Tue.Mar 12, 2019

Christian Dior Fashion Fans Can Now Try on Sunglasses & Headbands via Augmented Reality on Instagram

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Fashion brand Christian Dior is using augmented reality as a carrot to drive up their follower counts on Instagram. Consumers who follow Christian Dior on Instagram can now unlock a virtual try-on experience for DiorSoLight sunglasses and headbands through the Stories feature.

HTC Vive Brings NASA-Inspired VR Artwork To Art Basel Hong Kong


Experience outer space without being an astronaut in ‘Too the Moon.’ ’ . 50 years ago, Neil Armstrong took one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind, sparking an entire generations interest in space travel in the process.

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Rembrandt Reality Recreates 1632 Painting In AR, Free On iOS & Android


A free new app available on Android and iOS creates an AR portal through which you can view a recreation of one of Rembrandt’s most famous paintings.

Microsoft's HoloLens 2 Team Answers More Questions About Biometric Security, Audio, & Hand Tracking

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Now that the dust has finally settled on Microsoft's big HoloLens 2 announcement, the company is circling back to offer more granular detail on some aspects of the device we still don't know about.

JetX Is Part Unreal Tournament, Part Wipeout With Cross-Platform Play


Usually, games are built for one distinctive genre and stick with it. JetX is a different story, though. Announced earlier this month, JetX is like one part Unreal Tournament, one part Wipeout.

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Our First Look At ‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ AR Experience


Hunt down traces of magic in this Pokemon Go-style AR scavenger hunt. Thanks to the massive popularity of Pokemon GO , augmented reality-based scavenger hunt experiences have become all the rage among mobile developers.

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How to Spend That $15 ‘Rift Outage Day’ Store Credit Before It Expires

Road to VR

Nearly a year ago a debilitating software error occurred that rendered every Rift on Earth basically inoperable for about a day.

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Microsoft: VR Headsets ‘Didn’t Meet High Expecations’


A Microsoft representative said its line of Windows VR headsets has not performed to expectations. Greg Sullivan, director of communications for Microsoft’s Mixed Reality arm, said in an interview with UploadVR: “Interestingly, the immersive VR headsets were pitched as consumer devices and I think did not meet, in general, the high expectations that were set for them there,” he said.

Study finds VR to be a effective teaching tool for nurses

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The VR Airway Lab training application for medical professionals was recently put to the test in a study that found VR simulation to be on par, if not better than expected, when compared to a traditional teaching lab environment. Image courtesy Arch Virtual.). Key Findings.

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The Wizards: Enhanced Edition PSVR Review – Becoming A True Battlemage


The Wizards, when it originally released on PC VR headsets like Rift and Vive almost a year ago exactly, delivered what few games had up to that point: a fully-fledged action-adventure set in a fantastical fantasy world build from the ground up for VR.

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The Ultimate VR Kiosk Mode Guide


Since the beginning of this year we’ve been receiving more and more requests from clients for a so called “kiosk mode” Kiosk mode is essentially a way to show a VR experience in the most foolproof way possible, by only allowing a VR headset to run one specific app, which automatically starts when you boot […].


Beat Saber DLC Tracklist Leaks Early, Listen Here


Whoops, it looks like the Beat Saber DLC tracklist leaked a little early. Awkward. A post on the PlayStation Blog , picked up on Reddit , apparently listed the new tracks. It seems to have since been removed from the blog but a tweet from Beat Saber itself validates the list. Okaaay guys, it was suppose to be a surprise but some of you got too excited on reddit. We’re proudly confirming our very first: Monstercat Music Pack Vol. And it’s only 3 days left till the release! HELL YEAH!

Spellbound: ‘The Wizards – Enhanced Edition’ Adds New Level and Lore on Rift


Since the game’s Early Access release in 2017, players of VR spellcasting fan favorite The Wizards have relished the ability to conjure the elements with