Sun.Nov 03, 2019

Google Chrome Update Allows For More Powerful WebVR Experiences


With the Chrome 79 beta, WebXR Device API now runs by default. Last week Google launched the beta for Chrome 79, the latest update for its Chrome web browser.

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Gearing Up for VR Days, with festival director Benjamin de Wit

XR for Business Podcast

Regular listeners know that folks like Alan and his guests attend a number of XR-related conventions, events, and symposia. Well, one -- VR Days in Amsterdam -- is right around the corner! Festival director Benjamin de Wit drops in to talk a little bit about what there will be to see -- and what attendees can expect to take away -- from this year's lustrum shindig. Alan: My name's Alan Smithson.

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The VR Job Hub: Resolution Games, FundamentalVR & Pimax

Peter Graham

Do you love your job? Do you wake up every day looking forward to leaving the house, skipping down the street saying ‘good morning Mr Magpie’ with a sunny disposition? If you’re reading VR Job Hub the opposite is more than likely and you want out. Where you drag yourself out of bed every morning, that one rain cloud always seems to be over you and a fly somehow manages to find your morning brew…without fail.

Beat Saber Teasing New Reveal For Next Week


It looks like we’ll have some Beat Saber news to share next week. Beat Games recently put out a tweet simply mentioning a date, November 7, and a GIF of a red beat. The beat is moving from one side to another and the background behind it is blurred, but appears to be moving.

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