers envisioned what the future of augmented reality might look like.

Tea For God Brings Impossible VR Playspaces To The Oculus Quest


Void Room’s procedurally generated rogue-like shooter is now available to sideload on Quest.

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Microsoft Launches Closed Beta Sign-Ups for Minecraft Earth Mobile Augmented Reality Game

Next Reality AR

The long tease that is the release of Minecraft Earth continues, this time with an opportunity to start playing what might be one of the hottest augmented reality games ever, before the general public.

Rumor: Apple Reportedly Suspends Work on Consumer AR Headset

Road to VR

The Cupertino-based tech giant may be pumping the brakes on its long-rumored Apple AR headset , something that was reportedly slated to see a release as early as 2020.

Apple 264

The Shining-Inspired VR Horror Game Rise Of Insanity Comes To PSVR


Rise of Insanity is a first-person psychological horror game that originally released on PC last year in 2018 with SteamVR support that’s now out on PSVR. It originally appeared in Early Access a year prior, but has been in a fully released state for quite some time.

‘Bigscreen’ Brings 50+ Free Steaming TV Channels to Social VR Viewing Platform

Road to VR

Bigscreen , the social VR platform that lets you stream your computer’s screen to others, just got a substantial update that brings with it 50+ streaming TV channels, including sports, gaming, movies, anime, news, and more.

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Psychological Horror ‘Rise of Insanity’ Comes to PS4 with PSVR Support, Trailer Here

Road to VR

Rise of Insanity (2018) is a first-person psychological horror game that first came to PC and SteamVR-compatible headsets via Early Access back in summer 2017. Now, Poland-based Red Limb Studio has released its horror game on PS4, which includes support for PSVR.

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Minecraft Earth Beta Coming To iOS This Month, Android ‘Soon’ After


Minecraft Earth , an all-new mobile AR version of the global sensation sandbox building and survival game, is coming to iOS later this month and Android “soon thereafter” according to the official blog.

Best VR Spy Games That Make You Feel Like A Secret Agent

VR Game Critic

Obtaining secret information, recovering stolen weapons or taking out high-level targets – being on a spy mission wouldn’t be the same without megalomaniacal madmen and deadly gadgets.

CCP Remains ‘Bullish’ On The Future Of VR As Market Hasn’t Reached ‘Maturity’


CCP Games, developers of epic space MMO EVE Online and VR games like EVE: Valkyrie and Sparc, aren’t as into VR as they once were but it’s not being written off entirely. Back in late 2017 CCP Games publicly announced they’re withdrawal from heavy involvement in VR projects.

Dexmo force feedback gloves show the future of hands presence in VR

The Ghost Howls

One of the most interesting encounters I had in my trip to Beijing has been with Dexta Robotics , the company behind the Dexmo force-feedback glove s.

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Defector Developer Has More VR Games That Will ‘Push The Medium’


Twisted Pixel launched its third VR game, Defector , on Oculus Rift this week. But the studio isn’t done with VR yet. The developer, best-known for indie hits like ‘Splosion Man and Loco Cycle, confirmed as much in an Oculus Blog post. In an FAQ to promote Defector Game Director Dan Bullock confirmed Twisted Pixel has more VR on the way.

Gaming 151

Medical Platform XRHealth Allows Third Party Development

Peter Graham

Great strides are being made in the use cases for virtual reality (VR) as a viable medium for certain health treatments. XRHealth ( formerly VRHealth ) is one company doing just that, announcing this week that its platform is now being opened to third-party developers.

Trigger’s Jason Yim Talks Toy Story 4’s AR Movie Posters


Buzz, Woody, Little Bo Peep, and the rest of the toys are back in the film Toy Story 4. This time, they’ve got a new friend, Forky joining them in their adventures! ARPost chatted with Jason Yim, CEO and Executive Creative Director at Trigger.

Minecraft Earth Beta Will Begin in Two Weeks

Peter Graham

A couple of months ago Microsoft revealed the development of augmented reality (AR) title Minecraft Earth , a free mobile videogame set to challenge the likes of Pokemon GO and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

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Jam Studio VR Creates an Enterprise Edition of its Education & Health Care App

Peter Graham

Jam Studio VR started out as a virtual reality (VR) app to perform music, with developer Beamz Interactive broadening its approach last year with the release of Jam Studio VR Education & Health Care Edition.

DUSTNET Combines PC, VR & AR Deathmatch Gaming Into a Weird Wireframe World

Peter Graham

Cross-platform gaming between standard PC and virtual reality (VR) headsets is becoming much more commonplace thanks to titles like Detached and Vox Machinae.

Preview: Espire 1: VR Operative – Not Your Average FPS

Peter Graham

Last month’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) featured not one but two virtual reality (VR) stealth experiences. One was nDream’s kayak themed title Phantom: Covert Ops and the other was a far more traditional style stealth adventure called Espire 1: VR Operative.